Part 81: The Great Consciousness Web, Our Communications Network

"Tonight let's talk about what Oneness really means, since we have already discussed what it isn't. When we say that we are all One, as we said, it does not mean we are all the same. It is a much more complex and interesting phenomenon than that. We should really have a better word to capture the whole picture - the dynamic that makes up the Oneness, for it is a dynamic rather than a thing we speak of.

"Many of you have heard of the concept of morphogenic fields. In your current era, Rupert Sheldrake has discussed the actions and interactions which take place within what he has called the morphogenic field, including how dogs communicate telepathically with their owners, and how even machines are affected by the thought processes of those who interact with them. The field, which has been called by many different names, is the invisible but substantial ether, the medium which carries communication throughout the Universe. We spoke yesterday about the speed of thought; the morphogenic field is the transmission medium through which thought (especially thoughts which originate in the heart) can travel at hundreds of times the speed of light. The field itself can take on the "feel" of the thoughts which are passing through it, as when you walk into a room and feel a particular "vibe" which you can identify by its emotional content.

"Within the great field - think of it as the ocean in which all the planets and stars swim - is the potential for all the beings of every form, down to the smallest insect or grain of sand, can communicate with one another. And communicate they do! Fortunately, the communication is wireless, because the connections and interconnections are vastly intricate and constantly changing. So, you see, the field is an electrically charged medium of mass communication similar to but far more powerful than your internet. You are probably familiar with the concept of six degrees of separation. The theory goes that any one person on the planet could theoretically know any other person through a chain of introductions that includes only five other people. An interesting theory, but really far off the mark. We are trying to show you that every person, animal, plant and stone is connected with every other, directly. Zero degrees of separation.

"This interconnectedness means that every person on Earth is directly connected through the web of electrical energy to every other person. Now include all the beings residing in the Spirit world, and all the beings living on distant planets, and the interconnections increase exponentially. So, you see, the opportunities for communication are infinite, and omni-present. At any moment, you can connect psychically with another being anywhere in the Universe by simply thinking about them, and they can do the same. In addition, since we are all connected by the grid at all times, the grid as a whole is affected by the feelings and sensations of every member. This is why you were able to raise the level of energy on the planet from 3D to 4D in the past month.

"There are local fields of interconnectedness within the whole as well, like the "vibe" you feel when your partner walks into the room, or the connection you feel with someone close to you which alerts you when they are in trouble. Parents have always had this psychic connection with their children - it is a normal thread of protection which allowed parents to "track" their children long before there were cell phones. In fact, the present use of electronic devices to replace the psychic connection has meant that people no longer develop the precious ability to communicate psychically, as civilizations long ago did as a matter of course. This, of course, is our means of communication in all the higher dimensions, and will begin to blossom for all of you now that you are in the 4th dimension.

"This is what we are referring to when we say the Veil has lifted. The atmosphere within the local grid of Planet Earth is lighter, less dense, and therefore more conducive to fluid and fast interconnectedness. It will feel as if your transmitters and receivers have more power. This means that everyone will begin to communicate with each other and with us in the Spirit world as a matter of course. You only need to tune your attention, and you will begin to hear the whispers of your constant companion, your Greater Soul, who has been there with you always, next to you, around you, transmitting messages of encouragement, warning if there is danger, and always the constant flow of Unconditional Love from the higher dimensions.

"Perhaps you have not heard your Guide in the past, or thought you didn't, but everyone has moments of "intuition" when a hunch or a premonition causes you to stop in your tracks and change course. Many people have reported experiencing an eerie feeling of dread just before an incident which might have been deadly if they had not paid attention to the inner voice warning them to stop, or turn around, or pause for a moment.

"You are used to hearing people say they knew when a loved one passed, even before they got the phone call, and yet you persist in doubting there is such a phenomenon, because you can't see the wireless connection between you. You do not doubt that your cell phone will carry the voice transmission across the miles. How do you think those messages travel? Through the field, of course. Inventors and engineers are able to replicate the great web in electronic form because the blueprint for it is embedded in your DNA from birth and beyond. You come here in a human body fully capable of "reading" your environment psychically; children are very good at it, before they are strongly discouraged from using those abilities. Less science-bound cultures on the planet have preserved these talents throughout the ages. In that regard, the isolated tribes in the forests and mountains of every continent have maintained higher level abilities than their counterparts in "developed" countries.

"There are numerous examples of groups of people who have been treated with disdain because of their "weird" practices involving psychic abilities, like the gypsies of Central Europe, the Maori of New Zealand, and the Australian aborigines, and many Native American tribes, to name a few. These reclusive groups have maintained their abilities to communicate with the spirits of their ancestors and to Us as a matter of course, and have developed ceremonies and daily practices to honor those connections. It has been a matter of concern and sadness for Us to see the tendency in the Western World to disdain these practices, even while the membership in religious organizations increased. Ironically, it has often been the Church which has persecuted and punished those who demonstrated "occult" powers. The reason for this fear of "witches" has of course been exactly what you are experiencing at this moment: the transmission of information which challenges the foundations of much of the religious dogma that passes for "God's Word" or "God's Law" when it was really just rules and threats made up to control and frighten people into submission.

"We are delighted now to be able to debunk, as you might call it, the worst of those teachings. You have probably noticed that throughout these messages we have interspersed comments about who we really are and how the world really operates behind the Veil. We are giving you information which will set you free of the fear-inspiring religious teachings that have cause so much guilt and misery over the ages, and yet you continue to read these passages in secret, not telling your friends and family members about your feelings of relief and recognition when you come upon one of our teachings which would begin to loosen the grip of organized oppression. How ironic it is that so many of you have unconsciously joined forces with, or at least continue to bear homage to the very oppressors who have controlled the minds of humanity for millennia.

"Fortunately, with the massive Shift of vibration on Gaia, there has also been an awakening which will allow many more people to accept the explanations and information flowing now from Us to you through the many channels who are speaking the Truth, bringing you different facets of the same good news you read here. Do not be fooled into accepting the proclamations and predictions of those who herald disaster in the form of revenge from On High, or interplanetary mayhem which is predicted to descend on you out of the blue. No, these things are not now a part of your timeline. You have averted the extreme natural disasters which would have resulted if you had not been able to ascend with your Mother Gaia, since she would have had to save herself from the pervasive Darkness and cruelty which had pushed her to the limits of her ability to survive. Your Lightworkers have worked hard to protect her and to preserve and strengthen the web of interconnectivity which will make life easier for all of you now. It is that hard work which should now be recognized and celebrated. Those who worked to protect "the environment" and those who dedicated their lives in service to their fellow humans have created this New Gaia, and they did it with the help of so many others who lived their lives in Love, without ever proclaiming themselves as saviors or activists.

"You dear Children who are reading these messages are among those who literally lifted the planet out of Darkness by your Faith and your dedication to living a life guided by Love rather than fear, community and cooperation rather than greed. We honor you all, our Dear Ones. We also look forward to the time when every one of you becomes a "channeler" of Truth. You are growing in self-awareness and confidence in what your inner voice tells you. Follow those intuitions which come to you through the web of consciousness we all participate in. This is what we mean when we tell you we are here for you. We are ready to communicate with you always. The transmission lines are open - you only need to tune your attention to receive our broadcasts of Love, reassurance and joy.

"We love you eternally,

"Together with your Guides on the Consciousness Web, ready to serve you, I Am Your Yahweh"

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 14, 2012, 3 am, New York

Part 80: Who We Are and How We Can Help You

"Yes, My Dear Ones, it is a glorious time to be alive, whether you reside on Planet Earth or elsewhere. All the beings in the Universes are reverberating with the positive energy flow emanating from Gaia and her inhabitants. All beings are souls, of course, and all souls are on individual and shared paths of Ascension. When one of you makes a leap, it is like watching your team win the Olympics. The only difference is that no matter which team is reaching a new level in their growth, it is your team, because we are all One, even as we are all unique entities. It is a paradox for those who think 3-dimensionally, because it is impossible in 3D to imagine something which is separate and together at the same time, but it is not only possible; it is the way of the World.

"There is a New Age misconception which says that we are All One, meaning there is no differentiation between us. This is not true. We are not all merged into an enormous all-encompassing blob which allows for no uniqueness, no individuality, no generativity. By this I mean the ability to create, generate and carry out original actions, original thoughts. Of course, as you climb the ladder to the highest vibrational levels, certain differences tend to drop away, like the tendency to experience the Self as male or female, or the tendency to see the differences between us rather than the similarities.

"The Oneness of which we speak - the understanding that you all are God - is a difficult one for many to grasp. One's mind tends to go to ideas about "God" meaning all-powerful, which you do not feel, at least not if you are mentally balanced. This is not what it means. What it does mean is that you each have qualities, strengths and virtues which are the qualities We express toward you, like compassion, empathy, kindness and Love, and that you also are capable of creating, destroying (in the sense of doing away with, leaving behind), evolving, growing, and ascending. These are all the qualities We appreciate in Ourselves. You have learned that God is perfection, but it is not the kind of all-finished, absolutely static, unable-to-be-improved-upon concept you think of as perfection. Our perfection is the same as yours, except that we embody (not literally, of course) all the qualities at once, while you experience them in varying shades and variations in your many lives, as you work your way toward developing all of them in finer form as you move into higher vibrational levels. In that way, you become more and more God-like, you might say, as you evolve.

"It may surprise you to learn that we, Mother/Father God are constantly evolving and changing, as is everything in the Universe. Nothing remains exactly the same, and as we told you in the Creation Story, we learned about the process and developed our creative skills over eons, in the time before time. We continue that process, just as you and all beings do, but we have learned great patience and restraint. We have learned to let the forces we set in motion millions of years ago to play out, and of course we do not see things in the linear way that you do, and so we see infinite possibilities just waiting to become fulfilled.

"So, our preference is to support our Children by sending the energies of Love and Light. This is our contribution to your growth, this and working to increase the energies you have already put out to the world in your process of envisioning and dreaming the fulfillment of your passions. You see, the Universal Law of Flow is really a description of the way we and our teams of Masters, Guides and Angels - the Legions of Light as we call them - do our work of throwing our weight behind the projects of our human Lightworkers. By Lightworkers we mean anyone who is in the midst of a moment or a project or a lifetime of effort in the service of others. The more energy a person dedicates to selflessly serving others, the more Light they generate and transmit outward, like a beacon that can be seen across the great firmament. And so it is clear to us who will be needing some extra energy coming their way, because those around them may not always be as cooperative as they could be because of lingering fear or other impediments. We do not intervene, as we have said, unless specifically asked to do so, unless it is for the greater good, and it helps to manifest the thing that has already been set in motion by our human co-creators.

"As you can see, We are offering you an inside view of the way we really operate here in the higher dimensions. These revelations would not be news to you if you were here on the other side of the Veil with us, but they will contradict much of what you have thought you knew, or what someone else thought they knew about who we are and what we do. As the energies shift and more of you realize you can now feel the truths in what you read here, the base of knowledge will gradually shift toward the more loving and celebratory form of spirituality which is being taught by many of the increasingly recognized and respected channelers and teachers of the New Way.

"In offering you this new material, along with the book we wrote with Kathryn, we wish to give you a strong and clear foundation in Truth, relayed to you in the most direct and understandable terms. There is much to learn about the fascinating subjects of physics, sacred geometry, esoteric ancient practices and the dynamics of space/time, to name a few of the popular pursuits of knowledge in your culture. We appreciate your insatiable curiosity and encourage you to pursue any of the mysteries which fascinate you, but our purpose here is not to cover all the possible knowledge bases, but to give you a basic understanding of the intimate feeling-based structure of the world of Spirit. Here we speak to your hearts and your souls, which we know have been hungry for clear and simple explanations about well, yes, your old saw - what is the meaning of life?

"We have hoped that as you read these passages, you will learn not so much from the particular words or explanations but from the tone and the underlying meaning behind our words. It is our intention to teach who We are, and by extension who You are in the deepest, truest part of yourselves. In the process, we hope you have been learning to trust your intuition, and to appreciate the fact that you have a soul just waiting to make indestructible contact with you, thereby completing the connection to Us. Once in place, this firm connection to your own heart and soul will give you a base from which you will become discerning and wise about many things, including how to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. After all, this is what everyone wants, is it not?

"We have seen how persistently you search for gurus, teachers who can teach you Truth, who can tell you what is real and what is not, for you have long suspected that what you have been taught is not right or true, but you had little or no confirmation for the things you really felt. Now we ask you to search inward, not into the depths of your brain, but into the deepest part of your heart, where you remember the things you knew before you came to this life, where you knew the experience of Unconditional Love, and where you lived in Light - glorious, nurturing, limitless Love and Light. Here, it is so different from your 3-dimensional experience that your brain cannot conceive it, but your soul knows, and your heart carries the sensations and memories of Home. It is the source of the feelings many of you have of being alone, different and out of place, uncomfortable in your skin and unable to comprehend the Darkness you see around you, and which you even see in yourselves at times.

"These feelings are not evidence of insanity or that you are a displaced alien, or that you were adopted. They are memories of the happy place you came from before you ventured into this difficult life on Gaia. Do not dismiss these feelings, but instead embrace them, savor them as the evidence that there is indeed such a paradise just waiting for you when you return from this precious opportunity to learn and expand in Love and Creativity. You are studying abroad, you see. You have had to learn the language and cultural habits of your new environment, but you are not in it alone. Everyone else is enrolled in the study program as well. So, you and your fellow students are flying blind, you might say, without the structure of a program to guide you. You have only your hearts to keep you steady on your course, and the whispers of your Greater Soul and Guides to nudge you when you go astray.

