Part 30, Lesson #5, Self-Sorting Levels of Development and the Effects of Free Will Choices

November 15, 2012

“Greetings, Dear Ones, it is a very exciting time, and much is occurring which we would like to help you with. We have asked Kathryn to create another way of taking our message to the world - an internet radio show where people can call in and ask questions. She will channel our voice, which we call the voice of Yahweh, and she will also invite other channelers to come to our show to channel Ascended Masters and Angels. We like to think of it as “A Fireside Chat with God,” but we are open to other names if you would like to suggest them. 

We are so excited about this possibility of having a direct channel to talk with you, one on one, as you would call it, that we can hardly wait for Kathryn to launch our new project. We hope that all of you reading this will join us to have a real conversation about your challenges which arise from the earth changes happening every day now, and we expect that you might want to ask about the nature of life in other dimensions, and what it is like for those who pass over to higher dimensions after they have left their bodies.

Of course, that is not what you will experience now, because you will be able to take your bodies with you this time. We know how attached you become to the experience of life in a body, so we have devised a way for you to ascend to the 5th dimension with Gaia while also remaining in the delightful material experiences of having a body.

For most of you it is beyond imagining - a body adapted to the 5th dimension for life in the exquisite vibration of unconditional love. It has been even for us an idea, a creation which has lived in our Universal consciousness, in preparedness for the current full materialization of it with all of you participating. You will understand these concepts of time/no time once you cross the boundary into the higher dimensions.

Now, I will try to explain to you a question which has been of great concern for many of you upon hearing of the conditions which will arise when some might resist the opportunity to experience a life in which the only emotions are unconditional love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, courage and patience - all the emotions of the spectrum of Light and Love.

Those among you who are “hooked” on the darker emotions like jealousy, greed, lust for power, hatred, and vengeance may decide that their commitment is to a life of darkness rather than Light. We must arrange for alternative destinations for those souls, because of our contract with each of you to honor your free will choices. If such resistance to change should occur, the individuals who choose to remain behind when Gaia completes her transition will sort themselves into levels of development, based on the vibrational level they are living during this lifetime. Therefore, the higher level but fearful or reluctant souls will reside in one domain, while the “dark hats” - those who have unrepentantly committed heinous crimes against their fellows - will be assigned to another domain, in company with others of their own vibrational level. Thus, every soul will be sorted out according to their own inclination to raise their vibrational level or not.

As you can see, this is the only fair way to allow for every individual to reach their highest level, while still allowing for the planet to fulfill her path of Ascendance. Those who do ascend with Gaia will participate in the glorious experiment of a lifetime, the never-before event of ascending without having to “die” first. Yes, you will be given eternal life, to continue your path of ongoing soul development, evolving through the levels until all are able to reach the level of Enlightened Beings.  

This is our plan for all of you, my children. We do not wish to leave anyone behind, but we may be forced to wait longer for some than for others. Our dear Lightworkers from all over the Multiverse have come to help and to be a part of this grand completion of the first phase of Ascension. There are those among you who have already volunteered to descend to work among the reluctant beings who may later change their minds and need instruction in how to elevate themselves enough to follow their brothers and sisters who have gone on to higher planes.  

We do not wish for anyone to be left behind, but it is not possible for a soul to ascend to a level which is of higher vibration than they are prepared for. This has always been true. While the Master Teachers, for instance, can descend many levels to work with willing souls, their students cannot ascend to join them in the highest planes, because their energetic systems could not tolerate the dramatic shift, and could cause them to fragment and become disorganized in a serious way - literally “blowing their circuits.”

This design which acknowledges levels of vibration to determine the highest level of accomplishment for each soul has worked well for millions of years; it was not devised for this occasion. Yet, some will complain that it is not fair; everyone should ascend, regardless. What if they never heard of Ascension, or they did not know how to snap out of their attraction to darkness because they were abused themselves?

Well, there will be those who are able to ascend simply because they have lived joyful lives in service to others, and some who will have to be alerted at the final hour so they can have the chance. However, given the reach of your internet and news sources, and the awakening events which will occur between now and then, it is unlikely that anyone will reach Dec. 21, 2012 without having heard of the impending transition.

You are the lucky ones, my children. You are being prepared in a methodical and controlled way. You have access to these lessons, and still you refuse to read carefully and to take them to heart. We do not blame you for not wanting to take the simple actions we suggest, because you cannot open your minds to anything which seems “illogical to you, or because you are afraid of the unknown. We wish it were otherwise, but we understand that this is the level of thinking you have been taught. We will continue to work with you, to send our Lightworkers to help you, because we treasure the unique and precious souls you are, regardless of your present level of development.

Keep breathing, Dear Ones, continue to practice your meditations, and read every single one of these postings, until the ideas begin to sound commonplace and obvious.

Reach for the stars, pray for help from your guides, and remember that we are here with you at every turn, forever.

We love you one and all,

Your Yahweh, I Am That I Am.”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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