Blog Talk Radio Show ~ Saturday, July 1, 2017~12 PM EDT ~ Ashtar: You Are Safe and Secure through the Transition - Enjoy!

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We Warmly Welcome You To Join Us This Week For Our  Live Blogtalk Radio Show With Ashtar.


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Saturday, July 1, 2017 @ 12:00 Noon EDT


Blog Talk Radio Show ~ April 17, 2017 ~ Archangel Michael: Overwhelm & Doubt - A Brilliant Opportunity for Transmutation & Transcendence

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Archangel Michael Offers Specific Insight And Guidance On How To Use Your Individual Strength To Deconstruct The Patterns Of Lower Matrix That Still May Linger Within.

Blog Talk Radio Show ~ January 28, 2017 ~ Archangel Michael: AND

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Archangel Michael Reveals The Simple Light Formula That - Whenever It Is Applied - Results In Immediate Healing, Release From Pain, Wisdom In Action And Activation Of Miracle.

January 8, 2017 ~ AA Michael's New Year’s Gems ~#7 of 11: Action-of-Light! Peace, Prosperity and Freedom Are Certainly Yours!

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AA Michael Brings Us - In Unity With Father-Mother God And The Company Of Heaven - Inspiring And Insightful Messages To Assist Our Awakening And Ascension!

Blog Talk Radio Show ~ October 1, 2016 ~ A Show of Unity, Day 26, Archangel Michael: Surfing the Tidal Wave of Redemption to Create Dimensional Merge & Photo

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Join Archangel Michael: Redemption is Reconnection With God

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This is the photo mentioned on the Saturday show.  See how many examples of dimensionally merging images appear to you.  They may change from person to person or varying times.  Keep an open mind and try not to interpret what you see as anomalies or 3 dimensional effects.  Have fun!

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