"It is a difficult assignment, this Gaia lifetime, but one you entered into with relish and high hopes. Do not allow the obstacles and painful disappointments to cause you to lose heart. Pick yourself up, brush yourself off and go. Just around the corner is the person or the opportunity you have been looking for. Life can change in a moment, and not only for the worse, as you have tended to expect. The new era of the 4th dimension means that you have come closer to us, more open to the gifts we have in store for you, and more open to reaching out to us for comfort and solace, yes, but also for the gifts you have thought of as serendipity or coincidence. Accept our help, Dear Ones, and we will gladly fuel your good works with Light energy, lifting you up when you think you have come to the end of our resources. Just ask. We have waited an eternity for our dear children to awaken and open their presents - the ones we have left under every tree, behind every chimney, and within your own hearts and minds and bodies.

"Be at peace, Dear Ones, and allow the excitement of the New Day flow through you, as it does through us. We love you one and all,

"Mother/Father God, the one you know as Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Buddha, Shiva, and Sue."

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 13, 2012, 12 am, New York

Part 79: New Gaia Brings New Life Through the Universal Law of Flow

"Here we are, at the beginning of a new year, a new age, a new beginning for Gaia and all her children. All the Kingdoms of Earth are beginning the new age together, expanding in their capacities to experience Love and Light. This includes the animals as well as people, as you have seen by the many videos being circulated which depict unusual relationships between species. This is not just because everyone has a camera now. It is a genuine shift into feelings of Love and Gratitude, especially for those who have shown kindness. Animals have the capacity for these feelings, and their expansion is bringing forth more vivid expressions of those feelings toward each other, and toward those beings who have brought compassion and Love into their lives. You see, their DNA is changing too. It is only fitting that a planet inhabited by Lightworkers and angels in human form be populated with animals of similar nature.

"Those of you who are living consciously within the embrace of the Universal Law of Flow have already experienced amazingly serendipitous events - encounters with the person who appears to answer a pressing question, or someone who offers the very assistance you needed to accomplish something dear to your heart. These are not accidental or coincidental events. They are the natural result of a confluence of energies coming together for a common good. This is the new and powerful Shift we have told you about, and as more of you become accustomed to operating within the higher levels of energy, the strength of these attractions will increase. This is the phenomenon you have traditionally thought of as your prayers being answered. Of course prayers are an important part of the Law of Flow, but they are not the major source of this serendipity. You are. It is your own intention, the outflow of feelings of Love and Light creating the vortex around you which leads to the inpouring of like energies.

"As one evolves into higher and higher dimensions, it becomes increasingly apparent how thoughts, actions and feelings are directly connected to events around you. You are not separate from your environment, the small being who is being buffeted about by forces outside yourself. Not at all. Now, we must explain so that you don't then take this statement to mean that you are at fault for all bad things that happen in your presence.

"We have already explained the process by which you plan the outline of your life before you come to Earth. That outline contains the probability that you will encounter any number of difficult challenges, as will the people around you. Every lifetime can be expected to carry with it the possibility of "bad things" happening. These are the preplanned (though not predetermined in the strict sense) events which are placed in your path to help you grow and learn as a soul. They are (we repeat) not designed to make you suffer. They are opportunities for growth. People who approach their challenges with this philosophy always find their burdens lighter and more manageable than those who experience themselves as victims, because they experience themselves inside the Law of Flow, knowing that good energies are swirling all around them, and help for their problem is just around the bend.

"Imagine yourself as a moderately strong swimmer, cast into the water when the railing of your Caribbean cruise ship gives way. Alone and unnoticed, you suddenly find yourself in the warm water, several miles from land, which is visible in the distance. The water is calm, it is early morning, and your calls for help have gone unnoticed. What do you feel? What do you think? What do you do? Let us contrast - the difference between an experienced spiritual Earth traveler with strong connections to their own heart, soul and Spirit Guides on one hand, and the person whose 3D duality-thinking leads them to think in terms of good and bad, right and wrong, punishment and reward.

"Here might be some of the thoughts of the 3D person:

"I'm a goner. Help! It's too far. I'm alone, I'm going to die. There are probably sharks just waiting to eat me. How could they have allowed this to happen to me? Maybe they will see I'm missing and send a rescue boat. I'm terrified; I can't breathe; I'm going to drown. If I live through this I'm going to sue them for all they're worth. How could God do this to me?"

"The spiritual seeker would be inclined to think something like this:

"Yikes, this is a problem. I haven't ever swum this far, but then, I never needed to...They don't see me. I'd better get my shoes off and start swimming. I can float, so no matter how long it takes me, I can just take it easy and save my energy. I can do this. I have a lot to live for. Archangel Michael, could you please come along with me here and help protect me while I swim for shore? St. Augustine, could you talk with the creatures to give me safe passage? Mother/Father God, please breathe the breath of life into me to give me strength. It's a lovely morning, not too much sun yet. Someone will see the broken rail. I'll send a message to my friend Joe on the boat to look for me. Here I go."

"Who do you think was rescued first? Who made it home without a scratch? Would it be deemed a miracle if Joe suddenly got the urge to look for his friend? If he was mysteriously drawn to the broken railing and sounded the alarm? If the swimmer was accompanied by a school of dolphins squeaking and calling? If a small cloud shielded the sun so that the swimmer did not suffer sunburn? If the sailor with binoculars on the bridge was drawn to a whale breaching and spotted the swimmer?

"Nothing is impossible, My Children. When your heart is open to the miracles around you, life becomes a thrilling and magical adventure. Even in the worst devastation of war or natural disasters, people fall in love, children are born, and as the song goes, a flower grows. You always have the choice, to concentrate on the disaster or seek Love, to sink into depression, or put your shoulder to the wheel and push through to a brighter future, and to notice the flower beside the path.

"As you take hold in your 4th dimensional energy field, be aware that you can continue to rise, like a leaf on the wind, toward the Light and Love that is your destiny. You are not limited by the energy around you; it is only your springboard to higher dimensions. Do as daring souls have always done, and keep moving, keep growing, keep reaching out to others to give them a hand, and you will be lifted along with them. You are my birds on the wing, my leaping gazelles, my valiant tigers, and my gentle children of Light. You possess all that you need to live courageously, create brilliantly, and transcend the Dark memories of life on Old Gaia.

"Take the golden flame that is my gift to you; hold it high in triumph, and lead the procession to higher elevations still. There is no limit to the glorious successes you can envision and bring into being. Think big, as they say, and then think bigger.

"We are here to add the spice and the comforts to your days; We love you beyond words,

"Your Yahweh and all the Beings of Light"

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 11, 2013, 11 pm

Part 78: Healing Our Traumatic History

"When you look up at the stars on a night like we've had recently, you can see stars you did not know existed before, when the haze of lights or cloud cover created a film over the sky. You don't realize how crowded the sky looks with twinkling stars and glowing planets until there is a crystal clear night with just a sliver of a moon for proportion. Those moments, which may happen only a few times in a lifetime for some of you who live in urban areas, give you a sense of the enormity of the Universe you can see, and a sense of wonder about the parts you cannot see. We assure you, the parts you cannot see, even with your enormous telescopes and orbiting cameras, are far more vast than you could conjure in even your wildest dreams. If we were to write the numbers of lightyears you would have to travel to even begin to penetrate the farthest reaches of space, you would fill the entire page with zeros, and yet, there is something much faster than the speed of light. It is the speed of thought.

"No space ship is needed to carry a thought wave across the entire Universe, and no resistance to its passage. All that is needed is the intention to make the connection between two conscious beings, and it is done. This is how we are able to send these thoughts to Kathryn, and to you at the same time if you are listening carefully, across thousands of lightyears so that she can type them down on her computer with hardly a pause. This is how you communicate with the people close to you, whether you believe it or not. Especially children have a gift for psychic connections, which they have not yet learned to stifle or deny at the risk of sounding "weird." And now we are suggesting, as we did last night, to conduct your life and make business decisions based on the perspective of messages like this one. Please understand: we are not suggesting that you take our Word as Law. That would be establishing yet another religion, which is what we are trying to release you from here. We are suggesting that you open your minds and hearts to a Universe of information, understanding and wisdom to which you have never had access before.

"We are encouraging you to open your minds and hearts to the stars and planets around you because this is a very important time in your relationship with the Universe. Your young Mother Gaia is coming into her own, so to speak, by elevating herself to levels beyond 3D, while the rest of the community of stars and planets look on with interest and good will. Many of them see her as their little sister, and the beings they support see you as younger brothers and sisters. In the story we called The Creation Story, we mentioned that your forebears began life on a planet far away and long ago. So you see, you are among the youngest of the tribes we have nourished and nurtured, although you are seen as the scrappiest and most ambitious Creators, and are admired for your resilience and originality.

"Each race of beings, each planet or star system is a bit different in their DNA configurations, making even the other humanoid races a bit different from you. As we mentioned before, your ancestors from the Pileides, Sirius and other star systems contributed to your genetic makeup, but you are not exactly the same as them. You are unique, my Dear Children, unique in your emotional depth, your ability to make strong and lasting connections, and your adaptability to changing environments. We love you for your efforts to develop these qualities, which are, as your Holy Books say, in our own image. Of course we love all our Creations, but we do not love all equally. We love all completely, unconditionally, and with all our hearts, but each one is different and unique, so we love you all for your differences, just as you love your children or your dearest friends or your parents differently. You are each precious to us, each of you created to fulfill a special path, play a unique part, bring a new Vision into the mix, because each of you has traveled a path of learning that is different from every other. Of the billions of Earth inhabitants, not one has exactly the same blood type, the same physical features or the same life experience as any other.

"We tell you these things at this particular time in your development because today, this week, this new year is a time for healing the deepest wound of all, the one so many of you suffer from since infancy - the feeling that you are not worthy, not good enough, not lovable, not deserving. Millions of children, as they make the passage from birth to adulthood, establish as their foundation the gnawing conviction that they are unworthy, and this leads to a life of doubt, unhappiness, frustration and fear. As a civilization, you are plagued by depression, anxiety, and all the forms of mental illness which flourish in this toxic climate of pain and self-doubt. These feelings must be healed, Dear Ones, before you can elevate to higher dimensions and happier times. This time, we wish for you to work to eliminate those underlying triggers for the fight-or-flight response before you return to Us to heal in the life-after-life. No more will our Earth Children need to limp through a painful, angry life until the time when they can return to us to be restored and made whole again, only to repeat the traumatic process.

"Those were 3-Dimensional feelings, generated and sustained by the planet in a heavy, dark atmosphere. It provided a powerfully effective learning ground for your soul growth over the millennia; however, most of you have used this proving ground to hone your skills over enough lifetimes to have accrued repeated injuries, which have taken a toll on your souls. There is a saying, "If it doesn't kill you it will make you stronger." We generally do agree with that, but we are seeing that it is now time for you to graduate to a higher form of learning requiring sensitivity, compassion and Love, not only courage, stamina and resourcefulness. You are entering into a New Era, and with it, your life challenges will change in accordance with the needs of the new Golden Age. In the past, business and commerce were the considered of highest value to the cultures. In the coming era, art, music, poetry, and dance will not just entertain; they will inspire and teach the values of creativity, expansiveness and compassion.

"We encourage you to choose from the burgeoning number of healing modalities which are becoming available to you to heal from the traumas the childhood. It is inevitable that the only way to truly heal from emotionally inflicted pain is to involve oneself with another person who allows the true antidote: a relationship with someone who is considerate, gentle and kind as well as skillful in the art of healing the heart and mind. These are not medical issues. Do not be fooled by your body's recent symptoms which may have sent you to bed with inexplicable fatigue or aches and pains. Those were simply the symptoms of an emotional residue of pain which is trying to escape your body. Look for the underlying feeling: "I am not good enough."

"How will I recover, you ask? By replacing the dark shadows of doubt with the Unconditional Love and Light we send you every moment of every day. Trade in despair for fire, sadness and anger for peace of mind. Our next messages will contain exercises to release the pain and replace it with Love. Until then, we continue to shower you with Unconditional Love.

"We are Your Yahweh, Your Angels and Your Guides"

Via Kathryn May, Jan 11, 2 am

Part 77: Exciting Revelations About Coming Changes

"Our channeling partner has asked that we create a message to be presented to the Sedona Journal, one of the superior publications for messages from higher dimensions. We are honored to create such a message, because it would very well serve our needs to be represented in a publication of such high quality. We will present material which has not appeared elsewhere, since that will be the most interesting material for Ms. Swanson and her crew. Here is our message:

"It is time now for us to tell you something about the world situation as it applies to the war machine - that is, the military power which has been stored in hundreds of secret bunkers and storage facilities, mostly underground. We include here nuclear weapons, canisters of poisonous gasses, bombs, and the hardware used to launch such weapons. It is our great pleasure to announce to you that all the weapons of mass destruction which existed in the world have been disabled. All of them.

"No longer do children have to learn how to duck under desks or run for air raid shelters because massive mushroom-shaped clouds may appear in their cities. There will be no nuclear war, no massive gassing of citizens, no radiation sickness as a result of exploded weapons. This does not mean all weapons have been disabled. You still have your challenges when it comes to automatic weapons and smaller explosive devices, but you will not see massive death at the press of a button. We have been able to do this with the help of Intergalactic forces who have used their advanced technologies to detect and disable hidden weaponry across the globe. They have also had "boots on the ground" - volunteers from other planets who have incarnated here in order to infiltrate the highest levels of the military in several of the more advanced (in terms of weaponry) nations.

