Part 7, Why Me? Why You?

Sept.ember 8, 2012

Dear Friends and Fellow Travelers,

I need to tell you that writing this blog and sending emails feels about as natural to me as jumping off a cliff, which it is in a way. I never aspired to be a spiritual channel when I was studying for 8 years full time - 9 with licensing boards. I have had a 35 year, very fulfilling practice as a Clinical Psychologist, with very thorough scientific training. I love that part of the work - I love seeing people grow. And here I am, doing the things I find abhorrent, something that looks like self-promotion and marketing. It isn’t.

I have recently decided to risk everything - my privacy, my credibility, my friendships, possibly even my professional career, to send these postings to you because I feel it is my moral duty to pass on this urgently important information.  

I have “come out of the closet” to acknowledge that I hear voices. Well, these days it is one voice in particular which captured my undivided attention. S/he calls himself “I Am That I Am,” the reference, as I understand it, to be the voice of God, or Great Spirit, or Creator, however you think of it (or don’t). I keep thinking, “Why me?” Couldn’t I at least be channeling Ashtar, or my dead uncle, or even Gabriel, or some other less pretentious (my ego says) entity?  

Well, it is what it is, and I am now committed to passing on the message as I hear it. I always check to ask whether I have gotten it all accurately, because I don’t want to impose my own ideas or feelings. Rather, it seems that my own ideas and feelings are changing as I listen and repeat the words I hear. I never even thought about whether I believed in God. I just figured I’d find out the truth one day. Well, that day came a lot sooner than I expected. The conversations usually come in most strongly at 3 am, and have created havoc with my sleep. I will learn to adapt to that too, I guess.

Here is why I feel an urgency to pass on these messages. As I understand it, Mother Earth has her own path, her own spiritual development, which may or may not include us. She is in the process of ascending to a higher dimension, as we speak, and is willing to take us along if we choose to accompany her and the others who are helping us all to make this transition. We have the choice: We can either get our acts together and elevate ourselves, or we will be left behind. Left behind where, I don’t know, but I certainly don’t want to find out by experience where the laggards are sent. I don’t want that to happen to any of you either.

The option to ascend sounds pretty appealing. Clean air, fresh water, less stress, more loving companionship and good old neighborliness. An end to hateful racism and deadly competition for the last drop of oil, or the billion-dollar bonus. Peace of mind, and the promise of a beautiful place to raise your children and grandchildren. This is not a fairy tale, it is a necessity. We are being offered a priceless, once in our lifetime opportunity to make the leap of faith that will change everything.

It will take courage, lots of it, for us to do this together. I have already tasted the experience of where we will be going. It is the highest high imaginable. I invite you to set aside your fears and your reluctance to believe in anything this crazy, and open your minds and your hearts. You will feel it happening too. We are all being invited to the Cosmic Party. Don’t lose your invitation because you are “too busy” or too afraid, or your old belief system disagrees. Be daring, be whole, and get ready. It’s going to be a blast.

With all my heart, I send you love and encouragement,


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