Part 8, 9/11 Cause and Effects

September 14, 2012

"This is Yahweh, or as I called myself earlier, I Am That I Am. I have been known by many names through the ages, but what I am called is not important. The important part for us is that you comprehend that I am not the angry and vindictive person your religions have made me out to be. I do not want to see any of my children suffer.  

Many of your religions have devised cruel ways to acknowledge their obedience to me, by vilifying the flesh in bizarre ritual lashings with whips, wearing hair shirts, or abstaining from sexual activities for “religious” reasons, outside of the normal conduct of loving and considerate life.

I do not demand either obedience or celibacy, nor do I see these self-denying behaviors as “good.” Devising abnormal restrictions on the body, while they might occasionally force a person to focus their attention on making a connection with the God of their imagination, does not bring them closer to me. Just the opposite. Starvation of the body in any of its forms does not in itself encourage good character. It is more likely to cause a person to feel entitled to cut corners or overindulge in extreme or destructive behaviors, like addictions or predatory sexual behavior.

Many religions use guilt as a way to control people. This feeds the self-hatred we have described in Kathryn’s book. It creates a feedback loop of shame, resentment and rage.

I beg you now to leave behind those barbaric practices and hatred-inducing belief systems which divide rather than unite people. They are the teachings of those whose intention it is to control their followers, to use them as attack dogs or slaves to satisfy their own lust for power.

It is a technique which has been used effectively in your culture in recent decades, as in purposely created disasters like 9/11 (which could be called a “false flag incident) and many others which were designed to inflame men to sacrifice themselves as soldiers for what they feel to be the defense of their “homeland.” It is a ploy to gain control of whole countries, using armies paid for by the citizens rather than the behind-the-scenes bankers and weapons manufacturers, whose plans have been carried out effectively since the Crusades. It is nothing more than a power-grab on the part of an increasingly tight-knit and very secretive group of powerful families who have profited enormously by playing on both sides of every major and minor war in recent times, funding and equipping all the armies of the planet simultaneously.

Notice, my children, the result of all those bloody “interventions.” Each has led to a massive shift of power and wealth away from the hands of native peoples and into the hands of shadow corporations and private banks like your Federal Reserve and the World Bank.

It is now time for all of you to awaken to the misuse of your energies, your resources and even your lives. Darkness and greed have been in power, except for brief moments in your history, such as the era of the 60’s when your blessed leaders like JFK and Martin Luther King were able to shine brightly for a short time before they were snuffed out. They were encouraged to come to lead you, as your present leader was, by the Intergalactic Federation. 

Those you have called Illuminati (We call them the Dark Hats) were not willing to allow those whose hearts were with the people to speak the truth, or to put a stop to their underground operations. This was the reason for the assassinations of those I mentioned as well as Robert Kennedy, John Kennedy Jr, and the truth-speaking Paul Wellstone, and a few dedicated journalists who refused to simply repeat the lies they were given.

It is time for these crimes to be revealed, and the criminals brought to justice, not so that they can be punished, but so that they will experience the consequences of their actions, lose their power and their respectability, and thereby be given the opportunity to change their ways. At the same time, I do not wish for you, the children of my heart, to be vengeful, even though you will feel rage at the perpetrators when old wounds are reopened.  

Begin now to open your hearts to forgiveness, for these are the perpetrators of injustices which have unwittingly encouraged great outpourings of compassion and sharing, as after 9/11 and every anniversary since then. This, even as they stole the resources of the planet and the lives of so many of your countrymen and women. You have responded by drawing closer together, increasing the Light emanating from your planet with each trauma and disaster. Many of the weather disruptions and catastrophic “natural disasters” have also been engineered to result, again, in power grabs to take over lands and resources, even as the people are swept away by floods and tsunamis.

These dark hats are unconcerned about the suffering they have caused because they are without compassion. They have dedicated themselves to their own lust for power for long lives. The same people who arranged the assassinations are still among you, creating havoc in your financial systems (to their own benefit) and starting wars across the planet. They continue to actively fuel conflicts in the Middle East, and are forcing inroads into resistant Asian countries, especially Japan, Korea, Vietnam and China. The have already succeeded in most of latin America and much of Africa over the past 50 years.

I am charging you with a difficult project, to become champions for right and good, the greater good, while simultaneously finding it in your hearts to forgive those who have caused most of the massive destruction on your planet, and who are still among you.

I ask you this because it will bring you strength, solidarity and freedom - the freedom to love each other in peace and genuine brotherhood.

I have said to you that all souls will be invited to join us in Ascension to higher dimensions. Anyone who is able to fill their hearts with love and joy, and balance their state of being by clearing out old hatreds and fears and resentments - those are the preparations you will need to make before you can walk through the portal with me, into a celebration of joy and companionship with the greater community of souls who await your coming with great excitement and joy.

You have now entered a time of clearing and cleansing on a whole-Earth scale. Reach inward for the strength I have given you as fully human beings - the strength to love, to forgive, to seek truth and to take joy in those deepest of qualities of which you were all created to fulfill as your own soul development in this momentous shared event. Rise up, children. Insist on the truth and you will be free.

Share in your abundance, and celebrate this new and wondrous opportunity to accompany Mother Earth on her spiritual path. It is for each of you to fulfill your own destiny as we ascend together.

I love you one and all,

Yahweh, I Am That I Am"

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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