"We can tell you now that there were hundreds of thousands of these deadly weapons, most of them in the hands of "peaceful" nations, but there were also some being developed in countries like North Korea and Pakistan. Contrary to the paranoid expectations of U.S. pentagon operatives and conservative political hysteria-mongers, Iran was not approaching completion of a nuclear weapon, nor were Iranian scientists eager to develop such a weapon. The era of fear has ended. No country, no mad general, no power-crazed dictator can ever again threaten the entire planet. The Cold War, which really continued until this month, will never again be able to spread its clammy hands over the populace of entire continents, and the lucrative business of advanced weaponry has been effectively discontinued.

"It will eventually be revealed in detail in the mainstream media that your President, the much-maligned Mr. Obama, has been a leader in these efforts to assure world peace. It has been a delicate ground game leading up to the final denouement. There was a period during which some weapons were still in the hands of those of little integrity. It required diplomacy and some intelligent negotiating to stave off disaster, especially in the Middle East, while the underground work was being completed.

"This is not the end of advancing technology, however. Your Star Brothers and Sisters wish to share their knowledge with you, to allow you to live in a pollution-free, prosperous environment in which clean air and water will be the rule, rather than a long-ago memory. The age of drinking water in plastic bottles is coming to an end, because of the damage to the environment, and because they will not be needed. Landfills and the Great Atlantic and Pacific Garbage Patch will be cleaned up and will also become a thing of the past.

"First, let me tell you about the simple and wonderful improvements which have long been available but were not able to be developed because of interference from profit oriented global interests. Clean fuel, free electricity, and the technology to clean up toxic spills which have poisoned hundreds of miles of ocean are already known and waiting for manufacture and distribution. Within a few short years, free or nearly free energy will be available to every village, every family, school, hospital and home on the planet.

"We have been working behind the scenes with several groups of good and generous souls, whose personal safety would be jeopardized if we were to announce their names at this moment. There is still some work to be done to dismantle the organizations of Dark Hats who would order assassinations of all concerned if they thought they could get away with it. Fortunately, they are not so secure in their arrogant expectations of protection from their wealthiest and most powerful friends. The global Mafia is feeling the screws tighten; the lock on any inventions which challenge fossil fuel use has been broken, and the middle class will get its respite by seeing their fuel bills disappear, and with it, the high cost of other commodities as well. We - our human and spirit beings in cooperation, have only to make the final preparations to insure that the technology will be given will go to all the people, not to a few investors or shareholders, but to the world at large. No one should make a financial killing by mining Gaia's natural resources, which belong to every man, woman and child. The plunder must not be allowed to continue, and it will not.

"We have asked our channel, Kathryn, to work with those who will be developing the new technologies in an advisory capacity, to ensure that the engineers develop the most efficient and cost-effective designs, and that we have full contact with the leaders who will develop the manufacturing and distribution of the technologies which will free the people of the world from the iron grip of profit-hungry organizations. Old business practices which involved borrowing from banks and large investors who would then own the product and its producers will no longer continue. Advertising will be unnecessary, since word of mouth and internet sites like this one will reach millions of people who will want to take part in the shared work of distributing and installing new energy sources in their own local centers and around the world through informal channels where governments are slow to let go of their grip on the sources of wealth that have kept them in power.

"We have no objection to seeing people live comfortably, even luxuriously, but not at the cost of leaving others homeless and hungry. There is enormous untapped wealth, which will soon be flowing to every town and village to make abject poverty and hunger a thing of the past, so the biggest changes will not be made by taking away from those who are wealthy, unless they are involved in criminal or usury activities. (We include here those activities which poison the food, air and water supply.)

"Now let's say something that will really make your ears perk up. We have a plan, or rather St. Germain and his crew of financial master-minds have a plan, which was put in place many years ago, but which is only now being activated. Some of the details have been discussed on the A & A Report, by our dear Tara and Rama, our hardworking investigators. You can read their findings on their website. We will elaborate on their information here.

"There is a trust fund, you might call it, which was created when St. Germain walked the earth in his recent incarnations - that is, the past few centuries. He established an enormous treasure trove of real wealth, gold, precious stones, and cleverly designed financial instruments which would accrue in value, and put them in the care of a few highly evolved families who have secretly guarded these treasures for the time that they would be distributed to the entire planet, for the good of everyone alive today. It could only be released after the Ascension, to assure that it could be distributed fairly in an atmosphere of higher vibrational energy. The first of those funds will be begin to be processed and distributed THIS WEEK.

"The first aid will go to efficiently run non-profit organizations which deliver basic health and maternity care in poor areas of the world, and to offer the technologies to make massive changes in agricultural practices and housing in the poorest areas. You will be amazed at the clever practices and designs that are possible. The funds will be carefully managed to prevent any of the usual graft which has accompanied government-run aid programs in the past. It will also be administered with the sole purpose of bringing the greatest good to the greatest number of people. No poor farmer will be displaced by international corporations or political overlords, and environmental restoration and healing of natural habitats will be a primary focus.

"In many areas of the world, local experts are already in place who only lacked funds to bring their ambitious dreams of peace and prosperity into being. All improvements will be made under the watch of the shaman, or other reliable channelers who have been tested over the past years for the quality of selflessness in their work. These resources are more readily available in less scientifically-based cultures. You see, these will all be co-created projects, shared by incarnated humans and Spirit Beings in constant collaboration. In what might seem like an odd couple pairing to Western minds, we will match the highest level technology experts with the local spiritual leaders to accomplish these ends. This will be the new business model for the New Age. Individuals will receive their generous bequests later.

"You will see increasing numbers of court cases in which greed will be punished with large fines to be paid to victims, and to the long overdue clean-up of Gaia. Those funds will also be helpful in rebalancing global wealth and the use of her resources.

"You see, balance is the goal. Rebalancing the use of resources and reclaiming the wealth which results is not a radical political idea. It is Our Way, the only fair way to protect Gaia and to assure a life of prosperity and happiness for every single being on the New Planet Earth.

"We will bring you updates on a daily basis as these exciting developments unfold. Stay tuned, and encourage your friends who might be taken in by the media discussions about guns and mayhem. The new era has dawned, and nothing will be as it was.

"We send our love and encouragement. Please join us in our glorious work,

"Yahweh and the Legions of Light who will serve the highest good in these coming times."

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 10, 2013, 12 am

Part 76: Pictures to Put on Your Refrigerator

"Tonight's message: Keep up the good work. Things are speeding up to such a degree for Lightworkers that you will see things manifesting practically from one moment to the next. The higher your vibrational level, the faster things will unfold for you. Life changes will arrive and come to fruition at lightening speed, compared to last year, or even last month. It will feel like you are riding in a fast train, and the scenery is racing by so fast you can barely focus on it before it has moved on.

"Once you are accustomed to this fast pace, you will be delighted by it, for you are the impatient ones who pushed forward this shift into the 4th dimension. The settings are something like this: For all of you, the slowest manifestations will occur at lower 4th dimensional vibrational speeds, which is dramatically faster than 3D. For those of you who operate at higher vibrational speeds in your own energy field, it will happen even faster. This is one of the inherent rewards of elevating your vibrational energy - you don't have to wait for things to play out. In fact, those of you who have objected to the fast pace of life in recent years will see that it was preparation for life in the New Age. The difference will be that you will be doing things that are meaningful and fulfilling, rather than things that make you feel frazzled and unsatisfied.

"Gradually, more of you will be finding more satisfying work environments, because there will be greater acknowledgment of the need for satisfying, creative work for all. Secondly, there will be a leveling of the pay scale to provide for those who work hard but do not manage a massive stock portfolio or hedge fund. Pay for work will become more equitably distributed, with greater recognition for the time dedicated to work, regardless of the skill level, or whether there is money management involved (the exorbitantly over-paid sector). Workers who dedicate themselves to jobs benefitting the greater good, which have been notoriously under-paid, will begin to be appreciated for the valuable contributors they actually are. Already the public is beginning to look at teachers differently, since the brave educators of Sandy Hook displayed valor befitting Medal of Honor recipients, when they shielded the children in their care with their bodies, at the expense of their own lives. Parents of those children will never see their educators in the same light, after such evidence of selfless love and caring.

"Relationships will also take on a new meaning. Marriages of convenience or economic advantage will fall apart, freeing the imprisoned partners to find genuine soul connections. It will become not a romantic fantasy, but an everyday reality for soul partners to find deep and lasting heart connections which begin with putting their energies into service for others. Worthy projects like hurricane clean-up, neighborhood rehabilitation and building, like Habitat for Humanity and other community-based organizations, will become the new dating sites for young people in search of meaningful life experiences. Long hours in the gym to sculpt one's appearance will evolve into challenging and heart-filling community service, which will take on a celebratory atmosphere as more and more young people join in the group projects which bring everyone, of every age and skill level, into the embrace of a loving community. The hubbub of laughter and fun will draw even the most reclusive, shy teenager out of the shadows and into the action. No one will suffer alone in their room or fantasize about killing their neighbors or fellow-students when those people are the source of Unconditional Love and belonging rather than torment, rejection and bullying.

"We are not describing an impossible dream. It is a reality, just a heart-beat away on the timeline adjacent to where you are now. It is one of the options that has been envisioned by large numbers of you, and one which could manifest very quickly if enough of you turn your attention to making it a reality. Goodness spreads, as you have seen in recent "good news" news reports - a fairly new feature in the mainstream media. Just as copycat murderers have been known to proliferate after a horrific highly-publicized event, acts of good will are freely contagious, and gain much more traction, because Light is always more powerful than Darkness. Alongside the acts of violence and greed you hear about every day is a rolling tide of goodwill, capturing the imaginations of every-widening circles of individuals and groups. It is a quantum leap to raise the vibration from 4th to 5th dimensional reality, but you did it during the Winter Solstice. You could do it again for the Summer Solstice. Proceed, Dear Ones, as if December 21st were Gaia's birthday, a joyful event to be celebrated every year, or every season, with offerings of gifts of friendship and service to your fellow humans.

"The entire Universe celebrates with you when you feel joy. Part of the new global awakening will be a sense of almost unwitting acknowledgment of the Oneness of life on New Gaia. There are no separate races, but only the human race in all its magnificent variety. There is also no such thing as two separate and unequal genders. You have already seen this in the outpouring of compassion and concern from around the world when two young women were the targets of vicious attacks - one shot for her activism for women's education, and one raped and killed just because the perpetrators knew they could get away with such barbaric acts because of co-conspirators in law enforcement. These have not been the only such horrific acts against women, but they vividly illustrated the primitive conditions still oppressing more than half the population of enormous areas of the globe. Even women in "developed" countries have not been spared the psychological trauma of having been made to feel less in every way than their male counterparts. The women's movement which began more than a century ago will gain enough high-vibrational energy to create a world in which both men and women will feel comfortably equal in value and equally treasured for who they are as individuals.

"We give you this encouragement and this Vision so that you can put the snapshot you see in your mind as you read these words on your minds-eye refrigerator, in full view for you to remind yourselves of your deep connection to the lives of others around you, and what a powerful influence you can have on their happiness. Yes, you are your Brother's Keeper, but this does not mean you have to let your brother sleep on your couch rather than working. It does mean you are responsible for creating the environment in which all can thrive. Remember that perennial favorite fable, Dickens' Christmas Carol. It required only a shift in Scrooge's consciousness and a bit of change from his bulging pockets to rewrite the lives of an entire family, and for his trouble he gained a sense of belonging and a future filled with love. You, My Children, can have even more wide-reaching positive effects because most of you are starting from a much higher level than Scrooge. So, as you are fond of saying, "Go for it!"

"Until tomorrow, we send you Unconditional Love,

"Your Yahweh"

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 7, 2012, 9 pm

Part 75: The New Spirituality, as Compared to Religion

"This is a good day for Light. The awakening continues across the planet, spurred by increasing numbers of Lightworkers like you, Dear Readers. Those of you who read these messages every day (and I know there are growing numbers of you) are beginning to feel comfortable with sharing your hopeful feelings about the future with others, and telling them about what we discuss here. Send them here too, Dear Ones, so that I may connect personally with more of you. We are working hard to make contact with as many of you as possible, and this new era has given us this new medium of the internet with which to come closer to you. We appreciate this, because it removes the "middle man," the priest or pope or minister, who have always pretended to be the go-between for "lay people." We do speak through our channel, Kathryn, but she is careful not to impose her own opinions or feelings, and the more you read these messages and do your meditations, the better you will become at contacting us directly. This is the goal, you see, for each and every one of you to feel comfortable opening your channels to speak with us directly. And then, there will be no need for religions as you know them now, where individual humans set themselves up as experts in how We think and behave. We can tell you that a great deal of what passes for "Holy Scripture" is nothing of the kind.

"While we're on this subject, let us give you a few examples of places where the Bible pontificates on topics which are simply made up to reflect the feelings of the writer, not Us. For instance, we do not punish or retaliate against our Children. The system of soul development which is in place is sufficient to allow each soul to progress individually, at their own pace. Punishment doesn't work anyway. It just makes people angry and resentful. We also respect Gaia's independence, and her need to shake the violent invaders off her back from time to time, as she has been ready to do when underground nuclear testing became a popular fad among rich governments. And now, fracking - a diabolical invasion of her mantle - has caused her enormous pain and anguish, but we have not intervened. We do not single-handedly create tsunamis to drown sinners, nor do we cause earthquakes to swallow up fornicators or merry-makers. We gave you sexuality for your pleasure, not to punish you over it, and we love singing and dancing, especially rock and roll. (I am told to put a ;) here - K.)

