Part 24, A Plea for Awakening

Nov. 9, 2012

"Now, let us begin with a greeting to all the new readers who have been sent to you by their friends, by your acquaintances from the cruise, and through our urgings.  Welcome, my dear children, we revel in the growing curiosity and openness you are showing by listening carefully and well to what we have to share with you.  The more people we can reach at this time, the more will be ready for the glorious Ascension which is so close at hand.  Please bring your friends and family into this discussion so that they can also be prepared.  You will be surprised how many are becoming more receptive to the spiritual work at this time.

The ones who used to be doubting are awakening, and the ones who used to be negative toward anything not confirmed in a laboratory are finding confirmation from their own scientists which allows them to seek deeper answers to the cosmic changes even they are beginning to feel in their bodies and their hearts.  We delight in this, and encourage all of you to “spread the word,” as we say, for the time is near.

We understand it is difficult for you to imagine what is ahead, and normally we would simply say, “Have Faith, my Dear Ones,” and perhaps a few of you would be willing to suspend judgment long enough to experience the Shift without further explanation, but we do not wish to keep you in the dark.  This is why I ask Kathryn to take down these messages to you so that I can explain and reassure you directly. 

You may be surprised at the number of people who are channeling the Ascended Masters, the Saints, and the Archangels.  It is my wish to pierce the Veil between the dimensions at this time, making our communication easier than it has been at any time in your current civilization.  It was not always thus.  Previous civilizations, before Atlantis, were more connected to their Source, and more open to communication, at the same time they developed advanced technologies which allowed them to explore the Universe with ease.  It has been a slow, downward movement, in terms of the heaviness of your energies on Planet Earth.

Ironically, it has also made Earth the proving ground for ambitious souls who wish to advance in their path toward elevated states of being, for it presents challenges not found anywhere else in your area of the Universe, or anywhere in the Multiverse, in some regards.  Beings from other planets have often tried to come here for one lifetime to experience the challenges of life on Gaia, and have experienced extreme difficulty adjusting to the heavy, dark energy which some of you have adapted to with skill.  It is a legendary path you have walked, Earthlings, one which is looked upon with awe and sometimes amazement by others in the cosmos. 

You are known as the Creator Race, my children, because of your ability to adapt, build, and even flourish in the dark atmosphere which is frequently far too daunting for ones of more delicate makeup to tolerate.  You come as adventurers, explorers and Saints, to test yourselves in the murky energy of your cultures which foster divisiveness, conflict, and in recent generations, unbridled greed and lust for power.

Many succumb to the downward pull toward disconnection from your spiritual conversation with us, which you fully intended to preserve before you came.  We do not blame you or judge you for this.  We understand how difficult it is to remain clear and steady in the face of suffering and illness, and the temptations to indulge in material luxuries, even at the cost of leaving others at far distance from you in poverty and want. 

It has become the mantra of your powerful ones to try to convince you that you are not connected in any way to the suffering on the planet - in fact you (and they) are entitled to ever more of the world’s resources and wealth.  It has been a seductive siren song, but one which has brought you to the present dangerous environment in which any number of states, with their often irrational leaders, could have completely destroyed the planet with one touch of a button.  This situation created alarm throughout the Multiverse, with beings who understand better than you are able to at this point, that all are connected, all are One. 

Your well-being, and the integrity of your dear Gaia are a matter of great concern to those who have watched your progress and admired your courage as souls who venture into such dangerous waters in your efforts to learn deeply felt lessons on your path to higher dimensional realms.  Indeed, such Saints as Germaine, Archangels Gabrielle and even our great Michael himself have ventured here to test their mettle.  They know how challenging this proving ground is.  

It may surprise you to learn that the Great Ones are your older brothers and sisters, forged in the fire of the beautiful Blue Planet, as you have been.  However, this time of heavy atmosphere and dark challenges is coming to an end.  Gaia herself has made the decision at long last to accept her well-earned reward to elevate herself, as all beings on the path to enlightenment have done over the eons. 

