Part 11, A Good Explanation of Ascension

September 29, 2012

"There is more we can tell you about Ascension.  

You have been trying to explain it to others. It’s difficult, of course, to describe the 5th dimension and beyond when you’re in 3D, but we’ll try to help.

Picture a dark, starry night (like last night when you saw millions of stars, and they seemed so close to you). Now imagine a space ship made of light that can move between the stars and planets effortlessly. Each of those worlds is a unique entity, just as each human being on Planet Earth is unique - a special entity, separate and yet as connected to each other as the stars and planets are to each other. The star families - you call them galaxies - are like your human families, connected to one another by the kind of gravity that is their feeling for one another. 

Each planet and star is a conscious being, just as you are. The Universe itself is consciousness - a great web of inter-connected consciousness of which you and all your fellow humans are a part. The little dog on your lap and the fly on your window are also an integral part of the Universal Web.

The threads which connect your individual consciousnesses to each other is not visible to your 3Dimensional eyes, but it exists, nevertheless. Those among you who are considered “psychic” are simply the ones who have an open channel to pick up the information flowing across the Universal internet. Some pick up local information, like those who speak to the souls of loved ones who have remained within the Earth atmosphere, as the Long Island Medium does. 

There are others, like you, Kathryn, who have opened a long-distance connection to your Mother and Me, Ashtar and others, so that you can communicate with any of us on a 24/7 basis. We appreciate your volunteering to act as channels to help others prepare themselves for the coming Ascension, without asking for fame or fortune for yourselves.

Now, back to the information we promised. Picture your dear Mother Gaia, who has labored so unselfishly for millions of years to provide for all the souls who have benefitted from taking their turns as inhabitants of her beautiful planet-body. She is also a consciousness, connected to all other stars and planets, which have their own energetic grid, much like the one that connects all human beings. 

Mother Gaia, because of her heroic efforts to support difficult and destructive civilizations since the beginning of the Atlantean era, has elevated herself as a bright star, so to speak, among planets. Her necessary effort to heal wounds inflicted upon her by nuclear explosions, deep well drilling, and now the barbaric invasion you call “fracking” has caused her such extreme distress that she has asked to be freed of her terrible burden in order to ascend to a brighter place, a higher dimension, without inhabitants who will misuse her good will.

It would have been natural for her, given the pain she has suffered, to shake off the troublesome human inhabitants the way a dog shakes water off its back, and we would have understood it if she had, but she has an enormous heart and great love for her human Earth children. She feels the efforts of some of you to try to help her healing process - those of you who actively send your loving energy down through the layers of her soil and rock, directly to her heart. 

She recognizes your footsteps on her body, and she loves you dearly. She did not wish to cause pain and destruction to you, in the form of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and storms, which would have been the only way she could have stopped the destruction on her own. Instead, she called to us, in her pain, to help her find a way to allow her to ascend to a higher plane of existence, while inviting those Light beings among you to remain with her, to continue your soul evolution together.  

Beings from all across the Multiverse have volunteered to help in so many ways it is impossible to innumerate them all. Solutions were proposed: Taking up those Light workers into fleets of space ships to be carried to other planets, and other such rescue missions, but we wanted to provide more than just a situation which would cause us to have to pick and choose who and how they could be saved. It is never our intention to reward or punish. We simply provide, and allow our children to decide for themselves of their own free will. 

And so, it was agreed in the Great Councils that we would establish the Council of Love, made up of your mother and me, Yahweh, whom you often refer to collectively as God, St. Germaine and Archangel Gabrielle, our son Jesus, many Ascended Masters, and of course our dear angel Ashtar, the Supreme Commander of the Galactic Federation Fleet. These titles, by the way, are not designed to be ego-builders. They are simply descriptions of the work assignments our helpers have taken on.

So, we have designed a plan which will allow for all of you to exercise your free will, and for Mother Gaia to elevate to the place of glorious light and Joy which she has so brilliantly achieved. She is now, this very day, ascending, little by little to give you all time to adapt, so that by the time she reaches the complete transition to the 5th and 7th dimension, you will be able to make the transition too.