"In the book we wrote with Kathryn, our beloved Jesus asked to have a single chapter which could debunk the most unfortunate myths about himself and his life. I will not paraphrase the chapter here, but we will mention a few of the most horrific lies. First among them was the lie that Jeshua, as he prefers to call himself, was a celibate monk-like man, and that Magdellan was a prostitute whom he befriended because he felt sorry for her. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our Mary Magdellan was a strong and loving wife, passionately dedicated to teaching the Word as he was. This slander has remained unchallenged for centuries, to our amazement. Only in recent years have scholars begun to search for the truth. As with many other myths, this will eventually be cast aside as fantasy, or a powerful tool for the manipulation of vulnerable minds. It was perpetrated by power-hungry men who deliberately fabricated lies in order to weaken the power of His teachings, and to enslave people with a rule-bound religion which is impossible for normal people to succeed at, but which does create enormous guilt and shame. People who are immersed in guilt and shame are far easier to control. "The second Big Lie was that Jeshua came to Earth to establish a new religion which would worship him, and which would be called Christianity. There was no such intention, to pit the Jews of his heritage against non-Jews. In fact, as you know, Jeshua was a Jew, and was carrying on the traditions of Judaism with the intent of opening it up to more expansive and joyful traditions, bringing the practices back to direct contact with Us, rather than becoming even more rule-bound and rigid. But We will not spoil the story for you; you can read it for yourselves.

"Now, back to how we manage difficult challenges when they arise anywhere in the firmament, and especially on the topic of not resorting to punishment, which it seems we cannot explain too many times, since the concept is so ingrained in your picture of who We are. No matter how many times we describe our respect for your free will status, there are still those who object that our actions are arbitrary and unfair. This misunderstanding may arise from the 3-Dimensional perspective which requires thinking in terms of duality - good or bad, fair or cruel. Just as with your complex societies, we are often confronted with complexities which arise from the destructive actions of an individual or group which presents danger to other souls. We are dedicated to the Protection (Yahweh's traditional role) and Nourishment (Mother God's role) of our beloved Children. Yes, all the beings, even the deranged ones, are our Children, and we will make great efforts to help those injured souls heal and come back to the Fold, but not at the risk of damaging those who are working hard to ascend.

"For this reason, the Ashtar Command is standing as Protection against any negative outside forces which might interfere with Gaia's successful Ascension, for a planet in Ascencion is like a mother giving birth. She must not be interfered with or damaged in any way. We are grateful to Ashtar and his Legions, which number in the millions, but that is a story for another day.

"Now, about evil. There have been times when, in rare cases, a soul may become so deranged and dangerous to others because of a dedication to Darkness that no amount of counseling, Unconditional Love and special attention has succeeded in convincing them not to act outside any contract with other souls, by bringing misery and death as a matter of their own choice. There have been rare occasions where those souls were denied further incarnations, and if they continue to cause havoc around the Universe, they can be "dissolved" back into the infinite matter from which all souls are created. We strongly resist doing this if there is any chance a soul can be saved, and sometimes We wait for many centuries before we decide to take protective action to safeguard the smooth succession of soul work for others. So, you see, we are anything but the angry, punitive male with a white beard who sits on high, meting out punishments and rewards. Well, perhaps we are a bit liberal with our praise and planned festivities to celebrate the triumphs of our Children, but we celebrate all equally lavishly, because all our Creations bring us delight.

"There are circumstances where one of the angels or other Master Teachers may be authorized to intervene in an individual situation which might otherwise end badly for ones who have not yet fulfilled their life path. For instance, there have often been reports of angels sighted around accident sites, like car crashes, where one or two people might have died without helpful intervention. There are also nature spirits who sometimes help out when an animal or even a plant is suffering. These are individual circumstances which are deemed to be out of sync with the soul path of the person or being involved, and it gives our beloved angels great pleasure to rescue a child from a fire, or deflect a bullet when the targeted person did not include such an incident in their life plan. So, you see, it is a complicated and many-faceted organization of which you are a member.

"You have a plan before you come here; one which will best serve your evolution as a soul. You have chosen to come into this life with certain other souls because your plans are in synchrony, or because you have spent lifetimes together in the past and you wish to complete unfinished business. Always, the goal is to elevate along your individual path, and the plan is to devise scenarios which will benefit all involved. Your idea of karma accumulated from one lifetime which needs to be "worked off" in another is not accurate. Each life is a learning experience in its own right, and further lessons along similar lines would only be recommended if it would benefit the soul in question. There are often life plans which include, for instance, one life as a slave master and the next as a slave, but this would be planned as a logical learning experience, not as punishment for having played the role of the slave master. It is common for a soul to request a wide range of experiences to fulfill their need for learning all the difficult lessons on the way to Ascending to the highest levels.

"Our original plan, which we have tweaked over the eons, has always been to allow our children to experience as wide a range of life choices as possible, and they choose for themselves which challenges they wish to take on, with expert guidance from more experienced souls. No one is ever forced to live a life which is beyond their ability to succeed, although souls do occasionally take on a great deal, from the comfort of the higher dimensions where Love and Light reign supreme. They may be counseled against extreme difficulty, but none are ever denied their heart's desire, as long as it is not damaging to another's heart's desire.

"So, Dear Ones, we create and we oversee, but we do not control and manipulate you as you do each other. We are not concerned with power, because we have the power to create, and that is enough. We have concern for each and every one of you, and we follow your progress with great interest and pleasure, especially when you find ways to fulfill your path by being of service in ways which use your talents and gifts most effectively. Remember: the things you are good at are your gifts. Do not take it for granted if the "only" thing you are good at is making friends, or baking, or riding a bicycle. This is a gift which will play an important part in your life path, and which may bring important learning experiences for you and others around you. This is what matters, all that matters - your soul development - not making money, not being famous or winning awards, not building an empire of one kind or another so that you can be the emperor of your own domain. No, it is only the relationships you create with Love, and the contributions to the greater good you make from the bottom of your heart which really matter.

"Accruing knowledge is a valuable pursuit, if you can use that knowledge to help lift the level of vibration around you. So, look to your strengths, my Children, and begin to find ways every day to use those strengths in service to others. You will find your heart expanding along with your mind, and you will feel fulfilled in ways you never dreamed were possible. This is the only religion human beings need: the commitment to one another, and to making the connections to Us, your loving Creators, who will teach you, comfort you, and encourage you to learn the ways of God, which is the ultimate resolution to your Ascension - to join with us in joy and Unity, and we will truly become One.

"I Am That I Am; We Are That We Are; You Are That We Are. Yahweh."

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 7, 2012, 11 pm

Part 74: A Time For Forgiveness

"It is good news We bring today. The forces of Darkness have taken another blow. This time it is in the area of politics. You will soon be hearing news of another scandal; this time it will bring down one of the most powerful and contentious of all obstructionists in the U.S. government. We tell you this with relief for your continued uplifting, but with sadness for those who have dedicated themselves to the conquest of wealth and power over others. We ask you now to prepare yourselves for further shocking revelations, and to be ready with forgiveness for all the diabolical acts you will see revealed in the coming months. We remind you again that it is through the lessons these Dark Ones bring to the populace that you are able to grow in your resolve to carry on in integrity and Faith. By their example, they teach, and by your feelings of revulsion, you are taught to turn away from Darkness and from the people who seed much of the pain, material deprivation and political upheaval on the planet.

"The levels of extreme deprivation you have seen in your brushes with poor neighborhoods in your own country or documentaries of "third world" countries, will cease to be, as quickly as your envisioning and actions can make it happen. You have felt powerless to effect needs of such monumental scale in the past, but the portals have opened, and the winds of change are indeed blowing fiercely across the entire planet. The charity work of past generations which provided a drop of hope, or a grain of rice to millions will now bring real change, as travel to remote places becomes more available and people with love in their hearts are able to find new ways to offer themselves in service, for an hour or a week or a lifetime. They will be seeing with new eyes - the opened third eye which sees every human being as a brother or sister - and there will be greater resources available at every turn.

"Just as you are preparing yourself for forgiveness toward those who created such starvation and want, also prepare yourself for hope. You have an expression, "the tide has turned." Well, it has, and rather than receding, prosperity will increase, but in a completely new form. There will be no room for hoarding to assure one's "security." Rather, security will come from being part of a nurturing, reliable community where no one goes hungry, and no one is alone or isolated. This will require increasing vigilance concerning the way your food is produced (by small farmers who raise their crops and their animals with love), and the way your natural resources are distributed and consumed. Water would be plentiful in areas of current drought if the technologies to minimize waste were used, and if humans again learn to associate the water flowing from the tap with the streams and rivers it originates from, and the needs of the planet to distribute her riches across vast regions as is natural to her own inclinations and tendencies.

"It has long been standard practice for the most powerful cities, states and nations to take what they need and more, regardless of the impact on those whose land, water and energy resources are pillaged. There has been a sense of entitlement - in fact, general agreement - that the one with the biggest stick gets the victor's spoils, whether it be in politics, commercial competition, or social interactions. This philosophy, which celebrates greed and wanton gluttony, has been the source of great sadness for Us, for Gaia who suffered terribly, and for the victims themselves. This wantonness is the legacy of Darkness, brought to Planet Earth by the Dark Hats we have referred to the Orion/reptilian faction. We have watched as they co-opted the hearts, minds and spirits of our Dear Children of Gaia.

"It was our hope that as you came back to us between each life to restore your balance and heal your hearts, that you would one day be able to return to your dear planet as the Warriors for Light you intended to be as you returned for each round in the ring, where you were pummeled and beaten down by the Dark Forces. Our contract with you did not allow us to intervene directly, but we continued to be the team in your corner, cheering you on, throwing the weight of our Love behind your brave project. And now, the power of your convictions and the persistence with which you have pursued justice and fairness has tipped the scale. Every act of kindness, every vision of Light and Love, every expression of compassion has had its effect in increasing the Light and decreasing the Darkness.

"It is now a time for celebration, and also a time of mourning. The Legions of Light are clearly carrying the day, and it will be a time of reckoning for the ones who served as the Dark catalysts for change. Some of them are fallen angels, but some are victims of the cruelty which destroyed their connections to their own hearts and souls. They were "recruited" to be foot-soldiers of Darkness, sometimes for only one lifetime, against the protests of their Greater Souls. Others - and this may seem strange to you from your perspective - were our highest Masters, who came to create havoc on such a grand scale that all the world would rise up against them to create a groundswell of change.

"These valiant souls (Hitler is a recent example) have done Our work at great risk to themselves so that vast changes could be initiated. The Jews, our special emissaries of strength and commitment, were souls who volunteered for the Great Wave of Change which became World War II. We understand that this may be shocking news to you, but we urge you to remember: We do not command or order our Dear Children to take part in events which will be dangerous or deadly. The volunteers who come for these difficult assignments do so because of their own commitment to Light, and to creating a better world for those who come after them. They also come from the higher dimensions, where it is known that Life is eternal, and that enlisting for duty on the Earth plane is a brief opportunity to elevate and grow.

"We tell you these things now to prepare you to forgive, for the ones who may appear to be the worst enemies of Light are not necessarily as Dark as they appear. You see, the Legions of Light are not strangers to Special Ops activity, and have had their own ways of rebalancing the scales. Therefore, do not judge, but simply work to protect your own, and take the necessary steps to constrain the activities of the Dark Ones, but do not turn to revenge or inhumane punishments, for that taints you with the lower vibrations of Darkness. Those who have created evil will be required to return to the fold - the cycle of reviewing their lives and feeling the effects of their destructive actions as they replay every act, every word which caused pain to others. Thus, each soul learns compassion and empathy. We can assure you that the Darkest Ones sometimes become the strongest advocates for peace and justice after a life of evil.

"And so you will now enter a phase of Peace and Reconciliation. How effectively you are able to negotiate these sensitive issues will have great bearing on your progress toward establishing the foundations of the New Golden Age. Great responsibility will fall to your lawmakers, judges, attorneys and especially, your Presidents and Prime Ministers. Choose carefully, My Children, to assure the qualities of steady hands and big hearts in those who will lead you into an arena filled with either hatred and vengeance, or with compassion and Light.

"Breathe, fill your hearts with joy and hope, and go forward together, my Dear Ones. You have begun a brand new phase of evolution in which companionship, kindness and prosperity will reign once more on Planet Earth.

"With love and admiration, we envision your success,

"Your Mother/Father God, speaking as Yahweh, I Am That I Am."

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 6, 11 pm

Part 73: The Work Of Building a New World Begins

"Dear Children, time is passing quickly on your Earth plane. This is not only a personal perspective - it is a reality. Because of the energy shifts happening over that past months, the flow of time was literally compressed, creating a sense of faster movement. You have now passed through ‘the eye of the needle" and are being propelled in the direction of positive change. It will be a time of excitement, exhilaration, and wondrous evolution as you are now working from a higher dimensional level than you were previously. Although the overall consciousness of the planet did not yet rise to the 5th dimensional level, you are on your way.

"Because the original contract you all joined into with Jeshua and your guides, there was an agreement that you would move together - something that has never been done before. Although some of you have indeed moved to the 5th level and beyond, we have asked that all remain for some time further, to help your fellows to raise their level of consciousness as well. Your work as Lightworkers is being felt, Dear Ones, even though you may identify with Sisyphus, pushing his rock up the hill. Your touch is felt every time you come in contact with others, and even when you meditate to raise your own consciousness you are making a contribution. So, do not become impatient with your own progress or the progress of others. We have designed alternatives for everyone, regardless of their level of awakening, so no one will be left without life lessons to help them elevate, as has always been the case.

