Part 9, Who is "God" and Other Questions Answered

September 22, 2012

"Many of your readers ask questions about my identity. They have tried to dis-believe their old religious misconceptions about me as an old man in the sky who dishes out rewards and punishments. That is a good thing, because that is not me, as I said in earlier messages.

It is true we are all one, but they forget that they have free will, and they each have a voice. Why shouldn’t I have a voice as well? By denying my individual consciousness along with my lightening bolts, they have thrown the baby out with the bathwater, as you say.

I have tried to explain in each message that I love you, one and all, and that I do not punish. (It doesn’t work anyway, a lesson you have yet to learn.) I do sometimes pinch your toes or rock your boats (metaphorically, of course), to get your attention, as my angels and helpers are authorized to do, but mostly we send you gifts.

I have told you that we have come to offer you gifts of technologies to help you because your planet is in need. We do not punish you for your horrific misuse of the beautiful planet you have come so close to destroying. We have come to help you, to clean up the messes you have made, as good teachers and mentors do with children. We also require your participation and good will in this endeavor.  

This may require a leap of faith on some of your parts, or at least a leap into following your intuition - your body/soul as Kathryn has called it - rather than your minds, which are far more finite and limited in their scope.

To answer another question from Bill, we are fully aware of the passage of time in your dimension. However, we do see the unfolding of events in a way that you cannot, as the cumulative forces of Gaia, Mother Nature herself, the consciousness of the humans who inhabit Earth, and the infinite forces of the Multiverse interact. We do not predict or designate one moment or one day for future events because of the myriad interactions you are experiencing now in growing intensity are the accumulation of infinitely complex events brought about by infinitely complex actions of free will.

Every being (and I include rocks, fishes, ants, trees and humans) has consciousness, and all interact constantly in a frenzy of activity you cannot possibly conceive of. We admire and respect those infinite patterns within patterns, while we also are aware of greater forces of which you are not aware. One of them is the soul evolution of Gaia herself, and her joyful eagerness to elevate along with others in the Multiverse.

Beings who are presently in other dimensions beyond your 3-dimensional experience are more aware and able to comprehend the joyful nature of this momentous event, which for you may be marked on your calendars, but for us it is a time within a greater timelessness.

I offered in earlier messages to answer the questions you bring to Kathryn, which she presented to me. I hope I have begun to satisfy some of them. I will continue to try to do so, but you must appreciate that your limited language and your 3-dimensional perspective does not allow for me to show you what you will one day experience vividly when you are here with me in higher dimensions.

In addition, I would never say to you: The door will slam shut on you if you have not hurried through it on the 11th hour of the 12th month, etc. etc. You, in your collective consciousness, Mother Earth, and the legions of helpers who are here with you will all play a part in the unfolding.

It is true that we have intervened, but we do it in a way that preserves the free will contract for each and every one of you.

Some people have objected to the idea that anyone might be excluded or left behnd. I assure you, all will be included in the invitation to ascend. However it would be an arbitrary act to create a MultiUniverse shift in which no one had a choice, even if it is a positive experience - you must choose, each and every one of your own free will. I will not force anyone to ascend, nor will I prevent anyone.

We offer the thrilling possibility that all souls will ascend together in a joyful planetary event. It is up to all of you to make sure no one opts out because of ignorance or fear.

Let us begin.

I Am That I Am"

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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