The opportunity for you to ascend is open to each and every inhabitant of Planet Earth. Of course it is only the humans who will question whether this is practical, or profitable, or frightening or convenient to make such a shift. The other Kingdoms - all the creatures and plants - are happily ascending.

You ask for descriptions, Kathryn, what will it look like, what will it feel like for those who ascend and those who don’t? We will try to explain, with your limited language.

Those who consciously choose Ascension, because they have read this and other descriptions of the joyful possibilities which 2012 holds, will experience the uplifting, accelerating sensations of 11/11 and 12/12/12 as a harbinger of the thrilling event to come. Those who are not aware but loving hearts and open minds, as children and many of your indigenous people do, will feel a sense of familiarity and release and will enter the energy flow effortlessly.  

There will be ceremonies for some groups; others will move through the invisible boundary between 3rd and 5th (the 4th has already collapsed into the 3rd and 5th). your science fiction movies sometimes create special effects which make the air seem to ripple and flow like water. This is a symbolic representation of the sensations which will feel momentarily disconcerting, but joyfully exhilarating.

Most of you will remain with your houses and your familiar surrounding - those of you who who have made the transition with Mother Gaia. We cannot predict whether everyone on the planet will agree to transcend, or whether few will ascend in the first wave. The door to Heaven, as some would call it, is already open. Your immediate sensation will be the deep and profound feeling of being swept up in waves of unconditional Love.

You will be greeted by my angels, with their ethereal song, and other beings of Light whose joy at your arrival will be boundless. All the Heavens will rejoice at the momentous event - the Ascension of our brilliant Light children of Planet Earth.

You will be awed by the natural, unspoiled beauty of your Mother Gaia, who will be freed of all destructive invasions, automobiles and airplanes will be unnecessary because you will learn to teleport; food and sleep will become less and less necessary, as you acclimate, and the trivial activities of your lives - all those having to do with money or finance - will vanish. Wars and weapons of all kinds will cease to exist. 

You will continue to inhabit the body you have been accustomed to, although it will become more healthy and strong, healed of al disease or affliction. You will communicate as we do, by shared thought transmission. All activities involving learning, building, artistic creation and governance will be done in cooperation and joy on the New Earth.

For those of you who have volunteered to help the others who have chosen to stay behind, special straining and support will be provided to allow for your transition back to Old Earth, which is likely to be a rather unpleasant place, given its greater concentration of greed, violence and low vibrational atmosphere. Those reluctant or belligerent souls who insist on remaining behind will suffer a disorienting shakeup when they discover that most of the people who had been friendly, loving, kind and helpful have vanished, along with their calming influence and creative energy.

As you can see, those who elevate themselves to make the transition (in time measurement, by around the end of this year) will find themselves in Paradise.
On the other hand, there may be those, we fear, who will refuse to be convinced to leave behind what they know, no matter how wonderful the alternative.

These souls will make their decision out of fear. Some will fear, because of their perverse religious teachings, that I am waiting in the wings to punish them for their destructive acts. Others will fear leaving behind their positions of power because they cannot trust their fellow humans not to take revenge on them as soon as they let down their guard, by giving up their weapons, whether their weapons be money or guns.

We are aware that in spite of the outpouring of love which we have planned for all of you, there will be those whose hearts are so closed that they can no longer feel love, or forgiveness, or compassion, and they cannot imagine others feeling it either. We have made provisions for them to remain on something that will feel to them (because they are very unobservant and lacking in sensitivity) as their Earth. Because they lack the ability or inclination to make deep emotional connections, they will care less about the loss of their family and friends than they do about their power or money. They will no doubt find it familiar to struggle and compete for the dwindling resources, as they have done in the past.

It will be difficult on this old Earth to sustain life in the way they have become used to, because many of the farmers, who have been close to the Earth and are likely to stay with New Earth in her ascension, will have disappeared. It will become imperative for the lingerers to try to force production of all kinds. 

