Part 15, A Joyful Proclamation

October 7, 2012

"We will now begin the Countdown to Ascension. We can now say with sufficient certainty to be able to proclaim it: Yes, Dec. 21, 2012, and the days surrounding it, will be a glorious revolutionary moment on Planet Earth. For those of you who have been preparing yourselves by clearing away old childhood fears, resentments and self-doubt, to reach a higher level of consciousness that allows for unconditional love and a life of service to others it will be a transcendent moment, a quantum leap.

You have reached a number which will indeed allow for the Transition of all Transitions. You will be able to accompany our dear planet on her rise to higher dimensions. You see, until today we could not predict with any certainty whether or not the accumulated power of your rising consciousness would be sufficient to create the needed “lift-off” energy to fulfill the promise of Ascension. This moment has been predicted for thousands of years, by the Mayans, the Egyptians, and many others, passed down in stone and story. It is true, my Children. We are going to move together to a Divine place, a world of Love, Inspiration and Joy. 

Those among you who are willing to believe in this prophecy enough to raise your vibration and open your hearts and minds to be helped during your sleeping hours have already created enough of a force to create the Vision as it will manifest for all of you. Your beloved Gaia, your Planet Earth, will reinvent herself, as you would say, by lifting herself into the 5th dimension. This has been inevitable, an event we knew would occur. It is only recently that it became clear that there would be enough of you to support and sustain the Vision of beauty, Love and Joy in such a way that it will come into being. Those of you who are reading this message are literally among the “movers and shakers” who have helped to create this dream and to carry it through, into physical form.

You will feel waves of unconditional Love flowing across the land, waking up the ones who have doubted and feared an Apocalypse rather than a glorious Ascension. It is possible for them to create an alternative reality which will take on the form of a place of endless war and conflict, desperation and want. You will each create for yourselves the version of existence you envision. Your dreams will indeed come true.

If it is chaos and conflict you foresee for yourself, you will be granted your wish, but we now know with certainty that it will not be lived out on the real and vital planet you are used to. She, Gaia of the great Heart, will Ascend, in her vibrant and glorious Light, to a dimension which will be visible only to those who remain with her. 

Those who are left behind of their own free will, will find themselves on a planet which resembles Earth only in the most superficial way - size, speed of rotation, general geography and topography as they knew it, but without the tremendous healing energy of Mother Gaia. There, destruction and toxic invasion of the body of the planet will remain as they create it, Dark feelings of greed and hatred will resonate unmitigated, and fear will find no healing comfort from the great Spirit of Gaia herself. She will be with her Lightworkers and joyful Children of Love, the Children of our Hearts, celebrating a new civilization in which everyone can thrive. 

You will learn new abilities like teleportation, manifesting your creative thoughts instantly, and other delightful pursuits, the likes of which you have only imagined in your wildest dreams. No dream of creation will be impossible to manifest, as long as it is in harmony with the vibration of love, compassion, forgiveness - the higher vibrations which create elements for the greater good, and for the glory of your Divine Selves, your true identities as a part of the enormous web of God-consciousness.

Words do not allow us to describe our joy, or to create a picture of your future which will even begin to explain how triumphant, how glorious, and yes, how much fun your new adventure will be. This is where your Faith comes in. It will carry you through the uncertainty and reluctance you might feel. Do not fear. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by accompanying Us, your adoring Parents, Friends, Guides and Angels on this Transition path. We will guide you, sustain and support you. 

You will need to lift yourselves to the vibration of your finest selves, your peak feelings of loving energy in order to match the dimensional vibration - the energy of the 5th dimension - so that you can move with us through the portal into the new life we have imagined for you for these long eons.

As the time for your glorious Transition approaches, we will encourage you through these messages, through information and especially through your powers of intuitive reception. Your dreams will teach you, the people around you will teach you by nudging you in one direction or another. Follow your Hearts, dear Children. We will be here to greet you, and you will see us and hear us with newly attuned senses. Do not turn back. Be fearless, and encourage your friends, your neighbors, your parents and your children to join us. You will not be swept away into some unfamiliar surroundings. No! You will remain with an even more beautiful Earth, cleaner and purer. She is already healing rapidly. She will be ready when you achieve higher dimensional thinking/feeling. 

Continue your healthy practices, be of service to others, and open your hearts to the offerings of Love all around you. Go about your lives with kindness and compassion. This will carry you naturally to the place of openness and joy. This is all you will need. No other preparations are necessary.

We will continue to send you messages which will give you more concrete images, in line with the creation of All That Is - the combined energies of all the Higher Consciousness of the Universe as your individual and shared dreams are brought to fulfillment.

Go in peace, live in Love,

Your eternal Yahweh, God, Jehovah, Allah, Shiva, Buddha, Jesus, the I AM Presence, etc., as you have known me. Or you can call me Sam. It matters not what you name us. We recognize your prayers and your dreams, regardless of your language or your past religious practices. Only your Love and your Faith matter to us. We love you one and all."

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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