Part 23, The Science of Ascension

November 8, 2012

"Now, I would like to talk to you about the coming Ascension from another perspective. Many have asked about the facts behind this phenomenon. Is there scientific evidence to point to what is happening now? The answer is, of course. All enormous galactic events are determined by scientifically verifiable laws of physics, as your physicists are beginning to discover. Your dear Einstein began the recent age of exploration in physics by teaching you all that time and space are not as simple and predictable as you had thought, but that they are relative to the conditions in which they operate. I will not attempt here to explain the intricacies of the laws of physics as they apply to Ascension. I can, however, assure you that it is well within the understanding of your advanced physicists, in the areas they call quantum mechanics.  

We created Planet Earth to be a place in which time and space are felt and measured by every one of you as a familiar and reliable experience. This gives the inhabitants of the Earth the impression that the whole Universe must operate by the same laws, but this is an illusion. As space exploration has proven, outside of the atmosphere of Earth, there is no time, and space can be stretched or warped, according to your requirements and perspective. It is important to understand these things as we enter the new era of change.

It seems inconceivable to many of you that a planet could “rise” from the 3rd dimension to the 5th and beyond, but from the perspective of the Universe, this is perfectly natural. Your scientists are exploring the concepts, and sometimes the reality of wormholes, black holes and other exceptions to the linear conception of space/time. Other civilizations across the Universe have studied these phenomena and made them work for them, so that they can travel thousands of light-years from their planets to visit you here in their space ships in what you would measure as minutes. They are filling the skies now, ready to assist you in any way they can. They come in peace. Because of the resistance of your leaders to accept their offers of help which would benefit all your populations, we have been forced to use less direct means of helping you, by interfering with some of your electronically powered weapons, for instance.

Your U.S. government has explored many of the possibilities of space travel beyond the ones you have seen on your TV presentations. In fact, they have mastered the connection between intention (the use of the mind to direct a ship) and propulsion to the extent that they have been able to travel to Mars and back with ease. Much of these technologies were reverse-engineered from the remains of the ship they brought down near Roswell, New Mexico, and others.

The ships you think of as “UFOs” are your neighbors and friends. They come in peace, but your military has made it very difficult for them to reach you, or to communicate with you directly, because those in power do not wish for the general population to have access to the advanced technology they wish to teach you about. Free energy, for instance, has been available to you since Tesla developed the basic principles in his laboratory. As many of you know, J.P. Morgan, his patron, destroyed his lab, his life, and prevented him from continuing his work because it would have had wide-spread economic implications: It would have made it impossible to control and profit from the energy you use. 

You are now at a turning point. Vastly more powerful and efficient sources of energy are available to you, as some of your high-level political people understand. Others, who are intimately linked to the military-industrial complex, are trying to convince you that the primitive fossil fuels, oil, gas and coal, are necessary and good for you in every way, making your lives better and cheaper. This is nonsense. They are promoting the highly toxic and destructive Golden Goose which has made them rich at the cost of the planet’s health.

We have been trying to give you free energy for many years, but those who try to disseminate this information have been murdered or ruined financially. We are working with some of your present leaders, who cannot yet reveal our plans to help you because of danger to themselves in your current contentious political climate. We are going to circumvent this, to provide Planet Earth with the free and abundant energy sources you have wanted. We recommend that you watch the wonderful documentary movie, made by our dear Foster Gamble and friends. It is called “Thrive,” and it is now free for you to watch on the internet by going to It will explain much of this in a very comprehensive way.

Now, some more of the science behind Ascension. For those of you who wish to pursue the intricacies of this topic, I refer you to the physicists and others who have tried to explain it in depth. David Wilcock and Drunvalo, Gregg Braden, Fred Allen Wolf and others have done a good job of collecting the data for popular consumption. Here I will stick to the practical elements.

The explanation for what it will feel like to move from the 3rd to the 5th dimensions is difficult to put into words. We can only give you descriptions of facets of the experience, which you will put together little by little, as we explain it to you in these pages. It would be impossible to put into words what it will feel like in total. Many of these descriptions were given to you by our Jesus on his time on Earth, and some of it has been recorded in various writings, including your Bible, but much of it has been distorted, as you are tempted to do in your human form, to make it sound unpleasant, dangerous, or Apocalyptic. This is unfortunate. It has made it harder for you to accept and celebrate that which should be seen as a glorious event - one which will benefit all people. You have even been taught to be suspicious of anything that increases the benefits of life to the whole population!  

