Part 71: 8th and 9th Dimensions Described, From Our Point of View

"Dear Children, We are watching with interest to see how many of you will realize how profound the changes are since we began to cover the Earth with kisses - like the wind on your face, the warm sun on your back, we have sent the energy of Love and Light in continuous showers across the planet. Do you feel it? We hope so. Ellie joked today that the symptoms of Ascensionitis are affecting everyone, but a lot of people just think it's something wrong with their stomach, or it's the flu. It is true that many have been stricken with some seasonal illnesses, like colds or bronchitis, but this is partly because their immune systems may not be keeping pace with the rising energy patterns. It is also the case that especially hard-working Lightworkers bear the heaviest burden, in that they are most susceptible to feeling and fully absorbing the energies, and may have the most severe symptoms, but they will also be the first to raise their dimensional levels, according to their own soul paths.

"We promised you earlier to tell you about the higher dimensions beyond the 7th, and many have asked how many levels or dimensions there are, or if they are unlimited. We will try to answer your questions in as understandable way as possible. In a sense, the levels are as infinitely numerous as there are souls; in another sense, they are finite, in that souls must rise to a certain level to pass through the gates of each higher dimension as they work their way up the ladder. It is not that there is anything exclusive about higher levels. They are simply not accessible to beginner souls because the higher vibration would not be tolerable to someone whose standard operating level is lower, so you see it is a natural progression, much the way you progress through grades in school.

"Also like school, there are souls who proceed very fast in one area but may need extra work in others, and so their plan for further lives on Gaia or elsewhere will be tailored to help them develop their strengths and minimize their weaknesses, and this continues at every level of development. To accommodate these varying needs, there are several levels within each dimension, which allows for a fairly fluid transition from one to another as souls progress.

"We described the 3rd through 7th to you earlier. Today we will describe the 8th and 9th dimensions. As we said, the 7th is the level of Christ Consciousness, the training ground for developing Love and Compassion where our dear Jeshua can often be found planning and overseeing the Ascension process for Planet Earth, but many of the Masters who work on this level have ascended to the highest levels and come back to serve in a teaching capacity. The qualities of Love and Light increase in intensity and purity at higher dimensions.

"Now, the Eighth Dimension. This is a level of special studies, you might say. It allows souls who wish to practice their creative and manifesting skills to do so at a higher vibrational level, studying the art and science of manifesting while also learning how to free themselves of the restrictions which commonly hold back souls from discovering their true God-like powers. This is an ongoing challenge, to become more and more uninhibited, untrammeled in the ability to co-create new objects, new technologies, or new worlds. Of course, this is a simplified explanation. There are greater complexities to explore and understand at each level.

"At the Ninth Level, it is possible to use the lightness which souls feel in their Lightbodies to experience things which would not be possible at lower levels. For instance, here is where St. Germaine and others might be found teaching their students how to transport themselves across great distances, and how to change form, by entering into a human body, then back to Lightbody and back again, for special missions which involve trans-portation of Lightworkers for temporary assignments to Planet Earth or elsewhere, where they may serve as special messengers or agents of change. It is also a favorite level for large meetings of Masters from many dimensions and areas of expertise, because of the lively atmosphere. For many of them, it is a pleasant descent from the highest of the etheric atmospheres to a place of greater density, a familiar playground of past studies. So, you see, there are no rigid requirements or rules about what takes place in each dimension; it is determined by the quality of what you would call the atmosphere, and what is possible under the varying conditions of higher and higher vibrational levels.

"It is a part of the nature of a soul to be attracted to the adventure and learning possibilities offered by ascending to a higher level, just as the kindergarten child looks forward eagerly to first grade and the still mysterious-seeming lessons to be found there. Such it is in the School of Soul Advancement - there are ever more challenging and fascinating opportunities for scholarship and advancement, but always with the ultimate goal of being of service to others in the purest possible state of Unconditional Love.

"And so we have given you a small introduction to the world of Life-after-Life, as it has been called, the world just beside and around you, just beyond your 3-dimensional vision. It is there for you after you complete this life, or it is available to you in meditation, in hypnosis, or in your dreams. We are not separate from you - not at all. We are here, just the other side of the Veil of Forgetfulness. The veil is thinning, giving you greater access to communication with Us, with your ancestors and Guides and with your own Greater Soul. If you practice calming your mind, sitting quietly without trying to make it happen, you will begin to hear and see and feel the energies and colors and voices which are the evidence of our presence.

"We send you continuing energies of Love and Light, Our Dear Children,

"Yahweh, I Am That I Am"

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 4, 2012, 3 am

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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