Part 19, In the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

November, 2, 2012


“Dear Ones, it is time for us to tell you more about what to expect as you go through the coming days of change. Events will take place on your planet that have never occurred before.

As you have seen from the enormous storm you have just witnessed, Mother Earth is going through a cleansing process. It was not intended to cause suffering or pain to the people, but it was necessary for her to use her power to help to wake up those who have been complacent, even completely in denial of her consciousness and her crucial role in your survival and your well-being for eons.

This storm, as a result of the widespread devastation to the electrical systems, has brought out the best in people. Neighbors who have never spoken to each other are helping each other, sharing what they have, reassuring the elders and caring for the children.  

My legions of angels have done their best to mitigate the effects of the storm to prevent loss of life. Please understand that those who have come home to us during this event have completed their commitment; this passing was part of their original contract before they came to this life. They are now here with us, in joy and contentment. They are not in pain, and they are not suffering because of the necessity for them to leave their loved ones. They are aware of the coming glorious event in which they will be here with us to greet their ascending brothers and sisters who will elevate to the 5th dimension and above to experience the unconditional Love and Joy with them.

It is difficult to explain to all of you who are used to 5-senses evidence-based material reality, but you are now entering into the final stages of the transition that will carry you, along with your planet, whom we call Gaia, to higher levels of vibration. In the process of that transition, you will experience some anomalies and discomforts in your bodies - many of you are already feeling it. You may experience aches and pains in the area of old injuries, or passing illness which might feel like the flu or digestive upsets. These are natural, like the sensations you would feel on a fast roller-coaster, or an elevator that ascends abruptly.

If you practice the exercises Kathryn has taught in her book, and the meditations your yoga teachers have recommended, you will find you can ride out the changes best by anchoring deeply within yourselves, putting your roots down by sending a connecting thread or energy anchor deeply into the heart of Gaia, who welcomes your connection. Send your gratitude and love to her, and she will return your love ten-fold. Send us your prayers, and they will be answered.

As the storm approached, many of you prayed for the family and friends around you to be spared the greatest suffering. You did not think of yourselves, but fervently prayed to mitigate the suffering. We have tried to answer your prayers. Material possessions may have been swept away, but this is of little consequence. People who are displaced must be helped to find comfortable housing for the coming weeks. It will give families and friends the opportunity to share their large spaces with people in need. Make use of those mega-mansions you have foolishly built. They are too large for one family to live comfortably without becoming strangers.

Those of you who have much, share it with those who have been displaced. You will learn about others, especially if you welcome people into your homes whom you have not known well in the past. Be generous, and you will be rewarded richly, with love and gratitude from us and from your fellow countrymen and women. Already we are seeing acts of generosity, even heroism, of the sort you have rarely witnessed in your culture. It has elevated both the givers and the receivers.  

You will not regret your generous acts. They will help you to raise your consciousness and your level of vibration toward the feeling of unconditional love and joy you will need to experience in your transition to higher dimensions. The higher you are able to elevate yourselves now, the more natural it will feel to you to move with grace and joy into the state of happiness you will feel when you reach the goal we have in store for you - a state of infinite understanding, peace, perfect health, and unconditional love. It has been called “Revelation,” and that it will be.

Fear and anxiety will be left behind, for they are unknown in the higher dimensions, as are competition and warfare, greed and cruelty. Those tendencies will completely drop away in the coming weeks, as you are bathed in waves of powerful energy from the cosmos.

Your DNA will respond to the energy waves by awakening, gradually bringing into operation abilities and higher levels of awareness and intelligence which have been imbedded in your human form, dormant for thousands of years. For those who have been asleep, lulled by your material comforts and electronic distractions, it will come as a shock to experience new levels of creativity and expansive awareness, but with faith and help from your fellow humans, your star brothers and sisters who have come to help you, and us, your guides and spirit helpers, you will thrive.  

We have already guaranteed your survival by eliminating the possibility of nuclear warfare. We can tell you now in the waning hours of Old Planet Earth, that you will not ever again have to fear annihilation by your foolish leaders who place their own egos and their material gain ahead of their people’s wellbeing.

Some of your current leaders, including your American president, are playing out their parts as the keepers of the spirit of love and cooperation. You have seen it in the responses to his leadership: truly caring people are falling in love, with each other, with hope, and with the possibility of genuine cooperation. All is in line to help you in your coming Ascension. You do not need to fear chaos, as you are now seeing. Your strong leaders will help in the transition, by raising your spirits and setting an example of compassion, empathy and concern for the welfare of all the people.

