Part 3, Ascension Preparations

August 26, 2012 

I have been given an important channeled message to share with all of you. 

I was awakened in the middle of the night, again with the usual pain in my toe, and wrote down what I heard. I have sent it in its entirety here. Please read carefully - the words are chosen with care to explain clearly what is to come.  

It began:

“I have something to tell you.

There will be an important event in 2012. Soon.

The heavens will open to welcome all Earth beings (humans and creatures of all kinds). Some have called it Ascension. It will be an opportunity for all the people of Earth to elevate to a higher plane of consciousness.

This does not mean death, or the transition to other dimensions that your kind has experienced in the past at the moment of leaving their Earth bodies and rejoining me.

This will be a transition which will involve moving through the veil of time and space to a higher dimension. It will not take place in an instant or an hour. It will be more gradual than that, to give everyone time to make the choice to ascend of their own free will. It will be a joyful event, with whole families, or even whole communities making the transition together.

I am asking you to begin preparing your friends, neighbors and especially your clients and people who read your website articles, for this event. You may post this letter I am dictating to you, and others I will give you in the coming weeks.

I am that I am.  I am the one you have known as God, Jehovah, Allah, Yahweh.

It is my wish that every soul on planet Earth be included in the ascension.

I understand that there will be those who are frightened or reluctant to make any shift to something that is unknown to them, but if they refuse, they will miss the historic galactic moment - the opportunity to join all their own kind in a momentous transition to a higher level of experience.

You will remain in your bodies but you will experience an exhilaration and lightness of the sort few of you have ever experienced before. You, Kathryn, have practiced with me and the spirit friends I have created for you. You have traveled with me across the Universe and felt the lightness and exhilaration and wonder of seeing the heavens as I do. You will be able to prepare people for their experience of Ascension.

When the time comes, I will be there with you, with all the Earth beings, and with the one you call Mother Earth herself. All willing beings will move gently: There will be no thunder or lightening, no End of the World chaos and destruction as your movies have portrayed. Parts of your material world will make the transition with you - those objects and creations which have been created in Light will move with you to the higher plane.

You want examples, Kathryn. Your book, which I encouraged - no, commissioned you to write - and others I have had a hand in creating, and yes, those structures which bring pleasure and spiritual substance to people will remain in some form. Your gardens and forests, rivers and oceans will continue to exist to sustain your bodies, which will continue to need some of the nutrition you currently need, although there will be major changes there.

The dark elements of your culture and your lives will be left behind. The levels of material greed and selfishness will become more and more difficult to sustain and will drop away as you elevate together toward a more loving experience of being together without the artificial differences you have previously imposed on yourselves and each other.

Wealth as you have previously known it will cease to exist, although commerce and trade will continue, it will exist for the greater good, not for the profit of the few as you have seen more and more in recent years in America and in the other so-called developing countries. Money and other financial currencies as you have known them will no longer exist.

I am doing this now to spare you the apocalypse you have designed into your economic and environmental systems. As many of you have known, your so-called progress has poisoned your planet to the point where she can no longer continue to struggle alone against your destructive tendencies to expand, consume and overpopulate, and to poison your air, water and food with monstrously abnormal substances, which you all ingest against my will and my original plan for your healthy existence on Earth.

I am especially concerned about the tendency of those in power in recent years who try to impose their misconceived religious views and prejudices, which they attribute to me. I especially decry the tendency to require young women to marry against their will or to have children whom they are not prepared or ready to raise. It has caused me to have to encourage willing souls to join with those developing fetuses, when the period of gestation nears completion, to sacrifice themselves to lives as unwanted or traumatized children. 

It is not my wish that any woman or man be forced to raise a child. It is a sacred endeavor, intended to be accepted with an open heart and a loving family’s support, not with dread or resentment. I care for all souls, here with me and there on Earth, and it is not my way to force painful duties of parenting upon my dear children when they are not ready or willing to do so. 

It is also not my way to disapprove of or discourage any sexual activity or orientation which is intended to bring pleasure and joy to the participants. It is my gift to you, this pleasure of the body, which I bestow freely, to men and women alike, without conditions. I wish for you to enjoy these gifts without guilt or judgment.

You are not alone in the Multiverse. At this time, beings of similar species (human, and similar beings), have gathered around your planet to help me and to aid you in every way they can. There are visible in the skies from time to time many ships of varying sizes, bringing many beings who wish to take part in this Earth ascension, which will have a rippling effect throughout the galaxies and many planets and Universes beyond your current technology to detect. This will be a unique event in the history of the Multiverse, unlike any before it.

I do not wish to discuss what provisions have been made for those reluctant souls who may choose not to ascend with us. It is my hope that all will choose to transition in the spirit of love and Light to join the new community in which all souls will take their rightful places in love and light, a shared community of equal and free beings.

This will require no thought or preparation for the other species of flora and fauna of your planet. They are well prepared because of their natures to follow me into a new level of existence. It will be as breathing for them, and for those of you who have lived lives in love and service to others.

You have a sweet child’s song which stirs the heart deeply when children sing it: “Jesus wants me for a sunbeam, to shine for him each day...” Yes, Jesus was my representation on your planet, as were many others over the centuries, including Buddha, Mohammed, many of your prophets and saints, and also many unknown to you at this time. All have brought my message of love. Be aware: There is no difference between them, no one religion which teaches my word in a way that is true to my intentions. 

I have tried to teach you unconditional love. That is my way. I do not wish to judge or punish, as you do with each other. That is not my way.

I come in peace, as do my legions of angels, (who, by the way, are very skillful at handling their fleets of space ships). There will be many beings here on Earth in the coming weeks and months to help you make the transition, leaving behind many of the ways you have become accustomed to as you move to a higher vibrational level.

Do not cling, with anxiety and fear, to what you have known. Especially do not cling to what you have accumulated in piles of what you call wealth. It is meaningless. Only those beings and elements which contain the essence and the vibration of love will ascend. You will need nothing more.

Be prepared to be free of the troublesome elements of your cultures which have fostered hatred and divisiveness. These will drop away and become useless. Open your hearts and minds to accept my gifts. Look to your own essence - your sacred life force - to guide you.

We are all connected. We are one, in love. Turn to your neighbors, your friends, and especially to the children. Show them by example that you are made of the spirit of light - my essence - and that you are ready and joyful and willing to move, hand in hand, heart joined to heart, to a higher level of existence. I will become more visible to you, as I already have to many.

You are my own. I love you one and all. In your transition you will come closer to me. I embrace you, as I do all the souls who will elevate from their present state to a higher level - those who are there on Earth with you, and those in other dimensions and levels of growth. All will ascend, moving closer to a joining - a great expansion of love.

I do not wish to scandalize you with my analogy, but I believe it is something you will grasp most easily: I have given you the ability to experience what you call orgasms within the experience of love. That elevation of the senses and joy of the body has prepared you for the coming event, which i have thought of in amused moments as a Cosmic Orgasm. Prepare with a light heart to experience the wonderful expansion of love which is to come.

I will send you my messages of love through this channel and others as seems helpful or necessary.

Go in peace, live in love. 

I am that I am. Je suis que je suis.”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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