Many of these now-powerful people and their Wannabe counterparts have been imprinted by their parents and their cultures to view life as a series of master-slave relationships. They may try to implement those old forms of life in the “new” era, which they will see as opportunity because of the chaos which will result from the fall of many organizations which made life convenient and comfortable in the past. But this will not be the greatest deficit. 

This old Earth will be an empty shell, because the soul of Gaia will not remain there. Like the sleazy promoters who offer their followers everything and anything in order to win their votes in this current election in the U.S., the planet will be an empty shell - a replica of the living, breathing Mother who nourished and supported all without their recognition or gratitude. Her energy and her heart will be with her new creation, the lovely Blue Planet of Love.

These organizations we speak of which will not be sustained on Old Earth include the non-profit groups who have provided food and shelter for the poor, the animal shelters, and the arts organizations which have supported music, theatre and dance, and museums and centers of culture across the globe. The community-minded people who have run and supported these life-enhancing activities will be flourishing on the New Gaia. 

Other organizations which will fail are those whose reason for being was completely selfish, like financial institutions which siphon off money from the workers to support the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Without much of the willing workforce to feed them, the idle rich people, who have had great power in recent times, will lose their base of support. Perhaps those who will lose everything slowly, as the order and controls disintegrate around them, will awaken to the fact that their empty lives in pursuit of money and power have not been worth clinging to after all. 

It is our hope that their will be a Second Wave of souls who will ask to join us of their own free will, when they realize they do have the free will to make their circumstances better. We will welcome them with open arms, without recrimination, whenever they decide to ascend. No one will be turned away, once they find it in their hearts to experience unconditional love and joy.  

Here is the dilemma: It may become very uncomfortable for those who remain behind. It will be tempting for them to plead for mercy or demand what they feel entitled to, without making the shift in their own hearts and minds. It will require an intensive reeducation for them to make the real change to a life of compassion and kindness. It is very fortunate for them that we have skilled and compassionate Lightworkers who are already preparing themselves, and who have already written the books and taught the lessons which will inspire and motivate. 

These Lightworkers will have the ability to descend to the 3D level to work with the recalcitrant souls to help bring them along with us on this greatest of all soul journeys. Many of you reading this are familiar with these dedicated souls who have worked tirelessly to present my message of unconditional love and forgiveness, like the book we wrote with your channel, Kathryn, to provide a manual for growing into Ascension. Explore this book. Read it thoroughly and well, and share it with everyone you can. It will prepare you for the transition ahead in a way that most other books cannot do as completely.

Kathryn is reluctant to present this message which “promotes” her book. She is not aware that we have given the same message to other channels to help get the word out that there is no time to waste, and there are tools available to help. We encourage people to use this book because of our own long years of involvement in its creation, which began many years ago with her own training and education, and the enlightenment of her mentor and teacher. So, you see, we have been preparing our dear Lightworkers for this event for lifetimes. They are our representatives - our boots on the ground, as they call themselves - and we are grateful for their dedication and courage to speak out when their message may be seen as weird or strange to those around them.

Listen to my words, my children. Awaken, open your hearts. It is time for all of you to take the High Road to a glorious place - life on New Earth, with your dear Mother Gaia. We will then become visible to you, those of us who have been preparing the way for this monumental event for eons. Your lights will mingle with ours in the glorious celebration of Love which we have planned for you. Prepare, Dear Ones, by learning to feel lighthearted, loving and joyful. Cultivate that energy state as a full-time way of experiencing life. 

It is your birthright as human beings to be filled with joy, for that is the essence you were made from, the essence of your Universal Mother Mary and me, your Father, Yahweh. You were created from love, with love. It is now time for you to exercise your free will to become like us, unconditionally loving, forgiving and above all, kind. Within weeks, it will become second nature to you, and by the approaching Winter Solstice, you will be fully developed beings of Light, beacons shining for all the Universe to see.

We will be with you. Lean on us. Ask for the angels who surround you to help you sustain your loving feelings, no matter what circumstances come your way. Do not allow yourselves to descend into fear or doubt. Instead, lead the way. Be an inspiration for your family and acquaintances and neighbors. Carry our message, and live in our love, from now on. You will have no regrets.

Your eternal Father, Yahweh"

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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