Dear Kathryn,
This past session was – again – so helpful. Your experiences trigger those things in me that need enlightenment, and I’m so grateful. ..And also so moved. The tears of joy and gratitude flow freely while on these calls! Words don’t express how important and, actually, critical to our processes these calls are and have been. Your body of work over these years is tremendous, and always brings the highest Light quotient. I’m so blessed to have “found” you three of more years ago now. Bless you, Christine, Meg and your wonderful animal Masters for all you do. I know you’re being healed and are greatly blessed the COH always, and by all of us out here as well...
                                                                ~ Eve

Sleeper Cell Removal

I am wanting to thank you for sharing this amazing meditation !

It has created a healing inside me that I always felt was missing!

With it I have been able to push out the darkness that always surrounded me and crept back in.

Since I was 16 I knew there was something that I was needing to finally be free (of).  This has been an uplifting experience for me, the energy an peace is un-describable !

                                                                 ~ William


I just had an opportunity to do the sleeper cell removal meditation, from the call on Wednesday; I am so excited to share with you and I didn't want to forget the experience!

You might notice the late time stamp, however, with a 3 month old and 3 year old at home, I needed to find quiet time to focus! :)

As I started breathing in deeply, the deeper I breathed in, the more aware I became of a slight pain over and behind the right side of my left eye.. Almost towards the bridge of my nose, however, set back. Intuitively, I knew that was the spot to focus in on. When it came time to connect with source and announce that the contract was to be null and void and that the dark cell was to be removed, while I did not necessarily "see" anything, oh my did I feel the deep, loving, warm energy come over me!!

As I started moving towards pushing the cell out, my old thought patterns took one last shot as if to question, "what if this doesn't work? What if you aren't breathing deep enough? What if it is not removed with this attempt?"... I breathed in deeply and just as Sananda told us to push it out and give it to our higher selves,  instantly, I felt this explosion of energy/emotion come over me! It filled me with such emotion that tears started streaming down my face and I could feel pure loving energy!

Right now, I feel very relaxed, happy and simply... CONTENT!

I am very grateful to you. Your show and your book are changing my life... Although, I suppose, as per what I am learning, perhaps your show and book were already planned to be a part of my life so as to empower me and serve as a trigger for me to start remembering and doing my light work on a conscious and proactive basis...

For now, I would like to mention one last important point. My wife grew up in a very dark and negative home life. It lead her to be fearful of the "unknown" and not very open to new ideas.

She noted the changes in me when I removed pork, beef and poultry out of my diet, after 30 years, a number of months ago when I started reading The New Scriptures and the Channeled Messages (still working on the seafood and dairy though!). From the reading, I started to become more grounded, clear minded, and more full of love than ever before.

I prayed to Mother/Father God and Sananda to help guide me to introduce all of this to my wife (because I wasn't sure how she was ever going to understand or want to know) and one night a number of weeks ago, we had a HUGE breakthrough and The window of opportunity opened up to begin sharing with her. 

Shortly thereafter, We went to see Interatellar together and that inspired her interest to want to understand more. Side note: that movie was awe inspiring and my whole body was vibrating while watching that movie!!

Victoria is now reading the New Scriptures, a little at a time, as she is really taking her time to absorb the information and new concepts. There have been some things that have been hard to digest for her, however, I have learned to gently guide her to keep reading. I find that she usually has an epiphany shortly thereafter or truth is confirmed for her and it raises her vibrational level, I suppose. Slowly but surely, she is really beginning to take to the new information and we are having multiple conversations about everything multiple times per week now!

Even my 3 year old is looking up at the stars and saying "hello" and "I love you" to Mother/Father God.

I am so excited to continue along on this awesome journey. I am so grateful that you came into my life, when you did, and look forward to being able to support you in your work in the near future and work with you as well to continue bringing light and love to humankind.

Namaste Kathryn and thank you again with all my heart.




Dearest Kathryn,

I would love to express you all the emotions that I am feeling after I did with you Past Life Regression session but, I do not have the words not in English, neither in any other language to let you know my infinite gratitude.

All your support, tools, information and Love emanating from your great and blissful guide work, it is something that I consider unique, it made me turning an important corner inward of my being, returning back to me.

