Part 5, Meeting with Ashtar

September 5, 2012

“Greetings. I am Ashtar, Supreme Commander of the Starship Fleet of the Galactic Federation of Light. Welcome. I am glad to have Earthling Lightworkers to consult with us. Because we are used to living in the Fifth dimension and beyond, it is inconceivable that any beings would choose to ignore or refuse our invitation to ascend; however, preliminary results seem to suggest otherwise. It appears that we will have to present a pretty good argument if we are to get the attention of Earth beings and convince them this is real - not some kind of hoax or joke.

We are all optimistic, but I’m afraid our optimism has blinded us to the extent to which Earthlings, especially those in Western cultures, tend to resist change.

We have with us a few of the channels who have been working with us to spread the news. Thank you for coming. Meetings with others are ongoing as well. We thank you all for allowing us to send our message to more people every week.

Politically, we are working with some who have access to the President of the U.S. to try to get him to announce a no-aggression policy toward UFO’s (us!). We are hopeful about making contact soon through his aides or the First Lady, who is most open.

On the spiritual front, leaders of the religious communities of the planet are proving to be what is called a mixed bag. In general, it is difficult for them to make the leap from what they have been taught about this Earth time to the reality of it. There are many misconceptions which have generated a great deal of fear - first among them the assumption that Ascension means death for large numbers of people, and the strong beliefs that a process of judgment and punishment will decide who is to ascend and who is not. Although these are extremely unpleasant ideas, many seem to show a great attachment to them, along with the apparent glee they feel at the conviction, which we see as arrogant and ego-based, that they will be chosen, and others denied, simply because they declare a belief in Jesus as their “Savior,” regardless of their behavior or the absence of love in their hearts for their fellow humans and other precious creatures on the planet.

Now we would like to publicly take part in a dialogue with our “boots on the ground.” 

We have invited two psychologists to help us understand how to proceed most effectively to “spread the word.” Both are on board with us, and have already begun disseminating some of our information. Also a staunch early advocate for Ascension understanding, David Wilcock, who has been doing an effective job of teaching information about the upcoming event. It is most convenient to have you here together.

We have other talented and helpful channels among our Lightworkers, but many of them have tended to work with people who come to them because of their professed belief in the Ascension process and understand the value of channeled information. They are therefore more used to experiencing a relatively open audience, and have been very good at expanding that audience.

Dr. May has recently been experimenting with introducing these ideas to people who, in many cases, are entirely new to them. The responses she has met with have brought our attention to the need to find a way to circumvent the resistance of those who are being approached initially. I will ask each of you to report on your experiences.

Let us begin with Mr. Wilcock, who has the longest history of working to present these ideas about Ascension and what it will mean to the planet.

What was your experience, especially in the beginning, when you began teaching that Ascension would be a positive event?

Wilcock: Mostly, people just thought I was crazy. It helped that I was compared to Edgar Casey early on. It gave people a context to feel more comfortable with channeling, and with some of the ideas he had begun to discuss. But still, mostly people wanted to argue with me to convince me that we were approaching an Apocalypse, not a transition. They wanted to believe in the end of the world disaster scenarios. Since my beliefs have become more well known, I see more people who accept my approach, but in almost every workshop there are people who ask the old question: “You mean the bad people will be allowed to ascend too? Isn’t there a different place for them where they will be punished? I have seen a clear picture of the positive elements - people in large groups moving together. Perhaps here with you I can fill in some of the details - the links between the scientific work I have been doing all along and the Ascension.

I still get some pretty passionate - well, insulting, responses from people. Often personal attacks - I try to just answer them in a general way, with a lot of scientific back-up. Sometimes that gets through. I’m here to learn more about that if possible.

Ashtar: Thank you, dear David, for your long years of work which have led you to this moment with us, and yes, further information will be available to you as it becomes possible for us to share in technological advances. You will be in a position to teach as you have already begun to do, although we would ask that you hold off on that just yet. Thank you.

Our dear Drunvalo Melchizedek will also be working with us on the organizational efforts with indigenous cultures, who are already preparing for the glorious moment. Our legions of dedicated workers is growing around the globe.

Now, Dr. Kathryn, as you call yourself, can you give us an idea of what you have experienced so far?

Kathryn: Yes, thank you for inviting me. I have been a bit surprised by the response from the majority of those I have read the channeled information to. Generally, when I begin, there is one of two responses: I either see the person’s eyes glitter with delight and recognition - about 20-30 percent of them - or the others seem to struggle to be polite, but clearly shut down. They show suspicion, even fear in their eyes, and those people often respond with statements like, “That’s your opinion. I don’t agree” or, “I’m not on board with that. I already have my plans, and I’m not ready to give them up.” Often, these so-called skeptics seem not to have heard many of the reassurances, like the clear explanation that this is not a death or a loss of any kind.

I have recently found it is more effective to explain that this process is really about Earth Mother’s spiritual path, and we are being invited to ascend with her. Most people otherwise assume that we will be going somewhere else - to a different place than we have known. I believe it is crucial to reassure everyone about that. We Earthlings tend to be very attached to our present Earth lives.

People are inclined to think first about their own safety, their physical comfort, their family and friends, and their ability to continue living out their life as they know it. When they are presented with the idea that they will not transcend alone, and perhaps there could be no mosquitoes, or other positive changes in the prevalence of disease and discomfort, they become a bit more interested.

Fear of not having enough, anxieties about retribution, or Gods presumed tendency to be ferociously punitive by way of floods, pestilence and other disasters - prevents some people from hearing the positive message, sometimes entirely. Some people freeze at the first mention of what they assume will be an attack on their religious beliefs, or lack of them. Of course, there’s always the possibility that they think I’m stark raving mad.

Perhaps a more familiar approach - first “selling” them on the idea that the future ascension will bring greater security, more sex, plenty of food, and fewer shootings will break through the normal tendency to assume that any change will deprive them of their freedom and their comforts. We must first reassure people before we can even begin to talk about spiritual expansion. It helps to at least break the psychological ice. These are just preliminary observations.

Ashtar: Thank you, Kathryn. I can see it is difficult for all of you to remain with us for this extended period of time. We will continue at our next meeting. Thank you. Go in peace, with our love and gratitude.


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