Part 20, A Message for Kathryn

November, 4, 2012


"This is for our dear Kathryn. You have asked about your own Ascension. You have also volunteered to help others make the transition. We have accepted your help, as we always do, and you have been actively preparing your clients and friends and your readers so that they can make it through the portal to higher dimensions.

For those of you who have worked hard for many years to elevate yourselves even before you knew about Ascension, it may not be so obvious where you are. You have practiced your meditations, you have talked with us every day, and you have traveled with me, with Jesus, Makarta, and your dear teacher Amos, through the gateway to the place you thought of as the other Gaia.  

Yes, my dear, you have made the transition as part of your training with us, and you have come back to help others. You have asked if there is anything more you need to do, or anything more we wish for you to do. It fills our hearts with tenderness and love to see your willingness to give so enthusiastically of your energy and your time so that your fellow travelers can also Ascend. You, my dear, are a gatekeeper and a way-shower, and the reason you are able to do that is because you have already been here with us. You have spent time in the 7th dimension, the level of Christ consciousness, learning the ways of Jesus, and you have practiced your comings and goings in your meditations until you could transition almost effortlessly. What is that but Ascension?

You are certain of the information you teach because you know firsthand of the love and support you felt from us. Now it is time for you to share with others what you know from your own experience. It has been a very personal adventure for you, and we did not encourage you to share the more intimate details as you were going through it in your training, but now you have some perspective which comes with time, you will choose to tell whatever anecdotes you feel will be best understood by your listeners. It will help them to move fearlessly toward their own elevation to know that you have been there, done that, as you Americans say.

Now you must prepare for your trip back to your country home, that beautiful place where you have lovingly built your rooms, your gardens and your friendships. There are others there who will welcome your “coming out of the closet.” Many of them are eager to make the Shift and will find reassurance in your experience. 

Go in love, and do not dwell on your own feelings of loneliness and longing to be here with us again. You can come and go as you please, knowing we are always beside you, with Light and gratitude for your service. Tell the world of your adventures, dear one, so that they can be reassured. It is time for all to acknowledge their strengths as well as their weaknesses! Do not hesitate to let people know how adventurous you have been, and how far you have traveled.

We love you one and all, and look forward to closer and closer connection with all of you.

Your Eternal Father, awaiting your arrival,

I Am That I Am, Your Yahweh"

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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