This powerful work that I continued doing with your help is changing my base, my structure, all my perspective to see inside of me andto see the world, the Universe and Prime Creator, Mother-Father God, Sananda, Asthar, Archangels and All the Company of Heaven as part of me and I am part of All-that-Is. 

I can understand from my perspective the perfection of the Divine Plan and why I am part of it and most important even,  why this Divine Plan is counting on me and why this Plan is counting on with all of us as One.

When you told me the name or the sound of my High Presence, as well as you have reveled me with the name of my Twin Soul put me in a position of more security to work with me; it is as if each step is revealing me who I am and this is giving me an expansive idea of what I can become, so I am realizing that work with me now is more satisfying because I have the guide to where I am going and perhaps because I can perceive the journey more clearly.

This sensation is as if I have found with my Family back. Also many situations or circumstances are returning but this time with a deeply sensation of "I know about this"...yes, I know this because it is familiar to me, because I feel that I am returning home.

Now I am standing in the doorway of the Great Gate where I am ready to come in, returning to what I once was and what I am.  Now, I know that I have to work hard to get in.

Kathryn, I would like to let you know my deepest feeling of thank you for all your help and for your invaluable guidance and support.

I have my heart full of Love and Blessing for you and for all the Divine Troop around us that is protecting us with Love and Light.

Wishing you the Best,



Kathryn E. May is a master in her trade. She brings to you a revolutionary form of therapy that might save you from doing years of conventional therapy. I attended her Visual Centering Workshop at the end of May 2014 and witnessed the healing of our small group of more than a dozen people.  If you have any doubt in Kathryn’s abilities, as an initial skeptic, I can confirm that she is undoubtedly in her heart space, there is little room for ego. As she looks into your eyes there a feeling that the veil has been lifted. It is much like an angel looking deep into your soul. During these sessions she receives guidance from her higher self, sometimes the masters or other guides. The information transmitted allows for a profound healing combined with a simple technique that brings the spirit to clear itself from the weight of duality. I am deeply grateful to Kathryn for her life’s work, her light and her guidance.
- Lili, Montreal, Qc Workshop – June 2014


I attended the Tour in New York and words can not even begin to describe the amount of love & light that was generated and felt during each session. Dr Kathryn May is a wonderful, powerful soul and I would recommend to everyone to attend a session with her. I also recommend listening to her radio show on blogtalkradio.com.  This tour was truly a life changing experience and I am so grateful for Kathryn and her wonderful assistants Gabriella, Janet and little Noève.
Love & light,
Tyrell Byrd - New York Workshop – January 2014


Life changing Retreat. Visual Centering was clearly the way to get in touch with who we really are. Moving your eyes forward or backward to the center of your brain is the beginning of a life changing experience. When I was able to do this, it felt like I was breathing through my eyes while simultaneously feeling my crown chakra opening to a 4 inch opening and connecting with the center of my brain and heart. My field of vision and all senses expanded. I felt like I could count individual leaves on trees a hundred yards away. Just this enhanced physical awareness was an eye-opener (no pun intended!)

I could hear and see things that were part of my higher self. Love filled every cell of my being. As one member so clearly described it, she could feel the heart beat of every cell. The only feeling is love. There is no anger, hatred, frustration, stress and so on. You feel connected with everything, and everyone. You are One with the multiverse. She also stated that if you are not Visually Centered (VC), you are Visually Centering. I have found myself doing this. It can be a challenge. Being in a state of not being VC, I found myself feeling the discord of customers and clients. I did not like that one bit. Once you experience what VC offers, you do not want to go back. In a quiet space I can get VC fairly quickly. It is particularly interesting walking in the woods and driving.

The Council of 12 of Prema Swarupa was formed with the members who attended the retreat. It was no accident that we were summoned to that retreat. My connection with each one who attended in this realm and the higher realm was life changing. We learned to give and receive in each realm. How it happened was not planned but revealed through experiences. I feel blessed to have been part of that retreat. Namaste.
- Amy Adams - High Falls, New York Retreat – August 2014


Writing a brief summary of “what happened” at the Visual Centering Retreat last week is impossible, because so MUCH occurred that I am still pinching myself about! Not only did we each experience our own individual healing - in many areas, on many levels, across timelines forward & behind, as a group we experienced and participated in the reawakening, reuniting and reigniting of crystals long asleep and grids long separated. We created a powerful group consciousness that is now spilling over to touch and include many, many others.

