Part 4, Planning for Ascension

August 30, 2012

Again, I awoke with a shooting pain in my toe. I heard the now-familiar:  

“I have something to tell you. I know this is hard on your sleep. I thank you for this.”

Here is the message I received, exactly as it was dictated to me:

“Do not dismiss these words which come to your electronic mailboxes along with the deluge of other trivial distractions. Put down your distractions and read my words carefully. I send you these messages with love, to prepare you for the coming events.

Those who are receiving this, please share it with everyone on your mailing lists. This message will also be recorded on Kathryn’s website.

Awake, my dear ones. I have important and joyful news for you.

There will be a gathering of souls from many places in the Multiverse. I invite you, Kathryn, to attend so that you can report back to your circle of friends and followers. The meeting will take place tomorrow night at midnight. I will take you there. You will be asked to contribute to the discussion because of your knowledge of Earthling psychology, in the planning phases of preparing your people for the coming event. You will know what to do when you get there. The gathering will be held in a place that is unfamiliar to you, so I will show you the way.

You will take notes to bring back and share with your readers so that they too will be included in the planning stages. They may comment or make suggestions or ask questions. We will answer as we can, although full disclosure of the planning and of the help you are getting from other beings may not be possible yet.

As you know, your governments can be very warlike and inclined to attack if they detect my legion of helpers and Lightworkers. You are aware of the brutal attack in Roswell, New Mexico, which your government denies to this day. I would ask your President to announce, as the British government has already done, that the years of evidence concerning UFO’s has shown that there is no danger from them. They are here to help you, and to be a tremendous source of information about technological advances which will greatly improve your lives in a way that will not endanger your planet, as your very primitive technologies do now.

Details will be revealed to all who are in a position to help because of their technical training and expertise when the time comes. My legions stand ready to teach Earth scientists and engineers technologies which will assure free and clean energy sources for all your citizens. The question remains when they will be allowed by powerful profit-oriented business leaders to do so.

You are aware of the anxiety and disruption to the emotional state of some of your humans at this time. Some respond with levels of individual violence in a way that has been previously less intense. The massive availability and interest in personal weaponry in your American culture makes your country a very dangerous place at this time. My workers have already begun to intervene where they can to minimize the damage, although they cannot prevent all the violence your citizens indulge in.

It will become necessary for psychologists like you and your other mental health workers to begin to reassure and calm those individuals who have been isolated and alienated in their lives. The efforts must extend to neighbors and family members, teachers and other helpers. I do not mean to encourage the first line of approach to these problems you have used in the past. The tendency to give powerful drugs which interfere with brain functioning and judgment have been a large part of the problem. Your so-called anti-depression and anti-anxiety drugs are extremely dangerous in their effects on your people, often causing the rise of homicides and suicides in your population. It is a volatile combination: weapons and unbalanced citizens.

Work together, all of you, to reestablish friendly connections to your neighbors, especially those who have been effected by the economic upheavals. Help to create a feeling of security rather than fighting each other for the resources which are, in some cases, diminishing. This is a complex issue, made worse by the efforts of the powerful few to hoard and control. You are surrounded by abundance. You only need to learn to share and distribute the abundance more fairly.

Learn charity rather than judgment. Practice generosity and service to others rather than developing grander schemes to deprive the already struggling poor of your planet. I do not wish for any of my children to go hungry or be left alone in their difficulties.

Poverty is a human creation, brought on by practices and attitudes of greed and arrogance. I have provided for you all to live in abundance, if you were to use your creative powers and imaginations toward solving these problems rather than making them worse.

You have a tendency to blame and deprive those souls who have, in their individual contracts with me, agreed to take on lives in which they will be presented with great challenges, facing the prejudices and judgment of your religions and cultures. Look to these people in wonder and compassion rather than blame. They are often the more courageous and daring among you. Do not be fooled by their outward appearances. Those souls who have volunteered to be tested by poverty, abuse and disability will be the ones who can be resilient visionaries in the coming weeks and months. Their transition will be easier than the ones who have invested in the accumulation of material comforts and economic power over others.

Fear, doubt and reluctance will arise in those whose thinking has become rigid and inflexible, either by economic privilege or by orthodox religious training. Look to yourselves to ease your grip on the ideas and beliefs you are sure of - the rules and regulations by which you and others would be controlled. I have dictated the book “Who Needs Light?” to Kathryn as a manual for preparing for your transition. I assure you that this “plug” for the book was inserted in spite of her misgivings. I consider it my book as much as it is hers. It is now time for me to reveal that the one called “Hemingway” with whom Kathryn was persuaded to collaborate, was me (with Ernie’s blessing).

I created you all to be imaginative, creative and loving beings. Do not be fooled by your cultural or religious training to think that humans require punishment and restriction as a general practice. These attitudes have created rather than prevented the dissension and division you suffer from now.

With an open heart, manage with care and compassion your inclinations to be fearful and judgmental. These feelings lead you to try to develop and enforce restrictions on each other. Do not succumb to anxiety and fear. Open your minds to the glorious pleasures I have in store for you.

Share rather than hoarding and protecting your wealth and your supplies. I will continue to provide for your needs. Acknowledge my Universal Law of Flow, as Kathryn has described in our book. You will create further abundance and good will by every act of sharing, kindness, compassion and service to others. Join in the heart-expanding gatherings of Lightworkers who are already preparing for the joyful Ascendance to a higher plane of existence.

Do not be distracted by your traditional obsessions with working and earning. It has deprived you of the joys of being together in love and community. Look to your artists, your poets and musicians for comfort and guidance. You are on the verge of a new era in which you will experience a blossoming of creativity and joy. Each of you can do your part to move this flowering forward. Involve yourselves in creating beauty for those around you - not just in your private places, your isolated dens where you hide from each other. Reach out to create beauty all around you, in the spirit of sharing your abundance. You will reap unimaginable rewards in spirit and peace of mind.

Those of you who have learned meditation and other calming practices will benefit from the ability to expand your minds and manage your emotions. Send me your prayers and your fears. I am listening to you, each and every one.

Go in love,

I Am That I Am.”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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