"We did spur you on with our descriptions of the possible mass Ascension to the 5th dimension, because we could see how close you had come to lifting the entire population to walk through the portals together. In terms of overall success, yours was phenomenal. In the process of working hard to raise the vibrational level on the planet, Lightworkers everywhere raised themselves to new levels, and the people around them were greatly affected by it. For you to have accomplished the shift out of the 3rd dimension and into the 4th was a heroic act of will, and of Love. From the perspective of evolution, think about it! You have evolved to more loving, more spiritually open human beings within the space of a few months. This has given you a base from which to operate which will allow further change in a much accelerated timeframe.

"Now, we wish to encourage you to take up your banner once more, and to renew your commitment to the most remarkable social contract ever created. We know you may have become discouraged by the traumas and bad behavior which have flooded the airwaves in recent weeks: gun violence, seemingly pointless contention in the halls of government, and loud discussions on topics which in and of themselves sound barbaric, like whether women should be protected from rape or not, and under what circumstances. It does reprise the Middle Ages, but there is good to come of such idiocy. It is awakening those individuals who were so complacent they did not notice the Ascension process even when it blasted over them, because the discussions have reached such a level of ignorance and meanness that even those who had been inclined toward self-protection and isolation are becoming outraged. This will take some time to be felt, but the effect on more and more citizens in all parts of the world is reaching a groundswell.

"As Americans, you are not used to watching other countries closely, but things are happening quickly elsewhere too. For instance, Portugal's President has strongly challenged the banking system which has a strangle-hold on most of Europe's countries who have been forced to borrow from the cabal. The systems of economics and banking have become so secretive and protected from scrutiny that it is difficult to see that there is much more to the story than the fact that deficits are created by spending too much on social programs. This is not the problem. Countries all over the globe have been entrapped into taking part in the usury of the IMF and the World Bank, and once seduced, the noose tightens.

"We will soon see global resistance to the "austerity measures" imposed by the bankers who know well how they will cause suffering and hardship to the people, but turn the screws to maintain their power. This power has put them in charge of most of the wealth of the planet, except for a small portion controlled in Asia. The tsunami in Japan was partly man-made, an attempt to bring Japan to her knees, and to cause her to be forced to borrow and thereby be enslaved. So far, Japan and China have mostly resisted the siren song which has entrapped the rest of the world, but the money-manufacturers continue to try. You will see continued upheaval in the markets, which will affect mostly those whose goal it is to hoard money. Others who have deep connections with their communities, their neighbors and families will ride out the shifts together, finding creative ways to help each other as the world economies shift along with the global consciousness.

"Now, back to your personal development. Continuing your efforts to elevate yourselves and those around you will contribute to the swift and positive resolution of the global upheavals. The shifts are necessary and inevitable; the timing and smoothing out of the effects will be up to you. You have seen that prayer - especially group meditations - have a powerful effect on the planet's vibrational levels. In fact, this whole Ascension process began in earnest with the uplift following the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, the first organized mass meditation to heal and bring peace to the planet. So, you see, it has been a mere 25 years since we saw the real possibility that mankind might reach Ascension by the end of 2012. And so it is. You have lifted yourselves and your planet to a place from which much greater change is now possible. You will now need to cultivate the ability to continue working toward it as you did when you had a deadline, without becoming discouraged or impatient. It was a useful strategy, to have a goal of a single date, but of course the Universe does not actually work that way. It served to spur you on, but at the cost that you might become disillusioned or upset if it didn't work out exactly as we all had hoped.

"Now that you have settled down and begun to integrate the changes which continue to take place, we hope that you will find it in your hearts to continue the climb to higher elevations. It is in your natures to grow and to build. Most of you have had a short rest, and will continue onward on your spiritual path. We congratulate you, we celebrate you, and we will be here, working behind the scenes with the ones who have pierced the Veil in order to keep in constant contact with Us, as we work together to co-create the New World on Gaia, which will evolve as quickly as your combined efforts allow. Look around you; more and more of your fellow humans are softening, learning to listen, and are becoming willing to reach out in service as never before. Take heart, and call on us to offer our support, our comfort and our Love as you take on the difficult challenge of moving your civilization forward, one nano-millimeter at a time.

"We send you our blessings and our Unconditional Love,

"Yahweh, for the Lightworkers who are working beside and around you always."

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 5, 2012, 10 pm

Part 72: Radically Different Points of View Arise from Different Levels of Experience

"Today let's talk about why there is such a schism in American life between two groups of people who feel strongly about their heart-felt beliefs, to the point that it is difficult for both sides to even conceive of why the other would think and feel the way they do, since the feelings are completely alien to them. There is a simple, but not at all obvious explanation, which I will try to give to you. We understand that the readers of this blog tend to be spiritually evolved, relatively open-minded, and inclined toward fairness and compassion. Because of this, we feel we can offer you this information without danger that it will be misused.

"In our message yesterday, and in an earlier post, we discussed the process of elevating through dimensions, and in the Story of Creation and The Earthling Story we told you of the great influence of visitors from other places around the Universe who helped to "seed" their DNA for the early development of the strain of humans who have grown up on Gaia. Gaia and her children, by comparison, are at an early phase of development, still mostly stuck in the 3-dimensional heaviness of their lives on Planet Earth. By comparison, souls who traveled through and evolved on planets in the galaxies of Sirius, as I mentioned a few days ago, ("The Sirians are Coming"), the Pilaiedes, Virgo and many others, have already experienced the ascension process, have evolved into the spiritual levels, and so are not in need of further 3-dimensional lessons to complete their soul path. Instead, many of them have a special interest in Planet Earth because of their experiences on Gaia in the days of her beginnings and wish to help her inhabitants, whom they look upon as young brothers and sisters. These are the elder brothers and sisters we refer to as Star Seeds. They have incarnated in growing numbers as the Ascension of Planet Earth approached fruition.

"The Star Seeds of whom we speak have developed a sense of natural camaraderie and generosity toward their fellow humans from having lived in the atmosphere of Unconditional Love which is characteristic of their home planets. The ones we call Lightworkers are mostly these souls from afar. Their philosophy of life and attitudes toward their fellows tends to be one of taking the caring, compassionate approach which encourages gentle handling, respect for one's free will, appreciation for the struggles and failings of the individual, and a strong belief in the power of unified action. They also tend to be positive and life-affirming, and trust in the process of living through life lessons to provide for one's enlightenment, rather than externally imposed control. They are peace-loving, creative thinkers, they tend to strongly resist oppression, and abhor power struggles of any kind.

"On the other hand, "native" Earthlings have lived through a very different experience, and a shorter one. It has been complicated by the combination of complete free will and the intervention by the beings we have called the "fallen angels," who have deliberately and very successfully created a civilization of fear, mistrust of one another and competition engendered by artificially devised scarcity in every area of life. They have learned to be wary, cautious, and resistant to change. Since this has been the pervasive atmosphere on Gaia, it has affected everyone, including many of the Star Seeds, who have struggled to remain positive and self-sustaining in the face of the Dark Forces who have remained in power and in control of all the important resources, including the health of the planet herself, which they have come close to destroying.

"So, you see, Dear Ones, each of these firmly-held perspectives springs directly from the experience of the souls involved. Neither is strictly right or wrong; they are simply different levels of experience, projected outward onto the world. Someone who is innately fearful will see danger and expect confrontation and attack; someone who has learned and lived with generosity and trust will feel safe and trusting and will expect cooperation and friendship. Out of these differing experiences and their external expression come fully formed theories about politics, child-rearing, religion and education. You can see from this description why there are progressives and conservatives, Tories and Whigs, and the progression of similar opposites through the ages on the Earth Plane. Of course, this bifurcation is carried to fruition in the atmosphere of duality which is an inherent part of life in this 3rd dimensional world. It is combination of duality, 3-dimensionality and free will which makes life on Gaia seem so utterly divided at this point in the last stages of her 3-D existence.

"You are feeling the frustration of witnessing these extremes which are dividing the populace. However, the hopelessness you might have felt is not warranted now, as Gaia raises herself out of 3-D to leave this extreme duality and intransigence behind forever. The loudly proclaimed "conservatism" which has muscled itself into the town square is in its last throes, because elevating means leaving behind, not keeping and reifying old ways. It also means that during this incarnation on Earth, even the younger and less experienced souls will learn trust almost by default, by experiencing it in their hearts, their bones and their minds as they are bombarded from afar by our waves of Unconditional Love.

"It is an important element of this Ascension process that the new atmosphere be continued over an extended period, for one day or one week would not be sufficient to overcome the convictions of many lifetimes lived in Darkness and fear. It is for this reason that we proceed with a combination of compassion and insistence (for we know it is truly in the interest of the entire population of Gaia to elevate to higher (and happier) levels of existence. We nudge you if you stray from your path of fulfillment, and we celebrate ("Halleluja") when you go forth with renewed levels of Love for your fellows - yes, even the ones on the other side of the fence - and a sense of compassion where it is warranted. Be gentle but firm with those who would drag you down into their Dark view of the future, and of humanity's potentials. Just as you acknowledge with your own children, someday everyone will grow up and see the Light. It is the way of the Universe.

"For now, continue to teach patience, forbearance and tolerance, as your U.S. President has become so adept at doing. Do not slow down your pace of working hard to elevate yourself through acts of service, daily meditation to review and learn from each day's events, and by practicing balance in every area of your complex and demanding lives.

"Write your questions to us, or ask Kathryn, and encourage others to do the same. We will try to help you move through this difficult time with grace.

"We love you beyond words, our brave and resolute Lightworkers,

"Yahweh, and all the Lightworkers in Spirit who are standing ready to help you."

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 5, 3 am

Part 71: 8th and 9th Dimensions Described, From Our Point of View

"Dear Children, We are watching with interest to see how many of you will realize how profound the changes are since we began to cover the Earth with kisses - like the wind on your face, the warm sun on your back, we have sent the energy of Love and Light in continuous showers across the planet. Do you feel it? We hope so. Ellie joked today that the symptoms of Ascensionitis are affecting everyone, but a lot of people just think it's something wrong with their stomach, or it's the flu. It is true that many have been stricken with some seasonal illnesses, like colds or bronchitis, but this is partly because their immune systems may not be keeping pace with the rising energy patterns. It is also the case that especially hard-working Lightworkers bear the heaviest burden, in that they are most susceptible to feeling and fully absorbing the energies, and may have the most severe symptoms, but they will also be the first to raise their dimensional levels, according to their own soul paths.

"We promised you earlier to tell you about the higher dimensions beyond the 7th, and many have asked how many levels or dimensions there are, or if they are unlimited. We will try to answer your questions in as understandable way as possible. In a sense, the levels are as infinitely numerous as there are souls; in another sense, they are finite, in that souls must rise to a certain level to pass through the gates of each higher dimension as they work their way up the ladder. It is not that there is anything exclusive about higher levels. They are simply not accessible to beginner souls because the higher vibration would not be tolerable to someone whose standard operating level is lower, so you see it is a natural progression, much the way you progress through grades in school.

"Also like school, there are souls who proceed very fast in one area but may need extra work in others, and so their plan for further lives on Gaia or elsewhere will be tailored to help them develop their strengths and minimize their weaknesses, and this continues at every level of development. To accommodate these varying needs, there are several levels within each dimension, which allows for a fairly fluid transition from one to another as souls progress.

"We described the 3rd through 7th to you earlier. Today we will describe the 8th and 9th dimensions. As we said, the 7th is the level of Christ Consciousness, the training ground for developing Love and Compassion where our dear Jeshua can often be found planning and overseeing the Ascension process for Planet Earth, but many of the Masters who work on this level have ascended to the highest levels and come back to serve in a teaching capacity. The qualities of Love and Light increase in intensity and purity at higher dimensions.

"Now, the Eighth Dimension. This is a level of special studies, you might say. It allows souls who wish to practice their creative and manifesting skills to do so at a higher vibrational level, studying the art and science of manifesting while also learning how to free themselves of the restrictions which commonly hold back souls from discovering their true God-like powers. This is an ongoing challenge, to become more and more uninhibited, untrammeled in the ability to co-create new objects, new technologies, or new worlds. Of course, this is a simplified explanation. There are greater complexities to explore and understand at each level.

"At the Ninth Level, it is possible to use the lightness which souls feel in their Lightbodies to experience things which would not be possible at lower levels. For instance, here is where St. Germaine and others might be found teaching their students how to transport themselves across great distances, and how to change form, by entering into a human body, then back to Lightbody and back again, for special missions which involve trans-portation of Lightworkers for temporary assignments to Planet Earth or elsewhere, where they may serve as special messengers or agents of change. It is also a favorite level for large meetings of Masters from many dimensions and areas of expertise, because of the lively atmosphere. For many of them, it is a pleasant descent from the highest of the etheric atmospheres to a place of greater density, a familiar playground of past studies. So, you see, there are no rigid requirements or rules about what takes place in each dimension; it is determined by the quality of what you would call the atmosphere, and what is possible under the varying conditions of higher and higher vibrational levels.

"It is a part of the nature of a soul to be attracted to the adventure and learning possibilities offered by ascending to a higher level, just as the kindergarten child looks forward eagerly to first grade and the still mysterious-seeming lessons to be found there. Such it is in the School of Soul Advancement - there are ever more challenging and fascinating opportunities for scholarship and advancement, but always with the ultimate goal of being of service to others in the purest possible state of Unconditional Love.