Now for a little perspective: I remember before I left, hearing over & over the statement that, “There is no hierarchy in heaven.” This seemed ludicrous; of course there is! Prime Creator is at the top, then Mother/Father God, then… on & on (though truthfully, I didn’t know enough about the rest to draw the organizational chart, I just knew there was one).

Experiencing the group flow last week, like the school of fish or flock of birds that move together seamlessly, changed my perspective. We hear through the channelings that the Masters on the other side of the veil move similarly, collaborating and cooperating as the need arises. We now know about “projects,” and how they even contribute aspects of themselves to combine in one incarnated individual. It is not an ego-driven system of who is “more important” or “more powerful” than another. Practically speaking, I have never experienced a group like this one in all my years of searching out one spiritually- focused community after another, and can only say that it is a preview of how we will all be living in times to come. Cooperation, clear communication, and the overriding goal of raising the vibration are the hallmarks of this.

It is our collective future, actually, and I experienced it last week. It is now, gratefully, my present. I am either visually centered, or visually centering, & this connects me to all. I’m excited!
- Donna Montgomery - High Falls, New York Retreat–  August 2014


I would like to share a portion of my testimonial about this wonderful retreat. The rest will be on the Healing for Ascension Tour Group page since it is very long

I thank Kathryn and my fellow companions for the transparency of each person to bare their souls under the loving eyes of our mentor and each other. She has shown me how important and how significant Visual Centering is to skyrocket my ascension. And for this, I am eternally grateful. Words honestly don’t do any justice to the experience I had during this retreat. Did I express how freeing it is to finally feel the connection to my higher self? To realize that I have been psychically connected all this time, but I just didn’t know it? Or how wonderful it is to be consciously aware of everything and everyone around you, especially your body?

There were so many areas of the retreat that was so amazing; I want to share them all! We fellowshipped as a family, no one was a stranger, even though it was the first time many of us met. The food was better than any five star restaurant, because it was prepared in love by each hand that took turns working together. Every day, our vibrations rose higher and higher, through the tears of seeing the illusions and through the triumphs of shedding them once and for all.
- Eleanora John - High Falls, New York Retreat–  August 2014


I walked into the room and immediately felt as light as a feather. I could feel the light and energy. While I was meditating, I was completely washed in white. It was clean and pure and comfortable and cozy. As I was experiencing healing, I felt happy and extremely grounded.  Rather than light as a feather, I felt and feel as firmly grounded as a tree and as strong as the hardness as a huge piece of rock.

I had a vision of an angel - absolutely huge, white, clean, strong feathers….telling me “I am your Guardian Angel.” He told me to be strong and fear nothing - that I am never alone and that no one around me is ever alone. I am to go forward and shine like a light to everyone I see. I am to heal my daughters with my hands. I am not to fear!  Bless you.
~ Angela D , Houston, Texas Workshop – November 2013


Hi, my name is Mary. I met Kathryn May on October 2013. As I began reading her channelling session transcriptions + listening to her on BlogTalkRadio my heart-mind completely turned up into a higher level of feeling, thinking + behaving. I decided to meet her personally so I did it. I decided to support her with my own healing abilities. This was on November 2013, it is now January 2014. I have consistently participated on the show, continue reading and practicing in my daily life to behave, feel and think in a way that supports planet earth, our human beings, ascended masters, galactic brothers and sisters and everything in the cosmos. My life is completely enhanced + feel constantly more bright, more peaceful, more able to heal anyone with my energy, joy + love. My life is fully transformed. I found my highest purposed spiritual family.
- Mary - Workshop New York – January 2014

