Part 21, Ascension Practices

November 6, 2012

"We have asked Kathryn to receive one of these messages every night for the duration of preparations for Ascension so that you will have the most up-to-date and thorough information possible. We will, however, honor the fact that Kathryn might for some reason need an entire nights’ sleep once in a while. (They are instructing me to put a :) here – K.) :)

Briefly, here are a few bits of information which will help you to prepare yourselves. Many have asked what to do to leave self-doubt and anxiety behind. I have sent you a manual for this purpose. It is called “Who Needs Light?” It will tell you everything you can be taught with words about how to conquer these destructive tendencies. The next part will be up to you.

1.) The first step is to acknowledge that Anxiety is not something that happens to you, or something that is inflicted by your environment. It is a lifestyle you have adopted, like a preference for spicy food or wearing a particular kind of clothing. It is something you do, as a reaction to something you think.

2.) You may be complaining that you cannot control your thoughts. They just happen. You believe this because you have not been taught the basic human discipline of managing your thoughts and emotions. It simply takes practice. Begin with the focusing and centering exercises in the book, or meditation practices you have been taught. Be diligent. Breathe, concentrate on not allowing your thoughts to stray to destructive or unpleasant “what if” kinds of thoughts. They are your thoughts. You own them. They are in need of grooming and exercise, just as you are, to be at your best. Do not be discouraged if you are not successful after an hour or a week. This is a life-long practice which will serve you well.

3.) Begin to practice what some have called “random acts of kindness.” This is also a way of life, not an exceptional moment once a week. It is a wonderful concept. Make those random acts a part of your purposeful repertoire, so that you are always searching for an opportunity to do something to raise another person’s spirit or make their day easier. I am not referring to giving money to a charity, although that is one possibility among many. If you use that method, make sure you give large amounts, and often. The recent weather gives all of you opportunities to think about how you could establish organizations or networks with your neighbors to prepare for similar difficulties.

4.) Turn off your television. The news there is contrived to create conflict and fear, and the programs are wasting your time that you could use to improve yourself and connect with others. Do not complain that there is something wrong in your life if you have spent an hour in front of the TV. It depletes your energy and interferes with walking your intended path of self-improvement and elevation.

5). Be aware of your constant fear-based thoughts about the future, about what others might do or what disasters might befall you or your loved ones. This negative thinking is not “preparation” nor is it caring or helpful. It creates darkness in your own aura and inflicts doubt and fear on others. The future holds great joy and celebration for all of you. You only need to reach for it, and accept it when it comes looking for you.

6.) Be ready to revel in the feelings of unconditional love which will pour across your planet on 11/11, in a heightened peak of good feeling which we are planning to send to alleviate your fears and fill your hearts. Be prepared to accept the offerings of love and good will from your neighbors and friends as they too are inundated with loving feelings. Act on that love, and it will come back to you tenfold.

7.) Move your focused awareness into the center of you brain, into the Light channel where you can feel our presence all the time. We are sending you love at all times, to increase your storehouse of good feeling and peace of mind so that you can raise your vibrational level. This is your Ascension preparation, and it will make your life easier and more joyful every day.

All these suggestions are powerful actions which will change you, sweeping away old habits of negative thinking and destructive actions. You will find you can heal your addictions and help others in the process. Copy this list of suggestions and keep it with you. Practice each of these activities every day. You will not regret the feelings you experience as you go through your day, and you will be astonished at the effect it has on your happiness quotient. You have all said you want to be happy. Now do it. Because, like fear and self-doubt, happiness is something you do.

Go in peace, my children. Share this with others, and live in the glow of love you are creating around you.

Your loving Yahweh, I Am That I Am, Jehovah, Allah, Buddha, etc"

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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