Have no fear, my children, you are in our loving embrace. Your work now is to throw off the painful memories of childhood rejections and ego-bruising neglect and abuse. You will be freed of those old, dark feelings of melancholy and dread. Open your hearts, and move toward those you love, without fear or hesitation. Walk with us in the Light. It is the destiny you looked forward to eagerly when you made your contracts with us to come to this glorious planet in this, the momentous time of change.

We are not referring to a 5,000 year evolution, or even the 26,000 year cycle which is indeed upon us. It is true that civilizations have lived and disappeared on your planet before, ice sheets have formed and melted, as humans have made the long journey to bring you to the place where you are now. Your scientists are making discoveries daily, of pyramids left on your planet, still present on every continent, hidden beneath the rich vegetation which has disguised them, invisible in plain sight. 

Egyptian archaeologists have discovered, at last, the bodies of “extraterrestrial” beings who came in ages past to assist their leaders in building the civilization you have called Atlantis. It did exist. In fact, it has already been found, as you will see from your internet pictures, in the place which you have called the Bermuda Triangle. Massive pyramid structures are at last visible to you because of your improved underwater photography, and aerial detection of energy forms.  

Your inclination to be “skeptical” - which is really a kind of blindness - has prevented you from accepting the obvious: You are not alone, and have never been alone. Others have been here before you, with more advanced technologies, given to them by the friends from distant planets who wished to share their wealth of knowledge, because it has brought freedom and joy to them on their home planets.

They have known the state in which all prosper, all are welcomed, and all feel the love of their Creator and their fellows, as a way of life. They have tried to share these gifts with you, and have been successful at times, but your leaders’ suspicions and irrational fears, and their need to keep absolute control over the flow of information has made it more difficult, although not impossible, for you to know the truth. You have accepted their control, and consumed the lies and propaganda they have presented to you, no matter how nonsensical it might have been.  

The time for this blindness is past, dear ones. You are not seeing weather balloons, or hoaxers with boards making crop circles. Your star brothers and sisters are revealing themselves by uncloaking their ships for all to see, as the weapons aimed at them have been gradually disengaged. Welcome them. They come to teach and to assist you. They will make your transition easier. 

They come in peace, which should be obvious to you by now, since they have been hovering, waiting for you to invite their help for generations now. They could have destroyed your planet a hundred times over if that were their intention. But destruction is unthinkable for them. They come with love, and with patience and generosity, awaiting the disclosure announcement they hope will be forthcoming.

So, as you see, nothing is what you thought it was. We are trying to prepare you by sending you these messages, through this channel and others, but as you are aware, you are often reluctant to share these readings, or even absorb their meaning fully. You keep your knowledge secret, for fear others will ridicule you for your growing belief that this is real, that the information you read here is truthful and genuinely given from the heart. These are not foolish or deluded dreamers who offer their wisdom, often to deaf ears. They have continued their call to awake, even during the dark years when no one would listen, lovingly and patiently showing the way with their own Light.  

It is time for you to embrace this coming change, and to send this message of enlightenment and joy to everyone you know. Shout it to the rooftops: Here we go! It is time! All are invited, don’t miss out on the thrilling enlightenment to come! Join hands, join hearts, and fly!

Well, of course, you will remain in your bodies, so levitation will come slowly and a bit awkwardly to some of you, but prepare yourselves for new forms of “trans-portation,” without the need for your troublesome and toxic gasoline. Do not fret, as Gaia tosses off your sources of “power” in favor of more elevated forms of travel and sustenance.

Now, go on with your recovery efforts, but do not bother to rebuild the cheap amusements or inferior housing. They will not be needed. Dance, and yes, run, in the streets. Share your considerable wealth and your hoards of money and food. You will not be needing them. You will soon experience something far more exciting and fulfilling than any material possession or material security could offer.

If you are one of the awakening few who have the wisdom to patiently read several pages of life-affirming information, congratulations on your growing Faith. You will be the leaders who will usher in the New Age. Share your knowledge and your wealth of Heart-centered wisdom. Go out among your fellows and embrace them. Reassure them and comfort them. The coming weeks will bring not only relief, but unfathomable joy.

Go in peace, with our eternal Love,

Your Yahweh, I Am That I Am"

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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