Part 17, A Message for Friends and Fellow Seekers

October 23, 2012

This was a message for the group of folks who gathered 'round to listen to the previous message. It is also relevant to anyone who has had the curiosity and courage to read these postings. Include yourself in this.

“Thank you for taking this message, Kathryn. It will be short.

I wanted to thank you for sharing the message I gave you yesterday with your group. You are an important gathering of healers. It was not an accident that you were attracted to our work. You are each in your own way powerful messengers. Do not underestimate your abilities to carry this message of Love and healing to the people you will encounter in the coming months.

Continue to stay in contact with Kathryn, or directly with me, as you are learning to do on your own. I will support you, answer your questions, and provide you with further information as it is needed.  

I wanted to tell you all what a bright light you created as you gathered around to listen to my words. It touches me deeply to see you drawing close to each other, and shining so brightly that the angels and Masters wept with joy. You are curious, and your curiosity leads you to search for Truth. I commend you for that. You are fearless in your natures and full of Love in your hearts.

Do the work you have chosen in the coming months with joy, and others will gather with you. You will attract many who question and search as you have. Work in groups to support each other, and take pleasure in each others’ company as you go forth to share your historic message with those you meet. 

Kathryn has dedicated herself to be of service during this important time of change. She is tireless, and takes great joy in sharing what she learns. Do not hesitate to draw on her wisdom and her Love. She has learned to channel our Love and our excitement because she accepts our gifts of love and encouragement. You saw her Light as she read my message to Wayne. She will have similar messages for you as you proceed on your important paths after this week of restoration and learning.

Go with joy, my children. We thank you for your service and appreciate the courage with which you expand and grow, regardless of the opinions of those around you who doubt.  

I love you one and all.

Your Father, Yahweh. I Am That I Am."

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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