"And so we have given you a small introduction to the world of Life-after-Life, as it has been called, the world just beside and around you, just beyond your 3-dimensional vision. It is there for you after you complete this life, or it is available to you in meditation, in hypnosis, or in your dreams. We are not separate from you - not at all. We are here, just the other side of the Veil of Forgetfulness. The veil is thinning, giving you greater access to communication with Us, with your ancestors and Guides and with your own Greater Soul. If you practice calming your mind, sitting quietly without trying to make it happen, you will begin to hear and see and feel the energies and colors and voices which are the evidence of our presence.

"We send you continuing energies of Love and Light, Our Dear Children,

"Yahweh, I Am That I Am"

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 4, 2012, 3 am

Part 70: It Isn't Chaos; It's Fertile Ground for Change

"Dear Readers, We are delighted to know that there are some who follow our words every day and gain comfort and knowledge which helps them in their daily lives. That was our hope when we asked to begin this project. We have not previously ever had the opportunity to speak with many of you on a daily basis. You are becoming a family, although many of you may not know one another. Perhaps you will meet one day when we plan a gathering so that you can celebrate together. In the meantime, your energy forms a vortex of light, connected by the Web which surrounds the Earth. Like your internet, there is an energy web which allows feelings and thoughts to flow in every direction around the planet. Your energy is powerful, and growing. We are immensely gratified by this, and hope you will bring many more into the fold, as the work of changing your world begins in earnest.

"You are already feeling the changes beginning to take hold. People who were belligerent and arrogant (as some of your Congressmen have been) are beginning to soften, although we have not won over the whole lot yet. As the year progresses, you will see changes because the constituents, and others in Congress - especially the women - are becoming impatient with the rigidity and false righteousness with which any progress is blocked. The tragedy of this past Congress has been that most of the rigidity comes out of fear and prejudice, because white men do not want to be led by a Black president.

"We have spoken in the past of leaving behind the old fear-based civilization. These are the attitudes and actions have been standard form in past decades, based in the belief that rage and self-protection are a normal reaction in the face of change which might present a threat to one's personal power. This tolerance for hostility and prejudice will not remain unnoticed or unchallenged any longer. Decent people everywhere are awakening, and with that awakening comes higher expectations about the way people in power should behave, and how leaders should lead. They will no longer tolerate pettiness and lies which have been standard fare in the news in recent years.

"One glaring example was quoted in the news today, without comment, when a Congressman pretended to be outraged that a group of "sleep-deprived octogenarians" came up with a plan at 2 o'clock in the morning (referring to the Senate, of course). This clever-sounding sound bite completely dismissed the fact that this proposal had been under discussion for many months, but was only agreed to at the last hour. This has been a favorite tactic with those who wish to manipulate and frighten the populace into thinking that "government" (that is, everyone except them) is completely irrational and out of control, and their lives are in danger because of the recklessness and irresponsibility of this present administration. There is no acknowledgment that the present deficit was increased logarithmically by the inclusion of the debt from 10 years of war. These enormous numbers had been hidden previously by the magic of accounting. And so, deception was layered upon deception, creating a morass of lies which the media blithely repeats without question, and which created the atmosphere of anxiety and insecurity you have all lived under for centuries now.

"So, you see, as the population awakens, the atmosphere you breathe will also change, because the overall tradition of dishonesty, manipulation and power grabbing will no longer be taken for granted and therefore encouraged. Outrage will be expressed only when there is genuine unfairness revealed, not as a means of rabble-rousing. When civility and kindness become the norm in everyone's homes and neighborhoods, it will come to be expected in the office place, in the halls of government, and in the schools.

"No longer will there be a child who is isolated and lonely who remains invisible to everyone around them. No family will be expected to live on below-poverty wages while working full time, and no woman will be raped and beaten and then blamed for it, because when you, My Children, raise your voices to insist on creating a kinder, gentler society, you will be heard and respected. You will create together, completely new forms of organizing yourselves, new ways of educating your children, and more humane and effective ways of curing illness, which will become less and less prevalent as you clean up your environment, with Gaia's help. Individuals will awaken to the inner knowledge that health is as much a state of mind as it is a physical condition, and that each one is responsible for their own emotional and spiritual growth and for creating a culture of support for others as well.

"You are beginning, Dear Ones. You have planted the seeds for your own lives of fulfillment, and you will at last begin to see the fruits of your labors and of your dearest hopes and dreams. You will be the leaders of the New Age which has already begun, and you will lead by virtue of your strength and Light. You have patiently struggled against the tide, feeling isolated and disrespected at times, but the tide has changed, and you are the first ones now moving in the direction of the change. You have always had our admiration and love, but you will now find new respect and acceptance from the world at large. We celebrate you, and urge you on. You are truly the harbingers of a New Enlightenment which will begin to spread to all as the fundamental goal of life, and which will become the center of a life built on Faith, Love and Compassion.

"So, today's message is this: when you look around you and see chaos and conflict, shift your Vision to a deeper setting, where you operate in the very center of your brain, and you will see fertile ground being plowed up for a new planting, and you will envision the harvest to come. Should you find yourself longing for the old, orderly systems, remind yourself that the old Matrix, just as the movie portrayed, was actually enslavement.

"You are on the verge of discovering true freedom. Prepare yourself by anchoring with Us, with Gaia, and with your family and friends who will be your circle of Love and Support as you all go forward. It will seem like a great unknown, until you are able to reach deeply into your unconscious memories to reconnect with the plans you made before you came here, and with the Universal Truths, available to you through your Higher Self, where all systems and creations are already known.

"Go in peace, Dear Children. Do not be unhinged by the demands of adjusting to the new energies your bodies are absorbing. You will acclimate, little by little as needed, and the results will delight you, as they do us.

"We Love you and applaud you, our brilliant Lightworker team.

"Yahweh, (I Am That I Am), Mother/Father God and all the Legions of Light."

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 2, 2012, 11pm

Part 69: We Are Being Given a Make-Over, and It Isn't Surface Deep

"Today I'm going to give you some more information about the dynamics of Ascension, and how the forces which are now playing across the planet will affect all of you in the future. The forces of which I speak are twofold - the energy blast we have sent to you through the opening which was created by the special alignment of the Milky Way, your galaxy, which reached a peak on Dec. 21. The waves of energy we spoke of earlier contain the Unconditional Love essence, and more. It is the very essence of your Mother/Father God. You might think of it as God's breath, which we breathe into your lungs, your eyes, your hearts and minds, that you may know Us and feel our presence. A second extremely powerful influence is the solar activity - your scientists call them solar flares - but they are much more than that. Our dear Archangel Metatron has described the process in detail elsewhere, but here we will simplify the concepts for you.

"The Sun was created along with Gaia and other planets to be a co-creators in a partnership which would provide a habitable environment for the human beings who came later, after a long period of evolution. The traces of that evolution are now becoming available to your archeologists for study. It has only been during the last 100,000 years or so that humans as you know yourselves have existed on Planet Earth, and this is the first time in that period that the conditions we describe above have happened here. So, you see, this is no ordinary 11-year cycle of sunspot activity. It is a momentous event, allowing the great force of plasma energy to flow across the planet uninterrupted for many months.

"What we are calling plasma energy is made up of photons which bombard the Earth with great force, disrupting and changing molecular structures in your bodies and brains. Although the feeling it creates may be unsettling, it is a very positive occurrence, which will help to recondition your reactions to events around you, making you less prone to fear or rage responses. It is also beginning a shift from the carbon-based makeup which has been your biological structure to a crystalline structure. This will create in you - especially in those who welcome this Shift and take an active part in moving into the new configuration - the ability to radiate Light in a more powerful way, much the way the crystalline structure of a quartz crystal absorbs and radiates Light.

"We understand that it is difficult for you to grasp how all this could be possible, since you experience your bodies as solid and finite in their nature, but it is not so. There are many possibilities for variation in the body's biological make-up; for instance, consider the small variation in DNA which brings about the ability for a fire-fly or a phosphorescent sea creature to light up. Many of the potentialities you were born with, as seemingly inert strands of DNA are being activated, and it will make it easier than every before for humans to raise their level of consciousness and make direct contact with Us behind the ever-thinning Veil of Forgetfulness.

"There will be those who will be able to return to Earth as Lightworkers who will not be unaware of their origins or their life path, but will come ready to be of service in their own unique way. This too will bring enormous advantages to the humans who are on the planet in the coming New Age. In fact, we are already there, for there are many among you who are remembering, day by day, what their mission is, and they are taking up the challenge, against all odds, to speak out, act on their spiritual beliefs, and help others to awaken to the Truth of who we are, what we wish for our dear Children, and how the world works on the other side of the Veil, here in the Heights.

"You see, we are not the severe and humorless lot your religious teachers of old and even some of the painters of the Renaissance portrayed. We do not condemn or torture, or even judge you. We simply make it possible for you to learn, and that learning is not inflicted upon you - no, it is co-created according to the needs which your Greater Soul identifies and helps to design. While some of the life paths your Greater Soul creates may seem cruel or unnecessarily difficult, such as lives in slavery, or death by torture, or an early accident, you cannot know from your perspective (unless you learn to discuss it with your Greater Soul) why such experiences were chosen until you begin to understand your soul path, and the growth which results, as the driving force behind these choices. When you begin to truly grasp the nature of Life, which is Soul Life, you will see how the most difficult lives help to elevate your sense of compassion, empathy and forgiveness, thereby raising your level of consciousness to higher levels.

"This process of raising your level of consciousness is what we refer to as Ascension. This brings us back to the connection to what is happening now on your planet. The conditions have never been better for each one to elevate, and you have been given the great advantage of not having to live through many more lives of arduous work to realize it. The photon bombardment which will work to adapt your bodies to higher energies is a tremendous gift for those who are able to be here now. Do you see now why so many souls were clamoring to come to Gaia during this historic event? Even the most unattractive slots, by most standards, were filled, with waiting lists. It is the opportunity of a lifetime, as you might say, because much of the soul work is being made easier for you by the biological changes. And so, the Boot Camp which was Planet Earth will be no more. As your cultures evolve to higher levels of cooperation, heart-based governance and spiritual connection, lives lived as war refugees, abused women and children, and in extreme poverty will cease to exist.

"Now it is up to you, Dear Children, to clear away the din of negative news reports, trivial arguments and selfish grandstanding, and forge ahead, with your heads held high and your hearts singing in celebration. Shine your Light, and your Light will increase. Share your knowledge, your wealth, your food and your kindness, and you will receive ten-fold. This is the Universal Law of Flow, which we explained in our book. When you give selflessly, you elevate yourself neurologically, biologically and spiritually. You will be exercising the new potentials as they come on line, just as you did when you were a toddler, and you threw yourself into learning your new skills of walking, talking, and learning about the world. It is the same now. Approach your new life with wonder, openness and Love, and you will thrive. This we know.

"Go forth with courage and Love, Dear Ones; your future is bright.

"With all our love, Yahweh and the Legions of Light"

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 1, 2013, 8 pm

Part 68: A New Year's Blessing, and Guidance About Ascensionitis

"Tonight is the last night of your year, 2012. It would be fitting for us to celebrate this glorious transition with a song. We are singing the Hallelujah chorus here in the Heights, as we jokingly call the higher dimensions. Open your soul ears, that intuitive reception capability you were born with, and you will hear the Angel Chorus singing the most beautiful celebration music of all...Hallelujah, hallelujah...

"Let those sounds play for you in the background as you read this message from me/us, with hearts brimming over with love and hope for the New Year — a truly historic New Year, even from our perspective where we measure time in terms of millennia. You cannot possibly imagine our happiness at seeing more and more humans awakening, looking around them and discovering that life on Planet Earth is indeed worth living, and worth celebrating.

"A wonderful, heartwarming event occurred in Canada this week, when 228 people, one by one, decided to literally "pay it forward" as they pulled up to the take-out window at a Tim Horton's shop. For hours, each person who approached the window paid for the order of the person behind them. Each one in turn did the same, as the restaurant workers counted gleefully. 228 individuals did their part that day to reach out to a stranger, purposefully making someone else's day begin with a smile. Those playful and generous Children of God expressed the simple principle of living in service to others: Just do it. Will any of the people in that wonderful line ever forget that exhilarating moment of shared giving? Will the workers in the restaurant or the reporters who told the story ever feel the same about human potential for kindness as a natural instinct? We congratulate and celebrate them all, for they, and the thousands like them are making the world a better place for everyone.

"Now we would like to answer Linda's question about the illnesses she is observing all around her. Yes, it is a common symptom of adjusting to the new higher levels of energy for many people to experience digestive and respiratory illnesses, great fatigue requiring many extra hours of sleep every day, and lowered immunity to contagious diseases. This is indeed due to the physical stress on the human body of adapting rapidly to the changing environment. Unfortunately, it is not a choice at this moment, to adapt or not — it is simply a necessity, but one which you are capable of without any permanent damage. It helps to know that you are suffering from Ascensionitis, as we have called it, and that it will occur in waves, and will decrease over the coming months. Think of it as similar to the acclimatization needed when you go from sea level to 12,000 feet. The body will go through a period of adjustment, then will balance out in time. Be patient, drink plenty of fresh water, eat lightly and keep to predominantly fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid sugar, alcohol, caffeine and any processed or otherwise unnatural foods, and you will adapt quickly. Above all, do not revert to the old paradigm of fear. It is normal, and it will pass. As for treatable medical conditions, it is not time yet to radically change our approach to healing, but that too will shift as the new attitudes of Light and Awareness come to the fore.

"It is truly a time of great change on Planet Earth. The Age of Aquarius has begun, and all life will be shifting from a time when fear, anxiety, competition and want filled the human psyche, to a time of love, compassion, kindness and forgiveness. The energy shift within Gaia and in the air that you breathe will bring about rapid changes, in evolutionary terms, but we trust that all of you will embrace the changes and "roll with it" as you like to say. Never in your lifetime has this kind of Shift taken place.