Because of her intention to elevate now, you are all put in the monumentally challenging situation of having to elevate yourselves, at lightening speed in Earth terms, to adapt to the Shift.  You must wrench yourselves from the familiar, the well-know, the old tried and true atmosphere and attitudes and belief systems you have become so entrenched in, and raise yourselves to a new level of consciousness, and you must do this at the risk of being left behind, to leave your precious bodies once more in the cycle of repeated incarnations. 

But this time, those who refuse to participate in this Ascension will not be permitted to return to their beloved Gaia for further lessons, but will be given other assignments in places which are exactly adapted to their lower energy levels, to begin again.  These places will be darker and heavier in their atmosphere than your Earth is now, because the refuseniks are darker than most, those who reject the music of the Ascension in favor of personal power and greed.  This is not punishment, as your ancient books have sometimes made it sound.  It is simply a sorting process, based on human free will choices, where everyone rises to their own level, and will be channeled to the tailored situation which suits their choices in this lifetime.

I can hear many of you thinking:  “Who would choose to come to a lifetime in which such monumental choices can determine such wonderful or perhaps dreadful outcomes, in the blink of an eye?  Who would play a game with such high stakes?  You would have to be crazy to take such risks, and under such circumstances, where you might have been temporarily blinded or led astray by this lifetime’s traumas or temptations, and because of this you might miss the opportunity to Ascend to a glorious, heavenly place, to remain in our bodies and go to Heaven?  Who would put themselves in such a dilemma?” 

Well, my children, the answer is: You did.  You, the daring ones, the creative ones, and the ones in a hurry to learn your lessons so that you could make this leap to higher planes of consciousness in one glorious pole-vault into the 5th dimension and beyond.  You have forgotten, as all humans do, your contract to come here, to participate in this cliffhanger of a life challenge.  As you look around you and see the millions of people who seem confused, or asleep, or preoccupied with their grumbling, day to day trudging and earning and accumulating, you may scratch your heads and think, “These are the daring ones?”  Yes, my children, you, all of you. 

You are the children of my heart, the souls of my soul, the loved and cherished ones We have nurtured through eternity.  You have made this Ascension possible, by your long lifetimes of dedication to the path We created for you - to live in darkness and in light, through lives of hardship and of privilege, through degradation and fame, wealth and poverty, in order to experience the range of emotion of which humans are capable.  This experience has forged your strength, although you now find yourselves in the state of strength without awareness.

You were aware before you came to this lifetime that this would be a last-chance opportunity to raise yourselves up, to leap through 2, 3 or more levels of evolution in one grand celebration of Light and Love.  Now, my children, I challenge you to rise to that level of enlightenment you had in mind when you took on this glorious effort.  Now is the time for you to give it your all, or as you are fond of saying, “hit me with your best shot.”  Leave your worries and just get happy, as the old song says.  Throw your cautions to the wind and rise up, up to the rarified air of the 5th dimension, where angels and saints come to meet you, where you will take into your own hands the life of Eternal Love which you have been promised so long ago. 

Yes, Eternal Life is the promise we have pledged for you.  It is yours for the taking.  Do not turn away in doubt because others around you refuse to believe in something they cannot yet see.  You see, in your mind’s eye, the Promised Land.  It is as your holy books have predicted.  Eternal Life, where you will all find an end to suffering and a new beginning.

Join us, Dear Ones.  The migration has already begun.  The gates are open for you to walk through of your own accord, but you must raise your vibration before you walk through, or the higher pitch will overwhelm you.  Do as I have instructed earlier: breathe, exercise gratitude, compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love.  These are the emotions of the higher realms.  Elevate yourselves until these are the only feelings you feel as you go through your day. 

Start with one 24-hour period, then another.  Breathe love, nothing else, and you will be ready.  Yes, you can change yourselves that quickly, because these feelings are not foreign to you.  It is now a matter of holding that even pitch, carrying your own tune, you might say.  It will carry you through the portals and into the arms of all of us who await you.  Come, my children, all of you.

I Am Eternally, Your Yahweh, Father God, Source/Creator, One"

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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