Part 18, Parting Message to the Travelers on the Ship Equinox

Oct. 26, 2012

This message is for all the rest of us too.

"The ship is docking, and all the passengers will be disembarking today to return to their everyday lives. It has been a very moving learning experience for many of you, visiting beautiful old cities and ancient ruins, while listening to the very challenging information which Dr. Dyer has presented over the past 10 days.

You will each have the opportunity as you return home to make a decision about the way you will describe your trip to others. Will you talk about the places you have seen and the purchases you made, or will you talk about the spiritual connection you have made, to me, to your Universal Mother, and to the soul of others on your voyage? 

Many of you have made important new friendships, which will give you a circle of supportive souls who are now used to the language of real emotional experience. Do not return to the life of material endeavors and trivial exchanges you were used to in the past. You have a chance now to raise the consciousness of those around you.

Use the opportunity and the materials you now have to open the hearts of your extended family and friends. Talk about the inspiration you have felt when our dear Wayne revealed his deep connection to God, as many of you call us, and when he read the poetry of Rumi, who breathed the very breath of Spirit in his everyday life. 

Be a beacon of hope for the others you meet on the street, and yes, those you conduct business with. Each and every one needs to hear the message of unconditional love that we send to you all. No one is excluded from our plan, which has been progressing now for thousands of years. You were aware of this before you came to this life, and deep in the consciousness of every one alive today on Planet Earth lies the memory of your soul plan to be present at the Shift, or the Ascension, as it is often called.

You have felt the sensation of time speeding up, and you are well aware of the changing weather patterns on your dear Planet. In civilizations past, that would have been the warning of dire disruptions and disaster to come. This time, it will be different. Mother Earth herself is moving, not through space and time, but through the portal to higher vibrational dimensions. It will be possible for each of you to raise your own vibrations by practicing the meditations you have been taught, and by allowing yourselves to express the loving feelings which are natural to you.  

Do not fear the disdain or lack of awareness of others. Many of your fellow humans are still asleep, ignorant to the glorious possibility which awaits you. They need your help to awaken. Go forth as our Sons Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha once did. Learn to quote a line from Rumi, or repeat the statements made by Wayne Dyer in his lectures. Share the books and CDs you have learned from with everyone who will listen. There is no time to waste.

The portal to higher dimensions has already opened. You are invited to ascend with Mother Earth this very day, if you can accomplish the natural and simple tasks we have given you: Stop your searching for pleasures and distractions in your 3D environment, and reach higher, to experience our outpouring of unconditional love for you. It will carry you and your loved ones and friends to the level of the 5th, 7th and higher dimensions, where creation is manifest effortlessly, where abundance and love will surround you, and where you will never again feel need. All things are possible here, in the dimensions which you have experienced before with me only after you left your Earth bodies.

This time it will be different. Earth herself, our dear Gaia, has already begun her ascent to higher planes of consciousness. She has worked tirelessly to care for you, the children of her heart, providing everything you see and touch, your food and your shelter, for millions of years. She is now ready to evolve on her own path to higher consciousness, and she has invited all of you to anchor deeply into her heart, and go with her on this wondrous adventure.

Do not be left behind because of the fears you have been taught in this lifetime. Forget the religious teachings which predict death and disaster. Instead, join with the others who are already well prepared for the transition. They have been all around you on this wonderful voyage of discovery and friendship.   

Continue to support and encourage each other. Stay in touch with the teachers you have met. Read their books, tell of their inspiration and Light, and take it into your own consciousness as you return to your lives across the planet. You represent many countries, many languages and customs, but you all have a common purpose - to fulfill your own soul journeys by ascending, as you planned to do before your life here began.

Use this opportunity to teach others, to continue to grow, to ask and answer questions about this wondrous and new opportunity, new in the history of your planet, in the history of mankind. Listen to the Master teachers among you - those whose message is one of hope and love, connection and continuance, not fear or punishment.

We, your Universal Mother, whose Earthly house you are visiting, and I, the one you call Yahweh, Father God, Allah, Spirit, are with you every step of your way. We will support and protect you. We will listen to your prayers and fill your hearts with love. You only need to listen with your hearts and souls to know the truth.

Now is the time for you to elevate yourselves. Be an example and an inspiration to those who have not yet awakened and those who are just beginning to learn. Help them to overcome the fears they have been taught, and the habits of competition and division which have pervaded your lives in the past. It is not our way. 

We do not wish for you to struggle any more. We wish you lives filled with joy, friendship and love. You will want nothing, fear nothing, suffer no longer, when you join us, along with your dear Gaia, in higher dimensions, higher planes of existence. You will remain in your bodies, in a delightfully elevated form, and you will experience the thrilling possibilities which your 3-dimensional human minds cannot even begin to imagine. You will be given all this without having to go through the death process all other human bodies have experienced in the past. This time, you will fly with me through the portals of time and space to higher elevations. 

Practice your quiet meditations every day, as our beloved Wayne has taught you. Spend time in Nature, breathe the glistening air and sunlight which nourishes and calm you, and listen. We will speak to you. We will not leave you for a moment. If you have difficulty hearing our voices, listen to the voices of those who channel our messages until you begin to feel yourself elevating, lifting off from lower vibration of the material world you are used to.

Yes, I use the term liftoff, for that is what we have in store for you. You will all be astronauts on the space ship Earth. You have seen the wondrous photographs of our space world, which once seemed so distant to you. Do not fear. Other beings from distant planets and stars have come to meet you, to be among you during this momentous event. There are no dangerous “aliens.” They are your star brothers and sisters, our children all.  

Do not forget that many, including your doting Mother and Father, including the brothers and sisters from other star civilizations, have always had the power and the technology to destroy, to interfere or end your lives and your planets. Do not believe the religious leaders, politicians and movie makers who teach such terror. We do not do such things. 

Ours is the way of Unconditional Love. We want only to teach you, to help you elevate yourselves. We await you with joy. Our arms and our hearts welcome you home, to a place which is familiar in your soul experience, from the many lifetimes you have spent in the loving world you call Spirit.  

Celebrate, my children. You are the fortunate, hardworking harbingers of joyful events to come. Your language does not allow me to fully express the glorious experiences we have ahead. Hold fast to your Faith, your Hope, your loving hearts, and the heart of your Gaia. She knows and accepts each of you as we do.

We love you, one and all."

Your faithful and attentive Father, Creator, Yahweh. I Am That I Am."

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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