Part 16, A Message to the Wayne Dyer Group and Kathryn's Readers

October 9, 2012

"Today is the beginning of a new era. You will be seeing changes in your world, coming at a faster and faster pace. In the part of the world where you are, foment is occurring because of the economic troubles. Powerful financiers have a stranglehold on the smaller countries of the world, squeezing them by loaning great amounts, then enforcing what they call “austerity measures.” These measures are always designed to deprive the people of lifesaving services, while moving rivers of money from taxes from their citizens to pay the bankers who planned for this stranglehold many years ago.  

These policies of loan, wait, then turn the screws has been a worldwide policy designed to take control of the countries of the world, one at a time. At the same time, the world markets have been linked, so that when one country fails, all the others are pulled down. These are clever, creative men - they are mostly men, with the full support of their families and wives - who are playing a game of international intrigue, operating behind the scenes to shift the center of power from elected governments to the shadow organization which some have called the “Illuminati.”  

It may appear on the surface as if they are succeeding brilliantly. One after another, countries have fallen prey to their manipulations. However, at the same time, my legions of angels and Ascended Masters have established a system of Lightworkers, more clever and knowledgeable, more shadowy and hidden, but dedicated to the greater good of my children on Planet Earth. They have begun with the most important interventions: dismantling your dreadfully dangerous war machines and nuclear devices of all kinds. We have simple means by which we are able to dismantle their mechanisms, making them useless. It has been our decision at this time to intervene in these ways on your dear planet because we do not wish to see a repeat of the dreadful disasters which occurred in Atlantis.

Ashtar, our Supreme Commander of the Galactic Federation of Light, has been here with you for many years, working behind the scenes to establish contact with the bright lights of your civilizations. One example is the beloved JFK, who is here with us, still working to bring into being the plans he laid down in his short time as a President of the U.S. Kathryn can refer you to the website where you can read about his recent address to the Lightworkers who gathered to hear him speak.

So you see, my children, you are not alone in this dark time. On the surface, the situation may seem hopeless, but we are not going to allow another world war, which is the plan for finally dividing, arming, and depleting every nation to the point where they all become beggar states, under the thumb of those who would glory in their ability to bring even the prosperous and industrious countries to their knees.

We have had to proceed carefully and respectfully in order to preserve your individual free will. It is my covenant with you, that you each have free choice in your lives, to live in Light, maintaining your deep connection to your Mother and me, or to go your own way, following the path into darkness and love of power, control and destruction, whether it be the destruction of the entire planet, or the destruction of your own bodies and hearts.

In the coming months, you will be given the opportunity to raise your vibrational level to a previously unknown level of joy and excitement. You are learning now to meld the ability to experience the Fifth and higher dimensions which you experience in your dream state with the feelings you have in waking hours.

Some of you are learning to maintain your constant connection with us as you go through your days; in fact it is the reason many of our children are pursuing higher levels of consciousness by gathering with their dear leaders like our beloved Wayne Dyer, who teaches and demonstrates the way to immerse yourself in Love, while also remaining within the nourishing circle of our Love and protection. This group of more than 300 souls are growing and expanding in their Love daily, sending a light out into the Multiverse which can be seen as far as distant planets where your brother and sisters celebrate your elevation to higher dimensions. 

You, my dear children, are the bright beacons who will lead the way, to show others how to expand their hearts, to learn forgiveness and joy, leaving behind the emotional residue of your early lives to ascend in the clear light of the Flame of your pure hearts - the Blue Flame of Mary, the mother who you celebrated yesterday, the Pink Flame of your own balance and purity, and the Golden Flame of Yahweh, which I now give to you.

Install these burning lights which we give to each of you. Take them into the center of your hearts, deep within you to carry our Love, our constant presence, and our eternal faith in your ability to Ascend with us. These bright flames which represent the essence of what you call God - the essence of your Universal Mother and Father - will guide and support you, giving you strength and encouragement as you return to your own lives in far-flung places around the globe. Know that you are not alone. Ask for love and support from your fellow travelers, and feel the eternal flame burning within you. 

Ask this channel, Kathryn, to teach you the Visual Centering technique which will help you to stay balanced and steady within the channel of Light which connects you to us and to your beloved Mother Gaia, the one you call Mother Earth. She will help you to remain connected to her, to keep your anchoring cord from your soul centers to her Heart. With this deep connection, you will rise with your worthy Planet, firmly and lovingly supported, into the arms of your soul partners, your Masters, and with us, your loving creators and parents.   

Your language does not allow us to fully express the limitless love we feel for you, but your hearts can feel it. Open your hearts, my dear children, to experience the flow of unconditional Love which we send to you every moment of every day of your eternal lives.  

Go in peace, with the unending Flame of our love,

Your Yahweh, I Am That I Am."

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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