Part 14, An Awesome Request. I Can't Refuse

October 2, 2012

"It is 5 am, and I have asked Kathryn to wake up to take another message from me to pass on to the world. She has not refused. In these past months, when we have called on her to carry our messages to the people who read this blog, she has never refused, even though it often means she must change her schedule, or miss out on sleep. 

We wish to acknowledge our appreciation for her selfless service, which brings no advantage to her - in fact she has risked her reputation and her credibility as a scientist to take this dramatic turn in her life to become a spiritual channel.

It has been decided by the Council of Love, the group of us who are stewards of the Ascension of Planet Earth, to ask Kathryn this night to accept the designation as The Voice of Yahweh. There are other dedicated channels who have become The Voice for other spiritual leaders, but I have not until now named an official representative to carry my messages to the world.

It is my wish, and I hope she will accept my request, that she become my official Voice on Planet Earth. (I suspect that she will accept because I feel the tears in her eyes as she listens to my offer. She understands both the special recognition and the responsibility she is being asked to take on.)

Will you accept this special designation, my dear Daughter?”

Yes, of course I will. My heart is filled with love because of the wonderful relationship we have had. You are here with me every moment of every day, lovingly encouraging me, and sometimes poking and prodding me into action, even when it causes me discomfort. You are relentless, and unconditionally loving at the same time. I love that, beyond words. Like the best Life Coach anyone could imagine, You inspire and encourage me to be the best I can be. I will continue to serve, in any capacity you ask me to. I am honored to be entrusted with this awesome challenge. Thank you, I accept wholeheartedly.

“Wonderful. Now, Child, I ask that you tell this good news to your readers, and to explain to them that, yes, I am the One they have called God, but I am the Voice of male energy in our partnership of Spirit. Mother God, the One you know as having been Mary, and Fatima, and other holy entities in her lifetimes on Earth, just as I experienced life on Earth as Jesus, Mohammed and others, is the Voice of feminine energy for your planet. Yes, there is One God, and it is Us. We are both a part of every one of you, and you are the Children of our Hearts.

These concepts have been difficult for you to understand in your 3-dimensional lifeform, but when you come to us after each lifetime, you know us well. This is what we all have to look forward to once we accomplish the Ascension together.

Now, Child, sleep, and prepare to tell your community of Lighworkers that you have agreed to speak my words to the world as my chosen envoy. Words are not sufficient to express our love and gratitude to you, and to your compatriots on this Path of Light. Go in love.


Your Eternal Father, Yahweh."

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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