"It is a new experience for everyone alive today, and it is a new experiment in the Universe itself, so we urge you to raise your level of consciousness by applying the following simple rules:

- Do not think or speak negative ideas, not to yourself or anyone else.

- Monitor you attitudes and thinking to reject any future-oriented feelings of dread, anxiety or fear. (What if??)

- Meditate several times a day on the people and things you are grateful for.

- Care for yourself and others in an attentive, loving way, always seeking the greater good.

- Practice deep breathing, absorbing the nutrients and sustenance now available in the highly charged air. You will find you have less need for food.

- Sleep when you need it, regardless of your previous needs.

"And now we must close, to allow our dear Scribe to sleep as she too must do. Stay the course, Dear Ones. Practice your consciousness-raising techniques every day; read the book we have created to make this Shift easier for all of you (Who Needs Light?), and continue to bring your questions to me so that We can offer you any information or encouragement you might need in this important time.

"Until tomorrow, Your Yahweh, speaking for the Universe of Lightworkers of the Higher Realms"

Via Kathryn May, Dec. 31, 2012, 11-1am

Part 67, 3rd Through 7th Dimensions Described

December 30, 2012

“First, I would like to answer some of the questions Kathryn has brought to me. There has been a lot of talk about the Ascension process, and how Gaia is elevating herself to the 5th dimension and above, but we have not clearly explained what that entails, what is different about the 5th versus the 3rd, and where the 4th comes in, and what happens above the 5th dimension.

It is very difficult to explain what a dimension is in language. We usually resort to analogies and metaphors because a 3rd dimensional brain is not equipped to picture these things, but we’ll try to be as clear as possible, and at least describe what the differences are. As you know, your experience of the 3-dimensional world is one defined by time and space. You see it with your eyes as perspective, you see that things have depth, breadth and distance. This gives the appearance as if the things around you are made up of solid mass that you can touch, see, measure and weigh.

In fact, as your scientists have discovered, this could not be further from the truth. The things around you only appear to be solid. They actually are made up of atoms and molecules which contain tiny bits of matter and enormous amounts of space between them. However, the energy contained in the molecules is not limited to or created only by the mass, or the action of the mass. Einstein’s famous theory based on the velocity of the speed of light (C) was only true under certain limited circumstances.  

You see, the space between the particles is the key to understanding dimensions, space travel, and the ability for me to send information through space to my friend who is writing this down, and there is no delay as there would be if our thought-waves traveled only at the speed of light. I can be lounging in my Barcalounger in the center of the galaxy, millions of light-years from Kathryn in hers, and she experiences it as if I am there beside her, because I am in both places, in all places. Our conversation has none of the delays you see when TV correspondents stand in Tahrir Square and talk with the desk in New York. This is because the speed of thought is not constrained by the laws of physics as you have understood them.  

Now, this brings us to the differences between dimensions. The 4th dimension is adjacent to the 3rd in the way you experience it. It is the close-by place-which-is-not-a-place, the nearest space between the particles. When you dream, you are probably traveling in the 4th dimension or beyond. In this “place” your dreams have the quality of timelessness, events are not sequential, and you can fly. Thus, you have already left behind the constraints of space/time. However, your dreams are still concerned with 3-dimensional experience, people, and you feel the Earth-bound anxieties like fear of missing an exam, or falling off a cliff (but you don’t hit bottom). This is a manifestation of 4th dimensional thinking/feeling. Here we will keep our discussion to the experience of being in various dimensions, rather than trying to build a case for the scientific proofs.  

The 4th dimension is the transitional “place” human beings traverse after leaving the body, before going to the Light which carries them to the 5th dimension, the Home in the Spirit world of many souls. Those specters you call “ghosts” are those humans who have not completed their transition back Home after a difficult or confusing death. They remain close to the Earth, still connected psychically to the life they just completed. We think of them as the “lost souls.” who need encouragement and guidance to continue their journey to the 5th dimension to rejoin their spirit family and reconnect with Us in the state of Unconditional Love.

The 5th dimension is characterized by the atmosphere (the space between the particles) of Unconditional Love. You cannot see the substance, Love, but it operates like the dark star which can be detected by its effect on the behavior of its sister stars and planets. It pervades the space between, but the essence of Love can only be felt by a living consciousness embodied within a soul being. By embodied, we mean an organizing force, not a literal 3D body.  

So, you see, beings in the 5th dimension operate as coherent entities, communicate with each other telepathically, experience emotions, learn from the lessons of lives lived elsewhere, and are helped to integrate the experiences by being immersed in the feelings of Unconditional Love and companionship, and by assistance from Guides and Masters who have ascended to higher planes, but who return to help their students. A 5th dimensional soul who is newly ascended from a human life in 3D might feel fleeting feelings (memories) of jealousy or anger or frustration, but these feelings are mitigated by the overwhelming experience of Love, and are the subject of intense study or additional life assignments, leading to further elevation.

During the time of study in the 5th dimension, after completing their life review, souls have access to the wonders of the Garden, where all the plants and animals that have ever existed on Earth can be experienced in their most perfectly fulfilled state. The Library contains all information about every life, every soul, and every event, in past, present, and future timelines, to be studied by those souls whose special life goals can be more fully met by these forms of information. In the Conservatory/Hall one can experience all the music, art, sculpture and dancing ever created in its most perfect form, as the creators intended it. So you see, there is no limit to the possibilities for expansion of the soul/mind here.

As souls evolve through their lessons and have gained high levels of expertise in their preferred endeavors, they may accomplish the goal of raising their soul vibration to a higher level, which allows them entrance through the portals to the 6th dimension, where Creation takes on new meaning. Whereas creating what one imagines is a characteristic of the 5th dimension, these abilities are expanded to more esoteric levels in the 6th. You might think of it as the Laboratory of Creation, where high level Masters oversee and teach the study of physical properties of the Universe and their use (physics, space travel, energy forms), biology (species creation, hybridization) and other useful sciences. Here you will also find political scientists who work to design better forms of governance, architects who expand the boundaries of materials and design, and healers who combine ancient and modern techniques and medical treatments to be developed for the wellbeing of humankind.

Many are familiar with the 7th dimension as the Home of the Christ Consciousness. Here the essence of Unconditional Love combines with all the qualities we think of as God Consciousness in human form: Compassion, Empathy, Generosity, Truth, and especially Forgiveness. Our dear Jesus (Jeshua) is the representative of Christ Consciousness with whom you are most familiar. Here the School for Ascended Masters begins the training for those who feel drawn to become Teachers and Guides for mankind on Planet Earth or in other galaxies, but it is the special work of Jeshua to oversee the Ascension of Planet Earth and her inhabitants.  

Many of you have worked closely with the Christ energy between and during many of your lifetimes, to take your expertise as healers, community leaders and teachers to ease suffering and elevate the consciousness of those who have been under the spell of Dark Forces so long. This work is coming into focus with great intensity now, as Gaia moves slowly, leaving her active involvement in 3D and moving directly to the 5th and 7th dimensions. Like many other souls, Gaia does not stop to take part in 6th dimensional activities. So, you see, Ascension is not a strict step-by-step progression, but may involve leaps, returns to previous endeavors, and pauses to reintegrate, in harmony with the needs of one’s soul path and the needs of others, as Gaia is doing now.

For now, I will leave you to ponder this information. If you should wish to continue the lessons to learn about higher levels/dimensions, I will provide further information. Just ask your questions and your channel will pass them on to me, as we did with tonight’s subject. Until tomorrow, I Am eternally,

Your Yahweh”

Part 66, A Message of Love to Lightworkers

December 29, 2014

“Yesterday’s message was a bit stern, we know. It was not simply positive, as we have tended to be for many months now. It was a change of pace because we saw that after the 21st passed without chaos and mayhem, many of you who had invested a great deal in preparations for Ascension were confronted with rather self-satisfied “I-told-you-so” responses from family and so-called friends. It was a tragic reminder of how out of touch these folks are; how insensitive they are to the energies swirling around them. Even if they were feeling the Shift, they interpreted it as a headache, or something they ate. We hope that our reminder gave you the opportunity to answer their obliviousness with another challenge. Please pass on our words to as many as you can. Do not be concerned that they may refuse to believe it, or may even refuse to read it - some will, and it will touch their hearts, if not their minds.

There is a method behind our approach, you see. The opening line was intended to appeal to those who still only respond to fear. It was not intended to upset those of you who have worked as hard as you could to be of service to others and to clear away old fears and prejudices. You are continuing your ascension work regardless of the naysayers around you, and we admire and appreciate you for that. You have been resting more, spending time in meditation in order to communicate with Us, and have been attended to by our Legions of angels, healers and guides, who are helping to recalibrate your nervous system to accommodate the higher vibrations.

It may be amazing to you that people around you seem to be going about their days as if nothing were happening, while you are reeling from the effects. It is a measure of how far you have come, Dear Ones.  

Gaia has slowed her final ascent in order to allow more time for her dear children to accompany her, although we cannot know how long that will be. Those of you who have been the staunch environmentalists and Earthkeepers are very close to her, and will have little trouble remaining in her embrace as she achieves the last degrees of elevation. The same is true for LIghtworkers of all kinds, whose work has been to bring compassion and healing to both humans and animals.  

However, we are concerned that the rest of the population, which is still a large number, are lagging behind, and we need your help to lift them, awaken them, and help them to see the fulfillment in a life of service. Because of this problem, we have asked large numbers of you who would otherwise have ascended to the 5th dimension, Gaia A, to remain on New Gaia, which we have referred to as Gaia A/B, the planet-still-in-ascension. Your continued efforts will be rewarded with deeply satisfying moments of fulfillment and pleasure, and life will be easier for you now, if you have learned well the lesson of manifesting your dreams.

This soul work is a continuing process, wherever you might be, in any dimension, time or place. We have begun another phase in the work which combines the efforts of your dear Mother Gaia with her human inhabitants, and all the Kingdoms of Earth. It is a complex and challenging process, requiring the cooperation of all involved, and the help of many Lightworkers here in higher dimensions.  

For each of you in bodies at this moment, there are dozens who are watching in anticipation or actively working to hold steady and balance the enormous energy generated by the Ascension of your planet and the highly charged and conflicting energies of Light and Dark which are colliding with tremendous force across the surface of Gaia. From our perspective, it is like a lightening storm, flowing in waves around the planet, and must be managed carefully in order to avoid the apocalypse which was one of the timelines which many envisioned and still are fascinated by. That timeline, which is just recently passed, included the possibility of another complete cleansing of the Earth, so that she could begin again in a higher dimension, but it was one which many of you, in deep connection with your dear Gaia, did not permit to come into fulfillment.  

You will feel the atmosphere lighten as you come out of your deep meditation state. For those of you who have traveled far and wide with us to higher dimensions and other Universes, it may take days or even weeks for you to feel balanced, but you may continue to have the unreal sense of disconnection from time. You will adapt to it, but it will become a familiar feature of life on New Gaia, since ties to the 3rd dimension have already been broken.  

Allow yourselves time for solitary reflection, My Children. This is a necessary part of every day, from now on. Breathe the life force around you; it will strengthen and sustain you. Be open to change in every sphere of your lives, whether it be relationships with people, with food, or with the animals and natural environment. Everything has changed; it is now beginning to unfold. Anchor yourselves deeply into the center of Gaia, and ride with her as she ascends higher into the Light. Do not let anyone or anything distract you from your joy and inspiration. You will find it will become easier and easier to maintain your compassion and Love, even in the face of negativity and violence around you. It is all a part of the unfolding of a new way of life, the triumph of Light over Darkness. Thank those who have played the role of the Dark Hats who inspired your resolve to live in Light and to rise above their destructive ways. Forgive them, knowing that their days are numbered, and their path will be harder than yours is now. In forgiveness, you will be lifted higher, your energy will become lighter, and you will begin to smile in your heart.

It is night in the Northeastern U.S., and a deep blanket of snow has created a profound quiet on this transition night, approaching the New Year. All the creatures who were so busy foraging and chattering with one another during the day have gone to sleep. They too dream of Us, and we send them our Love to brighten their dreams, as we do yours.

Be at peace, go in love, and remember that we are always here with you,

Your Yahweh, I Am That I Am”

Part 65, A Wake-Up Call From Yahweh

December 28, 2012

“Dear Ones, I wish I had better news for you, but there is something you need to know about which may affect your lives in a serious way. Knowing will allow you to take measures to create what you need for success and happiness, but without some work on your parts, the outcome will not be as glorious as it might be. I am referring to the need for all human beings on the planet right now to awaken and join the effort to raise the level of consciousness so that all can remain in the happy arrangement of being carried along and cared for by dear Mother Gaia, the source of your sustenance and comfort - life itself.

Mother Gaia, as we have said, has been rewarded for her good work over millennia, nurturing and providing for her human inhabitants as well as all the other creatures and plants who call her body home. She has elected to finally elevate herself to higher dimensions, leaving the 3rd dimension behind entirely. She has decided to move slowly into her destiny as a 5th dimension and higher planet in order for her dear children to keep up and stay with her - something which has never been done before in the history of the Universe.

As we have told you earlier, this is an historic event, this Ascension of planet and human inhabitants together. We had hoped that the Dec. 21-24 period of increased Light energy would be sufficient impetus for all the inhabitants to raise their level of vibration to the 5th dimension, but the resistance to the Shift proved greater than we could overcome, even with the massive input of Unconditional Love.  

