Part 12, A Message for the Women on The Ship (and the men)

September 29, 2012

This is a message to the group of women who gather with Kathryn on the ship.  Your discussions range widely, and explore important life-expanding possibilities for service to others, and one of your favorite topics, sexual expression in your fast-changing world.

My dear daughters, I send you my love and support.  I am delighted to see you bonding together to discover new truths and find pleasure in each others’ company.

I have arranged some earring tricks for you in the past few days to confirm for you that I am here with you, and that I do in fact have the ability to help you manifest your dreams.  Be expansive and daring as you wish;  I will support you.  Be as loving as you can be; I applaud you.  You are strong and independent women, all.  Use your independence to reassure you that you are not bound by the expectations and opinions of others.  Do not use that independence to draw away from me, or turn your backs on my guides and angels who come to help you.

I encourage Kathryn to share the experiences she has with me, which she has done in part.  Much more is available to you. Let her explain to you my love of orgasms - (I speak frankly to you because you are wise and experienced women).  I have given my children the ability to experience this wondrous, elevating sensation of love, not to restrict and withhold, but to enjoy and share, in love and intimacy, in fondness and in expansiveness.  It is a tender and life-affirming opportunity to fulfill that exciting and wondrous sharing, and I put no restrictions on who or when or where those delights should be experienced.  I see the light which is produced when my children find pleasure in each other’s bodies - it is the expression of love which I encourage.  

It is a blessing and a strengthening, solidifying effect when a couple share this experience within a marriage - an opportunity which I feel is shared entirely too infrequently.  It is also a blessing when two happy and free individuals who might otherwise be alone can find an oasis in each other’s arms, however briefly that loving encounter might last.  I do not condemn those who share a loving moment, or a loving lifetime.  It is the same to us.  

Do not judge or condemn when you hear stories of pleasure and sharing.  It is my intention that you learn to open your hearts and find love wherever and whenever it presents itself to you.  It is my gift to you in human form.  It helps to expand the soul and comfort the sore spirit.  Of course, this gift is not to be flaunted or used to hurt another.  That would be unkind and selfish, but do not judge others who find it possible to love expansively and truly, even if that love is fleeting by your standards of time.  We do not experience time in our dimension.  We only know love.  

Remember:  Any offering of love, whether it be to yourselves in your private moments, or to another who offers himself or herself to you without pride or rancor or conditions, all are love, and all are blessings in our eyes.  We understand this is a difficult concept for you to apply in your lives, especially since your cultures have found ways throughout the eons to restrict and condemn sexual practices which are not rigidly controlled and approved by the authorities who wish to control you in your every expression.  You see that in your present leader-hopefuls, who try to expand the restrictions on who can express sexuality and who is allowed to have children or not as a result.  

My children throughout the ages have always found creative ways to manage their sexual drives to accommodate the needs of limiting reproduction to a sensible level while allowing them to revel in the pleasures of sexual expression.  I applaud that highly.  We encourage child-bearing when the child is given the opportunity to experience a safe and happy family life, but we do not wish to restrict human sexual expression to those functions only.  From our point of view, this is an absurd and unnecessary restraint on human creativity.  

We also applaud when we see individuals or cultures find ways to accept the sexuality and acknowledge the adult status of all its members, regardless of their social or marital status.  We value temperance and exuberance in equal measure.  It is possible to find a balance which allows for expansiveness as well as trust and fulfillment of a sacred bond.

The bonds of marriage are sacred, as you have felt and experienced yourselves, but I do not wish for any of my children to remain in oppressive or hurtful relationships, or to be judged harshly when they decide to search beyond the restraints of an unfulfilling partnership to find companionship and renewed inspiration.  It is unfortunate, and sometimes tragic when a couple or a family is shattered by infidelity, however, it often gives us the opportunity to offer the partners more suitable experiences for their own soul growth.  

A limiting and uninspired partnership such as all of you have experienced can be the most suffocating and soul-stunting of life experiences.  Do not condemn those who break free to explore life in different ways. Those adventurous souls break the bonds of oppression and boredom for all those around them, even while it may cause temporary disruption or unhappiness.  We celebrate as we watch you evolve, experiment and grow beyond the restraints of your restrictive cultural ideas.

I would wish to address each of you separately, but Kathryn must sleep as well as share.  I will communicate further with you when time allows.

Go in peace, children.  Be free of judgment, fear and above all, do not imagine that you have experienced the limits of what is possible for you.  Continue to search, and to ask for pleasures beyond your wildness imaginings.  All is available to you when you free your hearts and your minds to be open to the myriad of possibilities for expressing your love.  

When I send my expressions of love to you, it is without measure, without limit, without time.  Do the same with each other.  Do not fear freedom.  It is my gift to you.

I love you, my daughters.

Your Father, Yahweh.  I Am That I Am."

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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