Part 6, Preparing Yourself

September 5, 2012

"There is a place in your hearts where you know that the words you are reading are true. Go to that place. Live there. Your actions and your thoughts will change. You will be enveloped in a warm glow of love, in fact, you will feel the wonderful feeling of being in love, with yourself, with the people around you, with children, and with all of Nature. This is the normal feeling tone which I intended for all of you, before you were overcome by anxiety and fear of want, fear of each other.

Breathe into the center of your brain, as Kathryn teaches, and as many forms of yoga, among other traditions, teaches. There in the center of your brain is the portal through which you can travel when you ascend to higher dimensions. Those of you who are reading this can practice elevating yourselves so that you will be in the state of bliss and inner peace long before the time comes to ascend. Learn this practice, and you will be ready to help others to make the transition.

I am asking Kathryn to make a video which she can post on the internet to teach these techniques, so they will be available free for everyone. She will ask for volunteers to demonstrate the Visual Centering technique. It does not matter if the film is not a well-crafted documentary, as she had originally planned. The demonstration video will be helpful and requires less time, and can be posted as it is made. It is a technique she has been taught over a period of 40 years, and is unique in its effectiveness to help individuals reach their optimal functioning, which our Maslow called “peak performance.” Practice every day and you will find yourselves changing rapidly.

Now, I have other news for you. Our meetings continue; gatherings of beings from great distances continue to plan ways to provide you with new technologies as well as artistic inspiration. Numbers of you have already been identified to help us with disseminating these ideas. You will be tapped on the shoulder, either sleeping or waking, and will find yourselves suddenly brimming with excitement and knowledge - what you recognize as a light-bulb effect in your minds. Be prepared to share these ideas freely, without claiming private ownership. This is for the good of the whole, not for individual profit.

Those technologies which will require some manufacturing will be given to those in the position to create them. Be prepared to resist the temptation in those around you and in yourselves to hoard or privatize your knowledge. You will be taken care of. For the safety of all concerned, we will make these technologies available in many places around the globe simultaneously to assure the success of the project, which we call LightWorks.

For our next message, I will again ask Kathryn to attend and pass on to you the information about how we plan to proceed. Please pass on this information to everyone you know. I wish for the safety of my legions of helpers and for those who will be introducing the technologies on your planet that we use the internet to spread the knowledge - “go viral” as you call it - so the information cannot be suppressed by powerful forces in the financial community as it has been in the past. Please do your part to spread this around the globe, to prepare people when further information comes. Nothing you read here will be copyrighted or patented. Share it freely.  

Join me, dear ones, to begin making your Planet Earth a more peaceful and joyful place. Begin with yourselves, and your light will emanate outward to touch others, and will join with the gathering energy which is already changing your daily lives.

I send my love to you, one and all. Go with a full heart and a peaceful mind. Do the work that I present to you and you will find happiness in all your waking and sleeping hours.

Go in peace, live in love.

I Am That I Am"

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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