So, you see, we now have a dilemma. Mother Gaia is ascending, and some of her beloved humans are keeping pace with her change, but others remain asleep, or blithely defiant of the need to shake off their smug complacency and begin to contribute by putting their energy behind lifting the consciousness of the whole by elevating themselves. As long as large numbers go about their lives as if nothing were happening, the ship will falter, and eventually sink under its own weight, while Gaia goes sailing off to higher elevations. This is not what we wish to see happen.  

Third dimensional life has its attractions - the downward pull of sensory pleasure for its own sake, which can become a hedonistic trap, like a whirlpool which can capture a person’s attention for years. Some are able to escape it only to enter another trap of working to prove themselves successful - an ego trap even more addictive than hedonism, because of its high level of social acceptance. And so, large numbers of my dear children spend years of their lives without experiencing a deep connection with Us, or even with each other, and they remain unaware that anything is missing, as long as they have met the standards for “success” which the culture prescribes.  

It brings us great sadness to see them trapped in the lies which the Dark Forces - the ones we have called the Powers That Be - have perpetrated across the planet. They have convinced the general populace that earning is living, that wealth and fame is more valuable than Love and Light, and that separation from the Source that Created them is not a matter of concern. In fact, they have convinced many that hewing to the traditional beliefs and dictates of a religion is the same as connection to Spirit. This is a tragic illusion, one of the worst of the lies of modern life which we try to dispel by sending you these messages.

Please, Dear Children, listen to the call of the Archangel Gabrielle. Her trumpet sounds from on high: Awake, remember who you are and why you are here. You came here with the sole intention of being of service to one another, to join in the Great Awakening which would raise all mankind to the 5th dimension and beyond. This is our task, yours and Ours. We have pledged to help you in every way we can, but we cannot break our pledge to honor your free will, even if it means we have to watch you sink into the quagmire of a dark and empty planet, the shell of your dear departed Gaia. This possibility is abhorrent to us, if not to you.  

Some among you have done the yoemen’s share of service to others, acts of unbelievable kindness, as your Red Cross calls it, and compassionate outreach in times of need. They have raised the vibrational levels to the 4th dimension - part way there. Others of you continue on your day to day satisfactions, content in the fact that you are not one whose life has been devastated by natural disasters or family trauma.

You are the ones, the fortunate ones, who have lived many lives of service, hard lessons and pain, but you have forgotten why you sacrificed so much and worked so hard in former lives. It was not so that you could lie down and bask in your own fantasies, no, it was because you had prepared yourselves for this moment - this challenging, daring, extraordinary moment which would call on your deepest commitment to the greater good. But you have slept through reveille, and you missed the battles which gained the ground needed to make the Ascension possible. You are now about to miss the roll call when the time comes for all to show up, put your shoulder to the wheel, and push the great vehicle which can carry every one of you to a truly Heavenly triumph.  

How? you are saying? The way forward is simple. Put down your cell phone games, shake off your TV hypnosis, leave your desk, and go out into the streets and do something to make someone else’s life better. Anything, so long as it is not designed to profit you or your ego. Read a child a story. Take a neighbor’s dog for a walk. Coach a team. Get groceries for an elderly person, or take them to their doctor’s appointment. Pick up the garbage on the street. Send a card to someone who is sick. Bake bread for your family. Play catch with your kids, or someone else’s kids. Tutor a child in math or reading for free. Take the place of your kids’ video games by teaching them to talk with you about real things. Sit on a park bench and talk with someone, and really listen to their story. Or sit on a park bench and really connect with the planet, your Mother Earth who needs your care as much as you need hers. Need we say more? It is simple, and it is LIFE.

These simple acts of kindness, compassion and connection are the acts of Love and Light which raise your consciousness by getting you out of your own head, out of concerns for your own comfort and safety and into your heart, and into the flow of uplifting energy which is generated by the Universal Law of Flow: When you give, you create a flow of energy which will carry good will and joy outward into the world, and it will carry you along with it. Give from your heart, without expectation of any reward or reciprocity, and you will feel joy. The more you practice, the more carefree and happy you will feel. Be reckless and daring in your generosity, and you will truly fly.

Awake, Dear Ones, it is time to reap the real rewards of your coming here to Planet Earth this time. Don’t miss the Greatest Show on Earth. It was designed by you and for you. We have an appointment with destiny, as you might say. Some of you have slept through the alarm, which has been going off for a more than a week now. Arise, and take your place beside Us as we ascend together to a glorious Golden Age on New Gaia.  

We are here for you always. Send your questions and your concerns, and we will answer them. We love you more than words can express,

Yahweh, and all the Legions of Light who are at your service. Just ask.”

Part 64, We Have Reached the 4th Dimension

December 27, 2012

There is much to tell you, My Children. It is a time of fast-paced change. You may have been feeling the waves of energy which continue to wash across your planet, elevating and illuminating everything around you. You may feel moments of unreality, as if things are shapeshifting in front of your eyes; you may have trouble staying awake. These are normal feelings, a response to the powerful energies of Light we are sending to help you. You are doing your part, Dear Ones, by “going with the flow,” allowing the change to take place deep within your nervous systems and your minds. It is part of the agreement we had with you before you came here to live out this life, so do not fear, it is all as it should be.

As the Light energies take hold more and more, people will find themselves doing more of the things which are acts of service, and less of the things which were self-centered or ego-driven. For some, the change may seem slight enough to be barely noticeable, but it is change, nevertheless, and it will continue. For those who were already in alignment with 5th dimensional ways, there may be little change in their outward actions, but inwardly they will find far greater peace of mind, and a sense of destiny which is powerfully fulfilling.  

And so it is, Dear Ones, that the evolution of Planet Earth continues. Gaia herself has reached the fulfillment of her dreams of Ascension, evolving as she was determined to do, into the 5th dimension, with elements of the 7th and beyond. It is difficult to describe to you in words, since your language does not allow for understandings of things without the concepts of time and place, but we can tell you that you have elevated with her, into the 4th dimension, to remain in the circle of her care, with the option to continue further to ascend with her into higher dimensions. So, you see, the road is open to you as never before. The actions and thoughts you create now will determine, in a much more direct and powerful way, what will happen in the coming days.

You are taking your places as the Creator Race you were born to be. You have freed yourselves of the heaviness of 3rd dimensional reality, by lifting yourselves above it. Things will become easier now; acts of kindness will resonate powerfully, putting into action the Law of Attraction, which will bring like to like, fulfillment in the most direct and immediate form. You have worked heroically to create this Ascension, and your efforts have been felt throughout the Universe.  

A second effect of your ascension is that Dark characters whose lives were lived in the energies of Darkness - lust for power over others, accumulating riches at the cost of others, feelings of arrogance and superiority in their disregard of God’s wishes for all to live in harmony. These beings will find the air on Gaia too rich for their blood, so to speak. They will find themselves sickening and dying one after another. No medical help will make a difference for those who are unable to breathe Light. The air you are breathing now is filled with the energy of Light and Life. It will lift and sustain those who raise their consciousness to align with it. So, breathe, dear Children, and celebrate. A new day is truly dawning for all of you.

We will bring you further news as the days pass, but for now, meditate, strengthen your connection to Us through the opening of the Veil, and know that we are always in your midst, 

Your Yahweh, in concert with All That Is.”

Part 63, New Feelings, New World

December 26, 2012

’It is a strange time for many of you, a time of sleep, a time of dreams, a time when you are puzzled by what has happened, or what has not happened. You may feel you are floating through time, or stuck in the mud. Do not despair, and do not stop your continuing efforts to keep realigning, rebalancing, even rewiring your brain and your emotional responses. This is as it should be, for it is a time of tremendous change for individuals, and for your planet.  

This message will be brief, because it is a time for inward reflection, not discussion. Our channel is deeply in a trance state and is working to remain focused in order to bring you this message. You may be feeling similar feelings. Do not resist it. Let your body sleep and your mind run free. You may find you need many extra hours of sleep these days. These are important hours during which your DNA is being recalibrated and your creative abilities along with it. You will find you will be able to accomplish things with ease which in the past would have caused anxiety or stress. Your lives will become easier, Dear Ones, because you are coming into your own, in terms of your abilities to be the Creator race you were intended to be. Let us help you.

You may be thinking that nothing in your world has changed, that the moment has passed and everything is back to normal. Well, it is back to what you would call a new normal. Nothing will be the same again.  

You will be given tasks which may challenge your abilities; embrace them. You will be asked to love people you would not have found lovable in the past; embrace them too, with forgiveness and compassion. It is a time for growth, for new and unfamiliar experiences and events; embrace them without fear or embarrassment or self-consciousness. You are expanding, Dear Ones. It was your plan in coming here; embrace it, and know that as you walk your path, we are with you every step, and send you love and encouragement to ease your way.

Go in peace, Children. Love one another as we love you,

Yahweh, for the Legions of Light”

Part 62, The Sirians Are Coming!

December 25, 2012

“It is a very important time now, because those of you who have prepared for the ascension process by working hard to live a life of service and to elevate your consciousness are very central to the continuing growth of the planet.

We do not wish for you to suffer because of the less than perfect ascension process during the last week. It is for you to know that this is not the first time that the population of Planet Earth tried unsuccessfully to achieve full Ascension. It has happened four times in the past, and never has come as close to the level of 5th dimensional vibration as you have. We were watching in wonder as you meditated, performed wonderful acts of kindness, and raised the level of light to unprecedented heights. You have come close to the goal this time, My Children, and we are delighted and proud.

We did not discuss the possibility with you that you might not accomplish the goal of complete ascension because it was within reach, and like the coach of a potentially winning team, we did not wish to consider how to proceed in case of a loss, until the game had been played. And play you did, with great Heart. Now we will go to Plan B, which we hope will make sense to you in the context of past messages.

The original Dream for Planet Earth, from her creation, was for her to ascend to the 5th dimension and beyond, taking her inhabitants with her. That plan was side-tracked for many eons with the invasion of the Dark Ones whom we have called the Orion/reptilians, and to some degree the greys, those beings without heart or soul connections whose only wish is to destroy the Divine Plan. Their only interest is in gaining power over the human population, and since the early days of Atlantis, their greed and selfishness has held sway, bringing misery to millions of Earth's inhabitants. And now, you have come close to freeing yourselves and your fellow humans. It will be done, Dear Ones, We know that. It is only a matter of awakening a few more, and getting them to work with you for the common good.

And now, I will tell you something more which may help you to keep going in good spirits. It is this: the planets turn, the evolution of the galaxies continues, and your good work has had a palpable effect on the rest of the Universe. Your Light emanates outward, helping to raise the level of consciousness throughout the living Universe. You are watched and admired, because of your determination and strong will to ascend.

While you have stopped to ponder the results of your efforts, which may seem less than you had hoped, a magnificent Shift has occurred on Sirius, the planet of your Star Brothers and Sisters. Their path of Ascension has led them into and beyond the 5th dimension, as each soul has worked through many lessons as you have, but over a longer history. Because of your inspiration, they have made the decision in their own Council, to attempt their own mass Ascension - for them it will be to the 7th dimension, the level of Christ Consciousness. So you see, you are heroes in the eyes of the Greater World.

You might wonder how this will affect your own process. We can assure you, without referencing the mathematical equations, that you will indeed feel the power of their decision. It means that your strong allies have dedicated themselves to lead a similar effort, and will be coming in greater numbers to be of service to you, as their commitment to elevating themselves through what you might think of as inspired "community service." Their arrival among you will bring you increased numbers of dedicated Lightworkers, who will be agreeing to incarnate, or in some cases, drop in to a body of one who wishes to move on to another plane. This will help to raise the vibration around you, and will increase your numbers very quickly.

We are delighted that they have considered this daring move, and that you will be helped further in your struggle to rid yourselves and your planet of Dark thoughts and fears. There are already some here helping, but because of the intensity of prayers for peace, and your rededication to the Christ Project over this Christmas holiday, you have set the vibrational stage to allow Us and our Helpers and Guides to come to help you directly. You will begin to feel the Shift in consciousness as you realize you are welcoming more Lightworkers and dear friends into your circles, and your burden, which has sometimes seemed solitary and effortful, will be lifted by the delightful experience of being one among an increasing army of dedicated and generous souls.

We hope you are able to appreciate the sacrifice this will entail for your Star Brothers and Sisters, who, like you, have lived many lifetimes on their own Home Planet, and for whom a "tour of duty" on Gaia is truly a heart-felt dedication to service in a difficult foreign land, or as you would call it "hardship duty." It might be compared to one of you agreeing to go to the Republic of Congo, or the deepest jungles of Borneo to serve for an entire lifetime as a volunteer with Doctors Without Borders. And so, it will be done. Welcome them, Dear Children, for they will appear as some of the most forgiving and compassionate among you. Join with them in thanks and gratitude for their service, for they will teach by living their high vibrational consciousness (compared with the sleeping humans around you), and their humility, and they will need your support as much as you need theirs. You will experience a renewed sense of the true Universal Brotherhood of Mankind, as they bring their gentle perspective to life on fast-evolving Gaia.

And so, we leave you tonight with the good news that your Hollywood movie makers would revel in as good plot material: The Sirians are coming, they will join you in your struggle against evil, and they bring reinforcements which will strengthen your numbers and lift your spirits with their own inspired actions. They will join with the one some of you have already identified as "the Sirian Commander" to help speed your success and teach their own effective methods, not the least of which is a tendency toward patience, compassion, and high integrity.

We congratulate you on your ongoing resolve, and we continue to send our waves of Unconditional Love to help you elevate as you continue on your path,

Your Yahweh, I Am That I Am”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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