Part 26, Ascension Lesson #1

November 11, 2012
"It is time for all of you to begin your practice of Ascension. Yes, it is possible to practice before you make the final shift. We have done this with Kathryn, and with other channels and Lightworkers in the past few years, so that they can teach you what it is like to transcend, rise above your own third dimension, to travel with us in the 5th and beyond.

Many of you ask how to do this, so today will be the first lesson in how to ascend. You might think of it as flying lessons. You are young aviators who are venturing into the wild blue yonder for the first time. Here we go.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and focus our attention on the place on Planet Earth where you feel most at ease. Choose a place where you are surrounded by natural features, like water, forests, or fields of grain. You may love being at the beach, or hiking a mountain path. It doesn’t matter where it is, just that you feel at peace and connected to the Earth. In your meditation, you will be alone, for now. This does not mean that you will be alone when you ascend. We are practicing, remember. Each person must learn to do this on their own, without the distraction or help of a crowd.

Breathe deeply, picturing yourself there in your beautiful spot, peacefully surveying the beautiful scene. In your mind’s eye, see the blue sky above you, with little white clouds floating by; feel the Earth under your feet. You may sit down here if you like, on a large rock or fallen tree. We have placed boulders everywhere as handy seating all across your planet. If you have been a desert explorer, picture yourself on a comfortable dune, where you can see the undulating waves of sand off into the distance.  For your peace of mind, make sure you see the oasis in the distance, not too far away. Place your handy backpack with water and any other provisions you might need nearby, or sit down next to a rippling, sparkling clean brook where you can drink your fill if you like. You will want for nothing in this beautiful place - all your physical needs will be met without effort or anxiety. There is no need to worry about your survival, for you will be given eternal life if you wish.

Revel in the feeling of a soft breeze caressing your skin, and the Light of a gentle morning sun warming your back. You are completely comfortable, completely at ease, and completely protected. You may catch a glimpse of your favorite animal friends from time to time, peeking at you with curiosity, content themselves in their own feelings of contentment and fulfillment. You can embrace them all, even the lion and the bear, for they are your friends, your brothers and sister souls.

As the old book has said, here the lion will lie down with the lamb. You have already seen this in your internet videos - stories of turtles and pigs, men and crocodiles, women and gorillas forging lifelong friendships. It is now commonplace. You are at peace with yourself and with all the Kingdoms of the Earth, your beautiful home. You can travel freely, without fear and with no preparation at all, because all your needs will be met, no matter where you are.

Allow your mind to settle gently. No need to figure anything out or make yourself see anything in particular. Breathe deeply, feeling the oxygen coursing through your veins, nourishing and sustaining you. You can take nutrition from the air you breathe here in your beautiful place of solace and contentment. Feel how your mood elevates, leaving behind all thoughts of fear or want.

You are now being cared for completely, the prince or princess of your magical domain, where you are able to create a beautiful oasis for yourself just by imagining it in detail. For now, just enjoy the beauty of Nature all around you. Hear the babbling brook, the breeze rustling the vegetation around you. You are at peace.  

Now, concentrate on opening the channel in the top of your head, the crown chakra as it is often called. Allow the light to softly flow down through your brain, permeating your whole brain, soothing and easing all the places where you have held ideas of fear, tension and want in your brain for many lifetimes, many incarnations. This time it is different. You can be the Captain of your domain, or the contented observer, the belle of the ball or the sparkling entertainer on the stage, admired by all your fellows and celebrated by the Legions of Light.

You are free, free of all expectation from others, free from all worries and physical pain. At last, you can be the brilliant Creator among Creators, admiring your fellow beings no matter what their physical form might be. Mother Gaia herself breathes gently beneath your feet, sending her ripples of Love to you. Feel it gently permeating the souls of your feet, surrounding you with a gentle vibration which flows upward through your strong and healthy body.  

Allow the Light from above flow downward, and the Love from Mother Gaia flow upward, meeting in your heart of hearts, the deep place within you where you know you are loved unconditionally. Let the energy flow through you with gathering strength. It does not take you over - no, just the opposite. It adds to your own strength in a way that makes you feel invulnerable, invincible even. Nothing can hurt you or stop you from being the shining light you were meant to be.

Feel your heart expanding and your mind opening up. You are free, completely free. Be aware of the sound of your own vitality, the song of your own unique being, which ripples outward from your heart to touch the life around you. The trees, the animals, the insects and the stones sing gently with you, sending their own rippling energy outward to join the glorious orchestra of sound you can hear any time you want. You only need to turn your attention to it, and you will be filled with the vibration and the sound of Unconditional Love. This is the beginning of your new life, my Child. It is the Paradise on Earth you have worked toward for thousands of years.

Stay there in your beautiful peaceful place, noticing more and more details in your surroundings, admiring the way the sun creates shadows around you, the way the wind caresses you, enlivening your senses even as you go deeper and deeper into your quiet meditation. Practice this every day, in the morning when you awake and the evening before you sleep. Get to know this beautiful place and the contentment and feelings of fulfillment which fill your heart as you breathe the nourishing air around you. This is your home, your own place where you can go to restore your strength and your peace of mind, no matter what else you may temporarily be doing in the rest of your day. Make it your own, by visiting it frequently as you go through the day, adding details to your surroundings with each visit, until you know every tree, every blade of grass, every insect that sings with you in Joy and Celebration.

We will share this exercise every day, as these postings guide you to higher planes in your daily meditations. Each day I will provide you with further guidance to practice your ascension. You will learn step by step what you will need to know to prepare you for the glorious moment when you will float through the portal to the 5th dimension to join your friends and companions there.

These exercises will be clearly labeled for you in sequence, so you can follow along with each progressive lesson as it is presented for you. Do not fear that you will be left behind or abandoned if your internet connection fails or if you wish to practice one exercise for a week or more before you go on. You may save these pages, print them if you wish, as long as you use them to share with others out of the spirit of generosity and goodwill with which they are given to you by this channel, Kathryn.

Now, go in peace, live out your days with increasing kindness, love and exhilaration. We are with you, every moment. We love you more than words can describe.

Your loving Yahweh, I Am That I Am”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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