So, you must suspend your suspicions and your fears to absorb the meaning of what I am telling you. Open your hearts, and you will know what I am saying is true. First, you will begin to feel a rise in the energy vibration which Planet Earth emits. This will be measured by your scientists, who have been able to scan the planet to detect the taurus waves emanating from the heart of the planet outward. The electromagnetic vibrations are changing and can be measured, just as the notes of a scale can be measured by the size of the wave they produce.

The wave length of the Earth’s vibration is changing. As you also know, colors and light can be measured in a similar way. It will be felt by those who are intuitively connected to their senses as an increase in positive energy (Light). It can be felt emotionally as waves of Love, which will also be measured by your scientists as it sweeps across your planet. You may have to search your internet sources to find the evidence, because it will probably not be reported in your popular news outlets, but it will be easily measurable with the instruments they possess. In fact, it is already happening.

You have been aware of at least 3 pole shifts, in which the magnetic pole of your planet has shifted, creating different magnetic measurements. This is the reason some of your ocean animals and birds have become confused and lost their way during migration. This is unfortunate, but it has been necessary for Mother Gaia to make adjustments to compensate for the changes in the Earth surface which your drilling and building have caused. Because of the building of your massive cities made of iron ore, which was mined and moved from its original place, the balance of the planet has been effected.

Pole shifts have happened in the past, with disastrous results to the civilizations which were more or less eliminated as a result. Because of the rising consciousness of your people, who have sent their prayers and pleas for stability and continued existence in human form, we have come to help, and Gaia has modified her changes to make them more gradual and incremental than they would have been otherwise. This possibility has always existed as one of the possible future scenarios for the planet. We are delighted that you have done your part - enough of you to make the Ascension possible rather than the more extreme weather and shifts in the crust of the Earth which might have occurred otherwise.  

You are now well into the transition which will complete, at least from your short-term perspective, within the Earth-time measure of a few months. As the vibration rises, you will feel physical sensations which would seem strange to you, and which you would call medical problems if you were not aware of what is happening. You will be inclined to feel more generous, more loving and more expansive in your emotional responses. Some of you will be suspicious of your own motives, even thinking of them as weakness or poor judgment, since you have been taught that selfishness is normal. It is not. You are social and giving in your nature, and inclined to help each other when you see desperate need around you. You will begin to respond to less urgent needs, with kindness and helpfulness.

Kathryn experienced this today, when we stalled her car so that she would go across the street to speak with her old friends who needed her information to help them leave behind their rigid religious teachings for a brighter perspective. They are good people who will be able to ascend when they are able to let go of dogma and the anxiety it produces, to follow their hearts instead. She only needed to take out the jumper cables, to find numerous neighbors who were willing to spend considerable time with her trying to solve the dilemma of why her car would not start.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for responding to our request to teach when the opportunity arose. It is easy for us to interfere with the electrical system on your cars and other appliances, by the way. We only use these measures with those who are likely to acknowledge and respond positively, as Kathryn does when we send her messages by way of her computer or her car.  

(K: I am feeling waves of electrical sensations of pain in my toe. What are you showing me now? Ah, yes. You also are able to send us messages by way of our own electrical equipment - our nerve endings - in the same way you do with our electrical machinery. Is that it? Now the pain has stopped. I think this concept could be extended to many other areas of our experience. This is one of the ways we are being sent information about -ouch- Ascension. I am simply listening and responding to the signals, as I am being told to tell you, dear readers. You can do the same.)

“Yes, Dear. This is what we wish for you to emphasize. All this information is meaningless if people don’t know how to apply it in their everyday lives. So, here is the practical guidance. You may experience headaches, greater aches and pains in your bodies in old injury places. Do not be alarmed by this. It is a result of the rising vibrational level, which your bodies will need to adapt to.

Do not run for your painkillers and sedatives. Work with your bodies. Use the resources of energy healers and body work therapists, as many of you reading this are trained to give and receive. You will need more rest, and you will need to take time away from frantic schedules and work demands to stretch, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Turn to your partners to attend to each other’s bodies. Find comfort and increased stimulation in your sexual experiences with each other. This will help you to make the transition to a higher vibrational level. If you do not have a sexual partner, offer to provide massage, especially foot massages, with your children or your friends. This will help you to integrate the changes more smoothly.