I learned a lot at this workshop by observing other people. I will be practicing putting my head straight and looking straight ahead. What a Master Class! Although I shed tears throughout the entire workshop because I witnessed the pain and sorrow of each individual, I did so with the greatest amount of compassion. I have baggage as much as the next person, but I am fortunate not to have had any childhood traumas. I came away from the workshop with the realization, once again, that I am truly blessed to be in the space I am in today. I give thanks to my dear parents for the deep love and strength they gave me. I believe they have contributed tremendously to the person I am today.
Moreover, I got confirmation that my tears are tears of compassion and empathy. That’s just the way I am made. Anything to do with the plight of human beings and animals and Mother Terra always touches me to the core. But I do not take the pain upon my own shoulders, no matter how much empathy or compassion I might feel. I sleep very well at night! Namaste!  WE ARE ONE!
-Pam Mariasine, Montreal, QC Workshop –  June 2014


The peace of 5thD was among us. We created an incredible pillar of light. I feel I was lifted by the beloved Acturians into a chamber of light where all the human illnesses were washed away. The energy was so intense, pure love and after the mantra “ I am love, I am light, I am God and I demand the experience of perfect health” spirals of light connected us with Ascended Masters who where ready to help us. Gabriella taught us how to ground, receiving the orange/golden ray from Helios, the sun with the blue/green ray from Gaia (Mother Earth) and when both joined in my heart, I felt a great expansion of love, light and peace. When it was my personal turn with Kathryn, Sananda was at my back with his hands on my shoulders. Kathryn connected her hands with mine and the healing energy of Prime Creator helped me to release all my symptoms of old patterns of illness, all the stress, fear, anger, etc. accumulated through this and past lives. I understand the fight is over, the new era is here, these energies show us the way. Thank you Kathryn, Gabriella and the Healing for Ascension Tour.
- Claudio Alvarez Dunn –  New York Workshop – January 2014


I was truly amazed. When I walked up to Kathryn for my healing, I didn’t say a word, yet she knew what has been holding me back for so long. A thousand hug & Kisses. I will no longer be living in fear the worst is over.  Love and light
- Patty- Edmonton Workshop – November 2013


Before I went to the Visual Centering Session, I had strong doubts that I would succeed. Kathryn is a wonderful lady, very aware of what each of us needed. Therefore, she was able to walk each of us through it. We were all successful.

The healing session with Kathryn and Sananda healed my hearing but he also healed my heart. A few minutes later I could hear Kathryn’s voice speaking to who ever she was healing! I quit smoking last night and after I returned to the circle my chest and back on the right side became very hot for a few minutes.
Thank you,
- Paulette Redburn, Vancouver Workshop – December 2013


Visual Centering - what an amazing thing! Once I moved into connection with the center of my brain I felt this amazing energy of peace and love. This is a skill I will continue to practice and look forward to showing to others. This is love, (self love).
- Bill Hanoski, Vancouver Workshop –  December 2013


WOW!!! There’s a reality that I didn’t know that I wasn’t experiencing. There’s now a sense of myself that I had previously shut down, and I am now re-introduced to this part of myself that really completes me. I have been on a journey to find myself and I got the thing that I was missing. Such a relief! Weight lifted, and I knew my own potential again and love!
WOW! - Don Buckley, Vancouver Workshop –  December 2013


We came as strangers and left like a family...
“What can I say, I had no prior knowledge of Kathryn’s visual centering technique.   Yet within 5 minutes, I was experiencing a greatly heightened sense of awareness and consciousness- anchored into my being.

There were several factors affecting my experience on Saturday…Manhattan is always a mini-adventure for me.   I was anticipating a good time, and the event exceeded my expectations.

Immediately after (practicing) the technique, I could feel that my internal energy had been cleared of negativity and self- imposed limitations. Isn’t that what we are all striving for?  The other group members saw the physical change in my energy output as it happened... Certainly it is recommended to experience it in a group setting.  The dozen or so participants all shared different insights and gained different feelings of peacefulness, empowerment, and release.
The channeled messages were the first I’ve been to in person and it was a real treat.  Everyone I met is genuinely doing the best they can, seeking what is most true of themselves, and Kathryn’s gathering was the perfect boost of collective energy for all.  We may all come from different backgrounds, be different ages, and have different levels of understanding, but with Kathryn’s guidance, the group supported each other with enthusiasm and unconditional love.  Thank you!”
~Greg D. New York











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