Part 22, Encouragement and Love as We Recover

November 7, 2012

"Dear Ones, we wish to continue our conversation with you, so that you know we are here working with you all at this important time. We ask our channel, Kathryn, to be prepared to take down these messages every day (or every night) for the coming weeks, and to put them on her web site for all to read. We beg of you - Please send these postings on to everyone you know, so that no one is left out of the discussion.

You have the means to send Kathryn an email to ask any questions you want to send to us. We will do our best to answer all your questions.

Now, some further information and encouragement for you. For those of you who may have been disturbed by the Storm, we are sorry. It is not Mother Gaia’s intention to wipe her children off her body. We have decided to give you the disturbing truth about this storm. It was a gathering storm of normal proportions which might have caused some damage; she did not create the monster it became.

There is an activity on your planet known as HAARP - a secret scientific group with advanced abilities to control weather patterns. They are the source of the “chem-trails” some of you have suspected of causing damage in the past. Ironically, they are much more skilled at causing havoc in the weather patterns than in calming them. This is not an accident. Their intention is to cause irreparable damage to the entire planet, to the extent that whole countries, even whole continents are brought to their knees.

We have occasionally mentioned the Dark members of your societies whose intention it is to gain world domination and absolute power. It is their wish to destroy, conquer, and enslave. There is a religious fervor to their madness, a group delusion which convinces them of their entitlement, and the rightness of their actions. I will tell you more about their beliefs at a later time if you wish. For now, it is only important that you know that Gaia herself did not wish to create this havoc, and neither did we.

These secret groups, whom you sometimes call “Illuminati” - ironically, for they have nothing to do with Light. Just the opposite. We prefer to call them the Dark Hats, or as our Ashtar refers to them, the “naughties.” We do not wish to frighten you or encourage a sense of dread concerning their power over you. They are being contained for the time being, gradually preventing them from doing the massive damage they would like to inflict.

This storm was intended to be even more forceful than it was. Your prayers allowed us to come to the aid of some of you, in the midst of the worst of it. Our legions of angels and your star brothers and sisters were able to fly into the worst of the winds to spread out the effects of the storm, which if its energy had been concentrated along its path, would have caused much greater loss of life.

It is our sacred contract with you that we not interfere with your free will, but when groups of you pray and ask for our assistance, we are able to help. Continue to ask, my children. We want to help you. The area where Kathryn lives is filled with people who place their Faith in us and communicate with us in large numbers. We were able to spare her little valley completely, as she and her friends prayed for us to do. We hope that you all will communicate with us.

You should know that when we look at your planet from afar, your prayers beam toward us like beacons, light beams of great power. We try to answer your prayers in ways that will benefit you without betraying your original contract or your own need to create learning opportunities for yourselves.

This storm, as unfortunate as the losses are, has created light on your planet as never before, as neighbor helps neighbor, volunteers for organizations like the Red Cross and other blessed groups, and awakening individuals across more than half of your country, the U.S., dedicate themselves to selflessly helping others.

Your hearts have expanded to meet the need for loving action, and your compassion has grown exponentially as you acknowledge your concern for one another and take action to help out. We commend you on that, and find great satisfaction in the fact that you are using this event to raise the consciousness of your society as a whole, as race and socioeconomic boundaries wash away with the hurricane detritus.  

We will not allow those among you who wish for chaos and disaster to triumph. These are last-ditch efforts on their part to try to impose their will on others. Their technology, while more advanced than you know, is nothing compared to the abilities of those who have come to help you. We tread lightly now, intervening where we can, while allowing your growth to continue at a rapid pace.

As you are seeing all around you, adversity brings out the best in most of you. Your news sources, many of which are owned by the Dark elements we mentioned, prefer to concentrate on the one or two incidents of conflict or anger among those who wait for limited resources. The reality could not be further from this. The vast majority have behaved with restraint, compassion and love.  

There are efforts afoot in other parts of your country and in the world to create massive earthquakes and tsunamis, but we are already working hard to mitigate the damage of these actions. Your science has progressed to the point where it is fairly easy for them to know where the fault lines in the Earth’s crust are, and the likely effects of a well-placed explosion underground. Gaia is pained by these ruthless interferences into her body integrity, and has also asked for our help.

Our most effective interventions take the form of sending massive waves of unconditional love, which you will feel increasing in the coming days. 11/11 will be a second wave, more powerful than the one you felt on 10/10. You are becoming stronger, elevating your energies to embrace the feelings of unconditional love you are receiving from the entire Multiverse.  

This is truly an unprecedented event, the Ascension we have been describing to you. Gaia is completing her Ascension. It is nearly done. You have all been invited to make the transition to live, once and for all, on New Earth, where there is no want, no war, and no disease. Already, groups of people are walking through the gates to their new home. The conditions there, while delightful, are not set in stone. There will be need for all your skills, all your strengths, as you establish new ways of exchanging what you need and establishing organizations and system of governing, or teaching, of sharing, and of celebrating.

Come, all of you - do not return to your humdrum lives. Take this opportunity to free yourselves of old fears and self-doubt. Elevate, and meditate every day. Create your dream of the new life you will live, not simply in luxury, but in the fullness of Unconditional Love and Light.

Look for our messages and the evidence of our work all around you. Take our intention to spread the Light and Love across the planet. Join us in relieving the immediate needs and discomforts of those around you, and in the process you will be elevating yourself. Every day counts, every action matters. Do not waste your time accruing emergency supplies for the distant future. They will not be needed.

Prepare yourselves by expanding your awareness, your compassion, and your empathy for you fellows. Do not wait for government agencies or commercial power companies to come to your aid. Help yourselves and each other in creative ways. We will be there to help you, as you plan and carry out your generous work. You will feel us as you feel the wind at your back.

Do not become discouraged in the aftermath, as destruction is revealed and the difficult task of cleaning up faces you. Use this opportunity to unburden yourselves of the unnecessary objects and toys you have accumulated. Free yourselves as you help others. Carry your message of strong heart and strong conviction - the recognition of your own important place in the flow of life on your dear Gaia.

Arise, my children. Do the good work you are capable of in your hearts, and we will be there with you. Be courageous, and remain undaunted. Now is your time for noble action and steady resolve.  

I love you, each of you, for your unique and individual gifts and talents. Your guides, angels and Ascended Masters celebrate your strengths and celebrate your phenomenal growth as you move toward your own Ascension. We await you with tears of joy. Gabrielle holds her glorious trumpet, ready to sound the joyful announcement that it is now time for you to lift-off. Surrender to your best impulses, Dear Ones, they will lead you to a joyful reunion with Love.

With unending love, we cherish you now, as ever before,

Yahweh, and the Legions of Heaven (the 5th dimension and higher). We await you."

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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