Part 25, A Message for Kathryn’s Clients, Lucy, Stephanie, Kelly and Others

November 10, 2012

"You have now seen freedom. You were able in your session today to let go of old anxieties and truly be yourself. Now your challenge will be to hold on, insist that you not go back to old, limiting ways. You will be able to fulfill the path you came here to walk, a path of service to others, and the Ascension with Mother Gaia.

When you have completed your transition, along with your loved ones, whom you will lead across the dimensional border to New Earth, you will find that life is utterly different from what you have know here on 3D Planet Earth. Your bodies will feel lighter and healthier (although you are both remarkably healthy and strong because of your advanced awareness of your bodies and careful care and feeding of your lovely vessels).  I say vessel because you know you are primarily the soul who inhabits this body. This too will change somewhat, because the Ascension with this body means that you will remain in this body, becoming more healthy and resilient even than you are now. You will be able to bear children with your loving partners, and will find the experience even more exhilarating and thrilling than you thought possible. 

I commend you for your hard work, and the leap of faith that allowed you to move rapidly from old thinking and old habits of planning, controlling, and setting goals to a more free-flowing state where you can react to whatever comes without being thrown into a tizzy. (I love your clever colloquialisms.)  Continue to work to sustain this stance of courage and integrity. You are brilliant lights, shining like beacons, warming our hearts and lifting our hopes that many others will be able to accomplish what you have done and will do in the coming months.  

Be fearless, as you have been in your session today. Forge ahead to accomplish the tasks which will lead you to fulfilling your Dreams. It will be easy, compared to the way you have had to struggle and plan for the considerable successes in your previously difficult 3-dimension life. Those days are over for you, in your elevated state in which you can call on us, your Team from Higher Dimensions.

We celebrate your transition, which you have courageously accomplished by following your Heart, and your Higher Self. You must now ask for what you want, without hesitation or false modesty. You are deserving, by your own definitions, although we do not judge or discriminate against anyone, no matter what their past actions might have been. We are only interested in seeing our Children move into a state of unconditional Love, which matches the state you will ascend into as you move with Mother Gia into the 5th dimension, and if you wish, beyond.

You will find your considerable creativity expanding, taking your imagination to new heights and power. Do not limit your expectations in any way, for you will find greater energy, no resistance, and unlimited assistance as you fulfill your desire to be of loving service to others in your families and your communities.

You will be the leaders of our new organizations and institutions of learning, and centers of celebrating the new spirituality, which will include the direct and immediate connection with Us, your loving protectors and guides. You will never again feel disconnected or alone. We are here for you, every step you make, every breath you take, as the song goes. We have loved you unconditionally forever.

We are overjoyed that you have now learned to accept our love and take nourishment from it. Teach your loved ones, your partners and friends to do the same. Build a community of loving friends who will accompany you as you move through the veil into a new life, filled with Joy and Love, surrounded by the beauty of Planet Earth, healed and newly elevated in her own journey of Ascension. She has asked to leave the Darkness behind, the suffering which she endured for millions of years as she fulfilled her task of supporting and nourishing her human charges.  

Mother Terra has been released from the responsibility of continuing to carry those destructive beings who have tortured and harmed her body, drilling and exploding, poisoning and raping her of her resources without recognition of her suffering or gratitude for her constant efforts to heal their damages and provide ever more to satisfy the needs of all her children. Unfortunately, the use of those riches has been severely restricted, controlled and secretly hoarded by the few, leaving many increasingly in need and suffering want unnecessarily. This was never our intention or hers.

In her next phase, Terra will carry with her only those souls who love her unconditionally and know her as the faithful Mother she is. This is a joyful time for her. She feels the lightening footfalls of her beloved ones, who will make the journey with her. She welcomes all those who come in love and joy, but she feels the companionship and appreciative presence of her most loving and enlightened ones now, and she rejoices with us.

Go in love, my children. Never doubt that you will be protected on your journey. The time for anxiety has passed. Examine your feelings scrupulously to leave behind any residue of childhood beliefs and habits which generated feelings of fear or hatred, jealousy or self-doubt. Yours is the path of Ascension, and we await you with open arms.

Your loving Father, Yahweh, with Mother God and all the Legions of Light"

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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