Children will respond quickly to the rising energies, and will be able to help those around them to elevate as well. Reassure them and learn from them. Do not try to suppress them or control them when they show exuberance and increased vitality. Follow their lead, and allow the same exhilaration and joy to permeate your own mood.

Of course, this “more so” phenomenon will bring out your difficult moods and unresolved emotional responses. Work with yourself to forgive your past - all of it. Guilt and shame have no place in this important transition. You cannot feel joy when you cling to guilt. Find it in your heart to forgive those who have harmed you, no matter how serious or abominable the offense. Let it go. Turn your attentions to the present, and to the waves of unconditional love we are sending you. This will help you heal in a way you did not believe possible. Let childhood injuries and disappointments be washed away in the cleansing waves of Love, which has always been the greatest healer.  

Those of you who have done much-needed psychotherapy work have an advantage in that you are aware of the areas of healing you need to address. Do the final stages of that work by forgiving yourself, for presumed weaknesses, for past transgressions, and for being your unique human self, warts and all, as you say. It has all been a necessary part of your growth - even the destructive impulses you have felt have been part of your development as a soul. It has helped you to learn empathy and compassion.

Use that empathy now, to accept every part of your self, and every part of the human condition, failures and triumphs, destructiveness and cruelty. It will not serve you to remind yourselves of how awful some of your members are or have been. It was all part of the larger design of which you have no complete knowledge at this moment. You will learn more as you ascend, as your Vision opens to greater understanding of the workings of the Whole, and your part in it.

For now, you will need to rely on your Faith and your deep intuition to guide you. Faith, by the way, is not blind. It is a visceral response to the sensations you can feel when you open your awareness to the reality of our presence all around you. Sensitivity to emotional cues gives you a higher level of intelligence and awareness, contrary to popular beliefs which encourage “rational” separation from your own greatest powers.

So, those who are sensitive, embracing their own abilities to translate physical evidence into psychologically meaningful cues, will have the easiest time making the shift. Look around you. Identify the individuals who are cheerful, kind, at ease in their own skin, and get to know them. Follow their lead, regardless of their position in society or their economic status. Ask them about peace of mind, and how they have found it. You will learn things you could not learn any other way.

Talk to each other about this Ascension process. Do not be afraid that people will think you are crazy. They are all feeling it too, and are also afraid to talk about it. Reach out, to neighbors and acquaintances, to children, and even to the animals around you. You will see that they too are becoming more receptive and curious about you, as the rising tide lifts all boats, as you often say.

Time is short, on Planet Earth. It is now time for you to begin to make your choice, to remain with your beloved Gaia as she ascends, or to be left behind. I assure you, there is no reason to cling to what you have known, just because it is familiar. What we have in store for you is far better, by any standard you can imagine, except one. Power over others. That element will disappear. It does not exist in higher dimensions. No one will own another, or be able to Lord it over another.

Equality is the rule, although you may not know what that means. It does not mean sameness, or mediocrity. It means that each living being will be free to rise to their highest potential, without fear of suppression, derision or obstacles. Creativity will reign, and joy will be the order of the day. Celebration of all life is a moment by moment experience, and all souls will be accepted and celebrated with equal joy.

In the coming Golden Age of humanity, there is no fear, no suffering, and no death. We will be there with you, visible to you as if you had new eyes. Come, my children. Prepare yourselves for our new adventure together. No one will be left out or rejected. No one will be left behind unless they choose it, of their own free will. It is our deepest hope that no one will be foolish enough to trade Love for the illusion of power over others, as you have known it in violence and in abusive relationships. Rise. Leave behind the suffering you have known, and join us.

We are here with open arms awaiting your transition, which to those who are prepared, will seem like getting off the elevator at a higher floor than usual. Open your ears and hearts to be ready for the Great Wave of Love to overtake you on 11/11, and again on 12/12. It will be the beginning of your lift-off.  

Words cannot describe our love and our great hope for you, Beloved Ones, we await you.

With unlimited and unending Love for all our Children,

Your Yahweh - FatherGod, with MotherGod and all the Spirit world in concert with Us. We are One."

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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