Part 29, Lesson #4, A Meditation to Anchor With Gaia

November 14, 2012

“The Solar Eclipse of November 13, 2012 has been a momentous event. It is a once in a thousand year astronomical event, appearing in the skies for the people of Australia to see. Its gravitational effects are felt all over the globe, however. This is a time of change; the beginning of a new era for all the people of Planet Earth.

By now you have no doubt been experiencing the effects of the enormous wave of love we sent to you on 11/11, and its reverberations through today. Did you find yourself wanting to hug the people close to you, even perhaps people you have never hugged before? Have you had impulses to give away your possessions to those who need them more than you do? We have seen this occurring frequently in the disaster sites of New York and New Jersey and elsewhere, where people who have suffered great damage forgo help in favor of giving it to their neighbors who are in even greater need than they are. Our hearts sing with joy at the growing connections of loving concern and friendship we see across boundaries that would have been impossible to breach in the past.

Today, we will offer you a quiet meditation to sooth your frayed nerves and ease the expansion process which is stretching your skulls to the point where some of you may be experiencing headaches or a bit of dizziness as you adapt to the increasing abilities which are being brought on line. If it feels to you as if your intelligence is increasing, even as your hearts are expanding to receive greater and greater waves of love, you are correct. Your DNA is being activated in new ways which will allow you to absorb greater amounts of knowledge, but more importantly, greater amounts of feeling. It is happening gradually, so that most of you who have been stretching yourselves in your personal growth may be finding it exhilarating, while others may feel what you think of as “stress” in increasing measure. Do not fear. You will not be pushed beyond your limits as long as you continue to practice the meditation we gave you in Lesson #1, which we wish for you to practice daily.

Beyond practicing the first meditation, we will add another exercise to help you advance in this expansion process. You may pause as you read this to close your eyes and concentrate as you go through the exercise.

Breathe gently and steadily, feeling the light tingling sensation along the passageways of your nose and throat. Slow the breaths so that the air passes ever so gently along the pathways, down the windpipe to your welcoming lungs. Feel the expansion as your chest rises to make room for more air. Expand fully, feeling the large space inside yourself where you gather the oxygen-laden air to nourish and satisfy your whole body. Remain a bit expanded in this way, even as your diaphragm works, like a bellows, pushing the partially used air back out, allowing it to mix immediately with the air around you.

Notice the remarkable fact that the air near and around you does not lose its power to nourish you. It does not become depleted of oxygen to a noticeable degree no matter how much you breathe, or how many people you may have gathered around you in your room. There is plenty for all. Such is the power of Mother Terra to nurture and sustain all of you, as she will continue to do for all those who choose to anchor themselves deeply into her heart, and travel with her into the experience of love and light which awaits all of you in higher dimensions.

Her service to you will continue, but the stress on her abilities will be considerably reduced, as her traveling companions become lighter and more loving, more considerate of her needs, and less in need of the enormous amounts of food and energy which has increased exponentially in recent years.

Yes, some of the DNA changes you will experience will mean that your nutritional needs will be altered, because you will be able to absorb nutrition from your surroundings in new and simpler ways, and your love of fashion and luxury can be met, literally, out of thin air, as you would say. This might sound incredible to you unless you remember that your air is also filled with many of the substances of life similar to your own make-up. This too will evolve and change to allow you greater lightness and freedom.

Now, as you contemplate the incomprehensible changes which are taking place in your bodies and your environment, also allow your minds to dwell, in peace and gratitude, on the thousands of years of selfless service, of creating endless abundance which Gaia herself has accomplished for the beings in her care. Every animal, every plant and every human has benefitted equally - the recipients of her love whether aware or not, whether grateful and appreciative or insensitive and gluttonous. All have prospered in their own way, over eons.

It is now time for all of you to breathe more slowly and deeply, absorb more consciously, and as you do, gather your strength into a lightening bolt of loving intention and direct it downward, through your bloodstream, down into your living center, gathering the unique signature of your own DNA as it travels through your body. Send that lightning bolt from you down into the heart of Terra, through the layers of rock, soil, water and magma, into the beating heart of your dear Terra. Sing her praises as you send your gratitude and admiration to celebrate her triumph, her own glorious Ascension.

It is graduation day all over Planet Earth. You have all completed this phase of your soul growth. You will never again return to the heavy and challenging dark atmosphere of 3-dimensional Earth. This has been your last hurrah, as you might say. You must now gather your strength and your medals of honor for the good work you have done, whether that work might have been in the body of kings or peasants, men or women, even through those lifetimes where you learned the meaning of cruelty and destruction as the victim or the perpetrator - those most instructive lifetimes which resulted for most of you in enormously expanded abilities to feel empathy and compassion.

Yes, at one time or another, most of you have played both roles, and recovered your balance as you reviewed and learned from the profound and humbling experiences we devised in endless variety for all of you. You have learned and progressed in your soul lessons, in spite of the apparently hopeless darkness you see on the Earth during this difficult time.

In fact, as the atmosphere on Earth became heavier and darker over the last several thousand years, you have had to work far harder just to remain balanced enough to maintain your connections with us and with your own hearts. As the bar was lowered, the testing ground became more and more difficult.  

We commend you for your continued commitment to rising above the tide, for reaching deeply into your soul memories to keep your balance enough to still be able to express love and tenderness, to be generous in times of need, and to care for the weakest and least fortunate among you. You are the children of our hearts, born out of love. We encourage you to expand, breathe, and keep expanding, to keep up with the changes occurring around you, even in the air you breathe.

You will find that old addictions and habits become unsustainable because of the discomfort they cause you. Your tastes will change and evolve as you ascend. Do not force yourself to cling to old habits or tendencies. Suspend your judgments concerning things as basic as the food you have been attracted to in the past, and the luxuries (or armies) you thought you needed to make you feel safe. Embrace peace in all your dealings, as neighbors, as citizens and as Earthlings. Breathe joy, love and peace, and we and Mother Gaia will take care of the rest. It is our joy to see you grow and to celebrate your hard-earned soul growth.

We look on with affection and pleasure as you join hands in preparation for lift-off. It will truly be a “bon voyage,” my children.

Your loving guides, your Creators and your angel helpers, in the name of all, 

I Am That I Am”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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