Part 28, Lesson #3, Do I Have to?

November 12, 2012

Kathryn: This one has me flummoxed. You'll see why.

“Yahweh said:

Once upon a time there was a young girl who dreamed of flying away on a white horse with wings. She dreamed this lovely dream because she felt like a prisoner in a traumatic childhood. That dream kept her hopes alive, because she saw it as if it were absolutely real: the powerful horse would gallop out of the distant clouds, and at full speed, she would leap onto its back and be swept away before anyone could try to hold her back or pull her off her horse. She would fly, and the sense of freedom this gave her became the dream and the passion she has held, for herself and for others, ever since. Now, Kathryn, we feel your tears and your question: You couldn’t possibly want me to show this to the world. Why do you embarrass me?

We tell this story because it reveals the essence of who you are, and why you are doing this work of channeling our words and giving them to the world. There is nothing for you to gain, and much to lose if people refuse to open their minds to the truth of what you are writing, and assume that you are simply expressing your own opinions. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is not your way to advertise yourself or to pretend to know far-reaching truths about spiritual or cosmic events.

I wish to reveal to your readers what your true intentions are, and what we have asked of you. It has not been an easy assignment we have given you, but from the beginning of your training many years ago, you have continued, sometimes doggedly, to pursue the path toward greater knowledge and enlightenment, even when it meant going it alone. This is why you were chosen for this difficult assignment, channeling God, in a world where many will assume it is some sort of insanity or delusion. We know otherwise. We know that your first impulse is always to leap on your white horse and fly, as you did when we offered you the opportunity to ascend to higher dimensions with us.

We are now asking you to do something which may be the most difficult assignment of all. We are asking you to tell others how you are able to elevate yourself to higher dimensions, what you see and feel when you do so, and what inspires you to continue this journey, even when you are exhausted, or when people question your sanity or your intentions. Even beyond that, we want you to tell everyone you meet, not just your close confidants, that you are willing to teach them what they need to know to ascend too. You are well prepared to teach the brain focusing and meditation techniques, and to take our message to the world, in as large numbers as you can.

Do not leave it to others to accidentally stumble upon these postings. Send your message through your Facebook account, and by sending an email to everyone on your email list. Should they decide to ignore or downplay the urgency or the truth of our information, you are the one who will feel the disappointment of seeing your friends, clients and family turning their backs.

Of course we care, but it is you who will feel the pain of knowing you cannot reach people you care about, people you want to see flying, reaching for the stars, as you do. “Oh, my,” you say, knowing it is true, but not something you would say out loud to those you wish to invite to go with you. So, we will say it for you. We offer you the example of someone who began as you did, feeling miserable in life, lost without an anchor. It is your Kathryn. When she was offered the opportunity to learn the Visual Centering work, she stayed on to study so that she could teach it. When we offered her the glimpses behind the veil, to expand her psychic abilities to serve as a channel for us, she agreed and asked for more. She attributes it to her insatiable curiosity; we call it courage.

Now, Kathryn, you are jumping out of your chair, (yes, it is unfair to put you in this position, of doing what you would think of as singing your own praises, but we are testing you further, challenging you to report our words accurately, no matter what they are about.) Ironically, this is, of course, the hardest test we could devise for you - to admit your strengths, publicly, and to tell the world, here and now. We do this because we are asking you to teach what you know, and no one knows better than we do what needs to be taught, right now, and by the teachers who have been tested and proven along the way.

As the disciples were asked in their time, to challenge the thinking of the leaders, to risk their livelihoods and their reputations to teach The Word, we are asking you and the others who channel our words to tell the world, with only the conviction of your own inner voice to guide you. We thank you all, the growing number of adventurous souls who bring the message selflessly, to encourage all to prepare now for the fabulous opportunity that is available to everyone, right now.

Contrary to popular belief, the Ascension is not something that will happen to anyone. It is not something you can wait for, or learn about in your science classes. As real and as present as it may seem to those who channel our words, there are many who have barely heard of this positive and thrilling possibility of ascending to the 5th dimension, with your bodies, and without having to die to get there. There is a challenge, however. You will have to rise to the occasion, as you might say. We have given you a sample, above, with Kathryn, of the kinds of challenges we present to our children on their way to a higher path of soul development. To all of you, we ask: Do as much, in your own development, to get out of your own way as we have asked of her. 

Reach, my Dear Ones, to accomplish the things you came to this life to do. Love unconditionally, be willing to surrender your doubt and cynicism in favor of Faith and Light, and do not stop until you feel joyful in every minute of your day, no matter what is happening in your environment, or even in your thoughts.

Rise, as many of you have done in your dreams, when you fly freely and effortlessly. Do not be afraid to venture into unknown feelings and visions in your meditations. We will help you by sending you constant waves containing the energy of Unconditional Love. We will give you messages all day long - small reminders that we are here, supporting and urging you to take the simple actions you need to accomplish in order to be at the level of energetic preparedness you will need to transition.

When the elevator ascends to the top floor and the doors open, we want you to be acclimated to the rarer air of the 5th dimension, which will overwhelm you if you have not conditioned yourselves, as you would for a climb up a high mountain. It is nothing if you are prepared, but it could be overwhelming to your body and your brain if you are completely unprepared. So, build up your spiritual muscles, everyone! Breathe, meditate in gratitude and fulfillment, as you reach for your highest level of being.

We are with you; we love you unconditionally, and... (now, please try to understand this from our perspective of acknowledging your free will) we wish you luck.

Your guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and Saints, and your Yahweh”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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