Part 27, Lesson #2, A Model for a Community of Light

November 12, 2012

“We are very happy to have been present today at an extraordinary gathering of the Rondout Valley healers, in upstate New York. It is a group of healers who come together to dedicate their time and energies to the health and well-being of others in their community, and they are dedicated to being the best they can be, in their personal lives and their work together - so much so that they meet to encourage and share their talents to forge strong bonds and improve their ability to offer free services in their community.

It is a heartwarming sight to see the talented group, lovingly helping one another, sharing jokes and delectable food, performing group healing sessions which are masterful, indescribably powerful and joyful at the same time. All the heavens rejoiced as you performed the loving healing work with one of your dear members, Suzanne. We want to reassure Susan that there is no need for her to worry or to need devastating surgery or other invasive medical procedures. Our great healers will work with her to completely cure the imbalance which caused the flare-up she is experiencing. As she was told, her dear Gabrielle will supervise the healing, along with Jesus and St. Germaine. Her doctors will be amazed when her next scan shows impeccable health.

We wish to acknowledge the work of all these Hudson Valley healers and to commend you on your livelong efforts to bring Light to those around you. As the energy of your combined power radiated outward and upward, the Light it generated could be seen throughout the galaxies. Star brothers and sisters from as far away as Andromeda celebrate your deep feeling and your combined commitment to Light.

Now, we have something else to tell you. During Hurricane Sandy, Kathryn and many others prayed urgently to spare your little Valley, because so many of you are already far along on your path, and because you are already well into the tradition of helping one another, serving your community energetically even when there is no pressing need. You and many others in your area give generously of your time and expertise to make your local area one of the bright spots on the planet.

There are also large numbers of environmental protectors, whose dedication to Terra has not gone unnoticed. Because of this, your area was bypassed by the storm, which passed all around you, but created little damage in your local area. We cannot explain to you the intricacies of the effect of your positive energy on the weather, but we can tell you that the energy of Love you generate there, as a result of the large numbers of Lightworkers and Earth Stewards, had a mitigating effect on the storm’s power as it passed through your area.  

We have asked Kathryn to place this message on her public website because you are an inspiring example of the meaningful work which can be accomplished when a growing percentage of the community begins to come together in service and in Love. You are all beginning to see these effects in other areas after the storm, as the recovery process In the Eastern U.S. extends from days in which survival was paramount, to weeks and months where large numbers of people will need to remake not only their homes but their lives.

We are delighted to confirm that romances have already begun to bloom in the ranks of service workers who came together for the same purpose, but whose paths would never have passed if it hadn’t been for Sandy. Even refugees who huddled in shelters were thrown together in close quarters with new friends and potential lovers. We foresee many happy marriages and a surge in new births as a result of the Loving energy which has lifted all hearts, in spite of the hardships.

For all of you who are in various stages of your awakening, and may have been shaken by the changes on your planet, do not descend into anger or blaming your government or Us for the suffering. It is an unfortunate but necessary part of the cleansing which Gaia is going through. Her burden had become unsustainable, and her path is to ascend to higher dimensions. Those who ascend with her in the coming weeks will find themselves able to create a new life - one in which material possessions are no longer important because of the great abundance all will experience. Worries about survival will become a dim memory, and there will be no one who will ever again experience loneliness or alienation.

Let these new understandings of the truth of human existence elevate your consciousness, Dear Ones. You have all overcome tragedy and Earthly upheavals in your present and past lives. These are challenges which have brought out the best in you. In fact, you show your brightest and best strengths and intelligence when you are “under fire,” as you say. Those of you who are able to keep your hearts open even as you struggle against difficult odds have always come away from these events with greater stamina, stronger friendships and a view of yourselves as sturdy and competent. This is the epitome of soul growth.  

What you do now during your most difficult days will determine your level of progress along your path as an evolving soul. Do not allow yourself, no matter how difficult your life challenges might seem, to sink into self-pity or despair. Reach out to those around you with loving intentions and a compassionate heart, and your efforts will be rewarded a hundred-fold, for this is the Universal Law of Flow, as it is described in Kathryn’s book.

Some have tried to explain it on the basis of karma, but this does not account for the multiplying effect that Light actions have. But don’t take Our Word for it; try it yourself.

Commit those random acts of kindness, without any thought to being repaid or even thanked, and when you do, smile to yourself, with the knowledge that you have helped to lift the energies on the planet, to make the Ascension of millions even closer to fulfillment, and continue to prepare yourself to be one of those millions.

We have made another request of our channel, Kathryn, which has caused great excitement in our ranks. We have asked her to host an internet radio show, which will be called, to our amusement, The Channel Panel. She has agreed to the format, which will feature her channeling The Voice of Yahweh, while others whom she will be asked to invite will channel their familiar Spirit entities, so that we can show you what our communications between and among ourselves are like.

We hope to afford you a greater glimpse into the workings of Heaven, so to speak. We are jumping with joy at the prospect of speaking with all of you as you call in to ask us questions and get to know us “up close and personal.” (We love to use your amusing cliches.) So, stay tuned, Loved Ones. We will be speaking with all of you soon, we hope.

We love you beyond words, our Children. Be secure and at peace. You will always be in our hearts. We await your Ascension with open arms.

Your Yahweh”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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